Dear Ms. Paltrow,

I’ve been reading all about the jade eggs you are selling on GOOP for $55-66 a pop and the corresponding interview with a jade egg enthusiast. I have tried not to respond to this hot mess, after all a man who leers at naked 15 year-olds and brags about sexual assault is about to assume the highest office in the land. Quite frankly women have more compelling health interests right now, however, I have been asked by so many people about your vaginal rocks that I felt it necessary to drop you a line.

I read the post on GOOP and all I can tell you is it is the biggest load of garbage I have read on your site since vaginal steaming. It’s even worse than claiming bras cause cancer. But hey, you aren’t one to let facts get in the way of profiting from snake oil.

My issue begins with the very start of your post on jade eggs specifically that “queens and concubines used them to stay in shape for emperors.” Nothing says female empowerment more than the only reason to do this is for your man! And then the claim that they can balance hormones is, quite simply, biologically impossible. Pelvic floor exercises can help with incontinence and even give stronger orgasms for some women, but they cannot change hormones. As for female energy? I’m a gynecologist and I don’t know what that is!? How does one test for it? Organically sourced, fair trade urine pH sticks coming soon to GOOP for $77 I presume?

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 2.53.45 PM.png

If the word for womb is yoni I hate to break it to you, but the uterus and vagina are different structures. If you are using the Sanskrit, while I admit I am no language scholar, it seems that yoni means the entire female reproductive tract and you should say that. Terminology aside, the vulva, vagina, cervix, and uterus are not intuition repositories and neither are they sources of “power” or “wisdom.” If fact, I find that assertion insulting. Do you really mean a woman who does not have a uterus is less effective? Is a woman without a vagina less intelligent?  Is a woman who had a vulvectomy due to cancer less creative?


As for the recommendation that women sleep with a jade egg in their vaginas I would like to point out that jade is porous which could allow bacteria to get inside and so the egg could act like a fomite. This is not good, in case you were wondering. It could be a risk factor for bacterial vaginosis or even the potentially deadly toxic shock syndrome.

Regarding the suggestion to wear the jade egg while walking around, well, I would like to point out that your pelvic floor muscles are not meant to contract continuously. In fact, it is quite difficult to isolate your pelvic floor while walking so many women could actually clench other muscles to keep the egg inside. It is possible the pained expression of clenching your butt all day could be what is leading people to stare, not some energy glow.

Overenthusiastic Kegel exercises or incorrectly done Kegel exercises are a cause of pelvic pain and pain with sex in my practice. Imagine how your biceps muscle (and then your shoulders and then your back) might feel if you walked around all day flexed holding a barbell? Right, now imagine your pelvic floor muscles doing this.

For women who want to use a device to help with Kegel exercises I suggest using weights made with medical grade silicone or plastic and to not wear them for long periods of time. Kegel exercises are not just about the contraction, the relaxation phase is just as important.

The only thing your post got right is to check with your doctor before using one. So let me give you some free advice, don’t use vaginal jade eggs.

Until next time,



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488 replies on “Dear Gwyneth Paltrow, I’m a GYN and your vaginal jade eggs are a bad idea”

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  2. Hi Dr. Jen Gunter,

    Since you posted your take-down of the Goop article on jade eggs with the underlying premise of protecting women and their health, I’d like to bring up a few issues that I have with your letter and the resulting attention that has ensued.

    1. Working with a jade egg is more than just putting a stone up your vagina. There is a whole practice to it, involving squeezing and releasing various muscles inside of the vagina in addition to mindfulness training around the sensations inside of the vagina. It is a 15 – 30 minute practice that allows a woman to focus on her sexual sensations and connection to her own body while developing sensitivity and awareness.

    Both muscular strength building and sensate focus are scientifically proved strategies for enhancing sexual experiences.

    You requested scientific articles, so here they are:

    2. When you write that a woman should use Kegel weights instead it rings exactly like when people used to say (and still say) why would you do yoga? Why not just stretch at the gym? The jade egg practice actually is a system, much like the yoga tradition. It comes from the Taoist tradition in China and was brought to the USA mostly through the lineage of Mantak Chia. There is much, much more to it than just putting a stone up your vagina just like yoga is a system involving a whole lot more than stretching.

