Wielding the Lasso of Truth

I am an OB/GYN and a pain medicine physician. I write a lot about sex, science, and social media, but sometimes I write about other things because, well, why not?

The Vagina Bible

Does eating sugar cause yeast infections? Does pubic hair have a function? Should you have a vulvovaginal care regimen?Will your vagina shrivel up if you go without sex?What’s the truth about the HPV vaccine?

So many important questions, so much convincing, confusing, contradictory misinformation! In this age of click bait, pseudoscience, and celebrity-endorsed products, it’s easy to be overwhelmed—whether it’s websites, advice from well-meaning friends, uneducated partners, and even healthcare providers. So how do you separate facts from fiction? OB-GYN Jen Gunter, an expert on women’s health—and the internet’s most popular go-to doc—comes to the rescue with a book that debunks the myths and educates and empowers women.


For years, Dr. Jen Gunter has been taking on the biggest celebrities in the world and debunking their pseudoscience health myths. From yoni eggs, to lotus births, to “summer vagina,” Dr. Jen knows the Age of Information is now the Age of Misinformation, and it’s her mission to give a source of truth to women everywhere.

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