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There are an increasing number of reports surfacing online of changes in the menstrual cycle shortly after COVID vaccination, either bleeding that appeared earlier than expected (a few days after the vaccine), was heavier than expected, and/or more painful than expected.

This was first formally covered by The Lily, and the article pointed out the impact of vaccines on menstruation isn’t typically tracked in studies. Bleeding that is heavy enough to require a trip to the emergency room would be picked up in most vaccine studies, but not an early period, breakthrough bleeding, a heavier period, or a more painful one. This lack of information is maddening. Not because I think something permanently harmful is happening to the uterus, but imagine if you didn’t know that fever could be a vaccine side effect? You might be concerned that something untoward was happening to your body when all you were experiencing was a typical post vaccine fever. That is exactly the same with menstrual irregularities.

In my latest post I dug up the sparse data on menstrual irregularities and vaccines and look at the reasons why we may be seeing this with the COVID-19 vaccines. My hypothesis is that it is an immune response in the endometrium (which is part of the immune system!). I also link to a new study looking to enroll people post vaccination.


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