    I agree with you that there are currently no scientific studies proving (or disproving) the effectiveness of a jade egg practice. But a lack of scientific evidence is not proof of anything if no studies have been conducted.

    3. You’ve made several unscientific claims yourself. Including that the jade egg could cause toxic shock syndrome. I’d be curious, first of all, to know if you turn your vitriol and righteousness towards tampon sellers and producers and enthusiasts? After all, tampons actually have killed women, whereas jade eggs have not. If you really are here to protect women’s health, I’d love to see the action you’ve taken on products that actually have harmed women currently and in the past. You recommend, interestingly, plastic, which does have scientific research showing that it is an actual disruptor of the female reproductive system.

    While silicon can be safe, many, many silicon toys are created with toxic materials that are scientifically proven to cause cancer. Where is your outrage there? Why are you recommending two materials that have been directly and scientifically linked to harming the female reproductive system while attacking a material that it is probably safe to say doesn’t have enough scientific evidence one way or another. If you are going to recommend using silicone, it’s incredibly important to make sure that it’s 100% silicone.

    4. The claim that a jade egg practice can affect female hormones is less outlandish when you consider that it is a full 15 – 30 minute sexual practice. A man having a short conversation with a beautiful woman can change his hormones – so what would make you think a woman engaging in a sexually based activity wouldn’t be changing hers?

    5. Several sex toys are manufactured with stone, including the Laid D-1 moonstone dildo which is sold at major US sex-toy shops including Babeland in the US. The finishing of the manufacturer can change whether the stone is safe for internal use and so perhaps it would make more sense to focus on the manufacturing process instead.

    6. Walking around with the jade egg inside is only a small piece of the practice – much akin to a head stand in yoga. Most of the practices involve lying down and squeezing and releasing the vaginal muscles. A trained and skilled jade egg teacher knows this and guides appropriately so as not to cause tension in the pelvic floor.

    7. Your outrage that a woman could measure her own feminine energy is kind of surprising. After all, a patient’s subjective experience matters, and you ought to know that as a doctor. Belief matters. Context matters. Experience matters. So if a woman spends $66 and experiences more energy, pleasure and joy…who are you to attack her for feeling that way? Or to make it seem like women aren’t intelligent enough to track their own subjective experiences without an Obgyn there with a ph stick to confirm it?

    8. Your assumption that a woman would do the jade egg practice and then deny herself appropriate medical treatment is an unsubstantiated allegation. Again, I’ll use yoga as a metaphor. It’s like saying people shouldn’t do yoga because there might be some people who use yoga in place of a necessary medical intervention. That’s really disempowering to everyone. If someone feels like choosing holistic care over a medical intervention – that’s on them – and if a yoga teacher is telling students not to go to the doctor or to disregard medical advice – then it can become an issue of responsibility. But teaching yoga in and of itself isn’t dangerous just because some people might then not choose medical advice. The same goes for the jade egg practice.

    I found it really sad that your article became a rallying cry for many conservative news outlets to say, “Hey! A woman had the courage and audacity in Goop to write about a sexual practice that she found personally enriching!” and now we have a way to make her look like an absolute fool by disempowering her entire personal experience with their words of one medical professional. That’s the way women have been treated when they talk about their own birth, their own health and their own sexuality for way too long.

    I think ultimately, the medical profession should be a two way street. You ought to listen. And stay curious about things that you don’t really know the answer too.

    Yes, we should listen to research. And yes, if something is conclusively proven to be harmful then people should definitely avoid it. But the fact that one gynecologist (who in no way speaks for the whole profession) has an opinion about something (not actual proof) can cause everyone to discount the personal experiences of tens of thousands of women – that’s the patriarchy right there for you and I feel you played right into their hands.

    Instead of asking questions – you made assumptions.

    I’ve been a jade egg practitioner for almost ten years. I’ve experienced so much self-love, sexual pleasure and joy in my own practice. I’ve seen so many women experience the same. Many cry during their first practice because they’ve never connected with their own body in such a present, loving and empowering way.

