Vagina Bible

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The Vagina Bible was released in Canada on August 20 and by August 21st was on the Toronto Star best seller list!

Best seller list week 1 Canada

Starred review From Publisher’s Weekly 

Empowerment of women through accurate information about their own bodies is the “vagenda” of ob-gyn and New York Times columnist Gunter’s comprehensive, pseudoscience-bashing discussion of all things vaginal and vulvar. Gunter begins with anatomy (including information for trans men with vulvas and trans women with vaginoplasties) and continues with some basic sex ed, focusing on female arousal while debunking the G-spot. Mixing medical background with simple, practical advice, Gunter covers health concerns she often encounters in her own practice, such as sexually transmitted infections, and the basic functions of the vulva and vagina at specific times of life—menstruation, pregnancy and birth, and menopause. Gunter is at her most vehement when advising her readers to leave healthy vaginas alone, reassuring them that yearly pelvic exams are not necessary, while also taking on non evidence-based “natural” practices like vaginal steaming and Internet-propagated misinformation in general. Most valuably, she uses her expertise to clearly describe what to expect during healthcare sessions, giving excellent advice about effectively communicating with medical professionals. Gunter approachably, respectfully, and even playfully presents a huge amount of reproductive and sexual health education information to women, with the assurance that they can use it. – PW

Toronto Star review

Gunter clearly cares for women and is determined to debunk the patriarchal medical world they have to deal with. In The Vagina Bible, ultimately, Gunter is arming readers with the science they need to fearlessly and unapologetically take charge of their bodies; in a way best suited to their individual needs.

Where Can I buy?

So glad you asked! The book is available NOW in Canada and August 27 in the United States and U.K. Pre-sales matter a lot. They tell the seller that there is interest in the book and so it is more likely to feature on lists and in store displays. This helps more people see the book and so helps sales.

9780806539317.jpgSo, if you are considering buying The Vagina Bible, please consider pre-ordering!

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