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A fetus doesn’t try to “move away” during an abortion. Busting the myth.

The lie or myth or mistaken belief (depending on intentions, I suppose) that the fetus tries to “escape” or “move away” during an abortion is common. It was in the recent forced birth propaganda movie, Unplanned. (Yes, there’s a shocker). It also made an appearance in a recent video by ZDoggMD (Dr. Zubin Damania). ZDoggMD, who … Continue reading

Is “Keto Crotch” a thing? The Internet’s gynecologist weighs in

Keto Crotch headlines have ricocheted around the Internet. Whether this is just a click bait sweet spot of vaginal panic + keto or something more orchestrated (the number of headlines that blossomed in such a short span was truly awe-inspiring) is hard to know. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but seriously it was nuts … Continue reading

I’m an OB/GYN and infanticide is not part of abortion care. Here’s why.

The propaganda about infanticide and abortion is offensive and ridiculous. It insinuates that somehow abortion involves delivery of a viable infant and then that viable infant is killed. This isn’t what is happening. At all.  A legal, non back alley abortion does not lead to infanticide.  Anyone who says otherwise has no idea what happens at … Continue reading

How can I tell if my OB/GYN (or any doctor) is anti-choice?

I’ve been asked this question a lot lately, and so I decided it was worthy of a post. Many people, both women and men, tell me they don’t want to see a doctor who advocates for forced birth. And let’s be honest, it’s not fetal life they care about it, it is preventing abortion. Obviously, … Continue reading

How to respond to a question about “late-term abortion,” a procedure that doesn’t exist

There has been so much in the news these past few weeks about abortion. The misinformation, disinformation, and lies are overwhelming. Language always matters, but in medicine it is especially important to be precise. Imagine if we didn’t use the term appendix and instead said a small chunk of bowel on the right? In very … Continue reading

Abortions at or after 24 weeks are sometimes needed medically. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

There have been a lot of lies circulating about abortion since New York State passed a law allowing abortion after 24 weeks if the health of the mother is at risk or if there are lethal fetal anomalies. This does not mean that ladies who just forgot their 8 week abortion who are now struggling … Continue reading

Quick and easy dinner rolls: Wellness Dr. Jen Gunter style

I get a lot of requests for my dinner roll recipe, so I decided to finally write it up! This is my version of wellness. So Paltrow better watch out, because my brand of wellness is practical, healthy, tasty, and inexpensive. Oh, and I’m not selling you anything. Why is baking wellness? I love bread, … Continue reading

Holiday gift ideas for a kick-ass woman in your life

Stuck on some last-minute gift ideas (or perhaps you are like me and haven’t really started shopping yet)? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with some holiday gift suggestions for a kick-ass woman you know and/or love. Or to buy for yourself! This is everything the GOOP gift guide isn’t — fun, practical, feminist. and … Continue reading

Gwyneth Paltrow wants to take your money. The press is helping her

The Wall Street Journal Magazine (WSJM) has a puff piece on Gwyneth Paltrow and her pile of GOOP. People Magazine has an even more cloying companion piece. I expect that from People, but honestly I thought the WSJM might actually offer more than a thinly veiled advertisement. I thought wrong. Both articles have a serious … Continue reading

Jameela Jamil calls out celebrities for promoting potentially harmful weight loss supplements that could give you the shits #teamJameela

Jameela Jamil made news this week for calling out various celebrities for peddling so-called weight loss and detox supplements and teas. She also hoped they might “shit their pants in public.” I am #teamJameela. Here is one of the celebrity endorsements that caught her attention, but sadly there are quite a few promoting Flat Tummy … Continue reading

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