    I sell jade eggs and I have done extensive research about the manufacturing and care process. I don’t recommend that anyone uses a jade egg for longer than 8 hours internally and I only recommend that women wear the jade egg around if they try it and like it and it feels good for them.

    But I am always open to feedback and investigation. If it turned out that jade truly wasn’t safe for internal use, I would discontinue the sale of my jade eggs. I truly care more about women’s health than I do about money.

    However, I’ve sold nearly ten thousand jade eggs and I’ve worked with teacher who have sold tens of thousands of other jade eggs and no health problems have ever been reported. I’ve worked with my manufacturer to ensure that the eggs are not bleached or treated in any way that makes them more porous and I recommend that clients take appropriate hygienic steps before and after use of the egg.

    Stone is used in several different types of sex toys here in the US and I’ve looked into the process there as well.

    I’d like to to take you at your word when you say you really care about women’s health. I think you’ve actually made it harder for a lot of women to engage in a practice that might be an incredibly beautiful support to themselves and their lives and their bodies without really knowing the answers yourself. And you’ve successfully shamed two other women who are clearly interested in advancing the exploration in what is possible for a woman’s sexuality and health outside of the mainstream.

    Do they deserve to be questioned? Sure.

    Do they deserve to be shamed? Of course not.

    Should tests be done to find out whether jade can cause toxic shock syndrome? Yes.

    Should jade egg teachers be aware of how to best guide their students to create health and strength and connection and not overwork the pelvis into a state of tension? Yes. Just like yoga teachers. You need to be aware of how to teach properly to avoid injury. But that doesn’t mean the practice isn’t worthwhile.

    I’m open to asking the important questions about jade eggs to find out whether they are fully safe and how to do the practice in the way that is most supportive to a woman’s health.

    But I’m not about to buy into a bunch of unsubstantiated fear from a medical professional operating way out of the bounds of her expertise and scientific research. That fear has kept many women silent and disconnected from their own wisdom for far too long.

    A little humility about what you know and what you don’t — and listening to women themselves goes a long way.

    The mainstream media doesn’t feel that way. But a gynecologist who stands for the protection and empowerment of women really ought to.

    Layla Martin

    1. Layla,

      The reference you provided is not about jade eggs, it is about the association between pelvic floor muscle strength and sexual function. You cannot use that article to support the practice of jade eggs.

      If you read my post then you would know I mentioned that some women do find they have stronger orgasms. However, this post is not about the importance of pelvic floor work, but rather how magic and using jade eggs will not get you there. It is also about not wearing a weight at night (ludicrous, you should have seen the looks I got from the physical therapists that I asked) or during the day for more than 15 minutes at time. That recommendation displays an ignorance of the pelvic floor muscle training..

      There is a Cochrane review that summarizes the evidence quite well with weights. I suggest you look it up. Weights are likely no better than pelvic floor PT or doing quick flicks. Women who receive regular coaching from a physical therapist may do better, but the studies are low quality. Obviously, whether a woman uses weights twice a day for 15 minutes, a therapist, or an instruction sheet is up to her and whatever works is fine.

      It is not up to me to prove that the eggs can cause TSS it is up to those who have a new therapy to show it is safe. It is very biologically plausible, especially given the concerning way the use was recommended on GOOP.

      If you had bothered to read anything on my site you would see what i have written about tampons, menstrual cups and and TSS.

      Nothing I have written is unsubstantiated. I am a gynecologist with a fellowship in infectious diseases and board certification in pain medicine by both pain boards. My specialty is pelvic floor pain.

      I am not suggesting women abandon their pelvic floors, rather I am suggesting they use legitimate therapies which have been studied.

      Stones do not impart wisdom or change hormone levels and to insinuate otherwise means you believe in magic.

      If people want to use a jade egg as a pelvic floor weight, meaning 15 minutes twice day with contraction and relaxation (not what the post on GOOP suggested by the way) they should know that they are using a substance that has an unknown infection risk. As a medical provider when we have something that is proven safe it is very hard to see why I would recommend the one that has not been and has real biological plausibility for posing a risk.

