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There have been questions about the risk of breast cancer and oral contraceptives for many years. Lately, I’ve seen this hyped by naturopaths, so-called functional medicine doctors, and period coaches on Instagram, many of whom are coincidentally selling a “post-birth control pill recovery” service. Frightening women away from oral contraceptives and helping them “heal” from being on the pill is blossoming from cottage industry to big business.

A new study that gives us more information on the subject. If you want the absolute short take, the risk of breast cancer with the birth control pill is lower than previously suspected (and it was always believed to be low) and drops back to baseline once the pill is stopped. The risk of breast cancer with the birth control pill is less than the risk due to pregnancy. The reduction in ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer is as great or even greater than previously thought and the benefit persists for decades after the birth control pill is stopped.

Telling women they should fear a small risk of breast cancer from birth control pills and not from pregnancy means as long as a woman is in servitude to her uterus the risk is acceptable. And that’s bullshit.


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