      Incorrect information and myths about stones affecting hormones and insinuating that a woman’s power comes from her genital tract is the exact opposite of empowerment.

  3. Kudos to you, Dr. Jen! Just came across your brilliant blog through a news article and it made my day! It’s a shame that an individual who holds a celebrity status for many and who seems to have a significant outreach in the society through her work has chosen to promote products that make stupifiyingly ridiculous “scientific” claims. Your response was wonderful and thank you for taking a public stand as a scientist to debunk such potentially life-threatening and ludicrous disinformations.

  4. People, this is Gwyneth Paltrow we’re talking about…. the Phoebe Buffay of the celebrity world. If you must read her blog, do it with the expectation of being amused by her far-reaching opinions, but don’t plan to garner much in the way of useful (or sensicle) information…

  5. “[Our womb is] where many women access their intuition, their power, and their wisdom.”

    Over here in XY land, we call that thinking with our balls instead of our brains.

  6. interesting and shows up a lot of our societies flaws – its of concern that this is an issue yet tonight people will die from poverty & homelessness in America and Britain. I always like to read the comments and there seem to be a lot of very angry and unpleasant people keen to turn this article into some sort of political capital.
    For what it’s worth it’s a good article and a refreshing drop of common sense in a world that seems increasingly bizarre and dystopian

  7. Does placing an egg in boiling water before use reduce the risk of bacterial infection? Obviously leaving it to cool after. I am asking because I have been using one for a few months and doing that every time before using it. When I use the egg I only leave it in me for an hour or two and it has helped me so far, but I don’t want to continue using it if it is going to cause harm so I am researching it from a modern medical pov.
    Until a few weeks ago sexual intercourse was always very painful for me, and despite many trips to the doctor, nothing was helping at all but now after using the egg I have no pain at all, and for the first time in my life sex is not painful and it is enjoyable. I’m not saying it definitely had anything to do with “spiritual energy”, but perhaps it has worked in the same principle as a placebo effect. I don’t care how it worked but the fact is it has, and it has also helped other women, maybe in the same way, just a placebo, but it has worked for some so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be encouraged…apart from the concern of bacterial infection. After reading this I wondered if boiling the egg first is actually sterilising the egg or whether because it is porous there could still be bacteria in it somewhere after leaving it in the water.
    Could safe use of an egg avoid exerting the pelvic floor muscles, like not leaving it in the entire day and just use it for a few hours like I do? If I leave it in when I am doing other things I have found that my egg stays in without me consciously clenching, like a tampon would, so I don’t understand the point about walking around clenching. Have cases where use of the Jade egg has caused harm to the vagina, other than bacterial infections, been documented? Unless it is really doing harm to people and could do harm to me with the way I use it, I will remain open to the idea of using one personally, especially since it got rid of my pain where medical professionals didn’t.

  8. How depressing is it that in the 21st century, people privileged enough to receive an education in the richest country on Earth, who have unfettered access to the internet, the largest repository of information ever conceived, can still go around believing that rocks and vaginas have magic powers?

    With this level of stupid going around in our culture, it’s not surprising people voted for Trump.

  9. Thank you, Dr Jen. Your blog post was intelligent, well-written, and entertaining. As Thomas Dolby said: SCIENCE!!!

    1. Science came from alchemy and alchemy came from shamans they taught about elements and herbs plants which is medicine to this day and they evolved into potions then tools to bleed then science came. A world closed to other resources of thought is a world blind by pride.

      1. Except science uses the scientific method and as such it didn’t evolve from anything. Alchemy and shamans and any other non science based tools are simply that, non science based interventions.

  10. Incredible. A female. A gynecologist. Denies female energy. Applies misinformation – even about the structure (!) of jade. I’ve been using the jade egg for over a decade now, and yes: it really does work. Perhaps you should, as a real scientist, experiment on your own self first, while simultaneously doing real research, and then write blog posts to share your findings…

    1. Dunno, I looked up jade on multiple sites and it was called porous. If you use that thing called Google you can find the information as well.

      Women don’t have a special energy, I find that insulting. And no thanks on the self experimentation, the fact that a rock in your vagina for periods of time can be harmful to the pelvic floor muscles is pretty much a guarantee if you know how they work.

      People are free to do what they want, but claiming this can change hormones or aura or the like means you believe in magic. I don’t.

  11. Ask your doctor is this pillow, candy, pair of sun glasses, pill, writing table, and on and on is right for us.
    Now a doctor wants us to ask our doctor what we should stuff in out hoo hoo?
    Sorry Jen, maybe you should stick to thermometers and aspirin and leave great sex to those of us who have experienced it.Well except for the painful sex you claim to have in your office of course.
    How about you focus on your business of selling pharma snake oil and keep your non-medical business savvy to yourself. Or should I ask my doctor if your opinion is right for me.
    A doctor last week sent me to surgery only to have the surgeon send me back and told me to find a different doctor as it was a clear misdiagnosis.
    I did like your article though.

    1. Yeah! What the hell do doctors know about medicine? They’re just a bunch of know-nothings ripping us off with snake-oil!

      Now let’s go buy some magic vagina crystals from a washed up actress.

  12. Hey Gwyneth, I thought the point was to be moving away from defining women by their reproductive organs? I can’t recall any occasion where any of the women I have worked with in management positions confirmed they were making a decision based on the wisdom provided by their yuni’s.

  13. Butt muscles? I thought they were for the vaginal muscles.

    But I’m highly amused someone sells those dime a dozen stone eggs for SO MUCH. If I had no conscience I’d be so rich.

  14. Three – very well-respected – (authors and) doctors who DO support using a jade egg – Dr Christiane Northrup, Dr Rachel Abrams, Dr Debra Wickman. Hmmmm… suggest a little more research needed (not to mention personal experience) before you hold forth on this subject again Dr Gunter!

    1. They are all wrong.
      Jade is porous. This is bad for cleaning. That is fact.
      Stones don’t impart energy or affect your hormones, that would be magic. Fact again.
      The way Ms. Rose describes wearing the egg demonstrates an incorrect understanding of the pelvic floor. To strengthen the pelvic floor also requires relaxation. This is again fact.

      I also don’t think much of Dr. Northrup, she tells women that male circumcision causes vulvodynia (wrong) and that HPV doesn’t cause cancer a faulty immune system does (wrong again).


      1. They are all wrong and you are right?? But of course – you read an article! The only thing I agree with you on is that yes, relaxation is vital for a healthy pelvic floor – as all good jade egg teachers will tell you. It is the most important part of the practice. As for the rest of your reply, you only further demonstrate your own ignorance. Cheers indeed!

  15. Ah. Now I get it. This was never about the use of Jade eggs. This was always about Paltrow and the left wing. Is this really true Dr. Jen? (God, this keeps getting more and more ridiculous.)

    1. you asked her to tell you the difference between these jade eggs (which, again, are said to be safe to leave in OVER NIGHT and its recommended that you should walk around with them in ALL DAY) and dildos/masturbatory aids made from the same material (that you know, you use to masturbate/during sex/etc, and do not continually keep inside of your body for hours at a time)

      if you REALLY need an explanation for what the difference is, no one here is going to be able to help you 🙂

  16. To any and all commenters here ease take note: Attacking Mantak Chia, or even Gwyneth Paltrow makes no sense, and it will not support any of your arguments. The eggs in question have been used by many cultures for various purposes.They are NOT always made of Jade as Mr. Chia’s supplier provided plastic ones as well. The ones I saw were made of the same plastics as many of the sex devices commonly sold in the US. I just posed the question to Dr. Jen concerning her opinion about the use of dildos in America. I have no real interest in this other than to see how she’ll reconcile her response with her assertions in the article. Before posting again, however, I suggest we give her a chance to respond. This should be interesting.

    1. sex devices and devices that purport medical use (strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and CHANGING THE BALANCE OF HORMONES in one’s body, for example) aren’t the same things. All you are capable of is making false equivalencies, it seems.

      Low-grade materials in a dildo isn’t great, but its likely not going to be inside your body long enough to cause any problems. This POROUS jade egg is being advertised as a medical device that is SAFE to use during LONG PERIODS OF TIME (like overnight).

      1. I responded to this earlier, but since my comment has disappeared, let me reiterate. There is NO difference between the materials of the cheaper version of the egg and a dildo. And since Maneewan Chia and other teachers of the Healing Tao system had all students remove their eggs once their routine was completed, the only difference between using an egg or your favorite sex toy would be purpose. And since you haven’t explored any variations of purpose here, you obviously have written your article simply to take a swipe at Gwyneth Paltrow. You speak in absolutes with no studies to back you up, and your attacks are absurd. Ms. Paltrow has simply stated an opinion which you disagree with, but you respond as if she’s practicing medicine without a license while forgetting there are other cultures who have made use of these same practices for centuries. Your article is simply your opinion versus hers. What a waste.

      2. Dear Reading Comprehension is Fundamental:

        My last response was meant for Dr. Jen, but since you have been answering on her behalf, read her response concerning the three doctors mentioned earlier just so you’ll get an idea about what you’ve been defending.

    1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with breastfeeding your baby. But I agree; the jade egg thing is ridiculous and unscientific. (No idea what “lotus birth” is and can’t be arsed to look it up, so can’t comment on that).

    2. You do real that in many non-“first world” countries, public breastfeeding is accepted? It’s “first world” America that can’t deal with breasts being used for their intended purpose.

  17. Crystals and polished stones are beautiful, but holding one in your hand it’s always kind of stumped me: what are they FOR? The answer is of course that they’re mostly junk, dust-gatherers, or at best jewelery. Stones like these are almost literally useless, so I guess “stick it up your vagina” is naturally going to sound like an improvement “heureka, finally I’ve found a use for this lump of rock!” Turns out, it’s worse than useless.

    Funny article, thanks.


    1. Don’t you mean… they are litherally useless? 😀 (yes I find myself funny)

      I use polished rocks to cover the dirt in potted plants so the pets don’t dig in them, so they’re not *completely* useless!

  18. Yoni is the visible vagina, specifically the bulging pussy lips and the protruding venus mound as venerated by the ancient Greek sculptors in their marble masterpieces of Aphrodite the Goddess of Love and the teen schoolgirls looking for action in Athens in the winter and on the nude beaches of the Greek islands in the summer. -dp-

      1. sssh, don’t you know Don the Sculptor has seen many a vagina on a greek statue? He would DEFINITELY know better than a trained medical professional like yourself.

    1. Continued:
      The successful talent who allowed themselves to be touched became immortalized in bronze and marble throughout the Greek empire. Still visible today at the Parthenon on the Acropolis are the famous “Caryatids”, a group of village schoolgirls who passed the ‘Hollywood casting couch’ of their day and were honored for their perfect form in body, mind and soul emphazing the Classical Greek ideal of form and beauty sought after throughout Greek philosophy. The prudes who wouldn’t participate were sent home, back to their little villages to milk sheep and produce incestuous children. -dp-

  19. Umm Dr…yoni eggs were here before you and will be here after you. The clearing claim is because of the sacral shakra.. stuff that all came from another cultures beliefs. Having strong pelvic floors prevent prolapse and bacterial vaginitis or toxic shock etc is caused by everything from pms to tampons and to include sex… I think you are frustrated by holistic health which has became a necessity in our culture because we can’t afford health insurance, co pays, or just to pay you out right .. we are doing what we can to survive.

    1. Well you’ve convinced me. If it’s done before, it should be done again… Like slavery and leeches.

      1. Leeches are still used in medicine. They were so useful, in fact, that we now use mechanical leeches. Slavery is not relevant to the conversation.

    2. Putting a jade $66 egg up your vagina to make it tighter is surviving? Really? Nah, this is about white, privileged woman (Gwenyth) appropriating another culture to make a $$$ Simple. Plus I think I will go with the GYN’s advice on this one.

  20. I was gifted one of these and tried it on a whim. It got stuck immediately after I put it in and only came out after three hours of squatting, digging and listening to youtube videos about ‘trusting in the yoni magic.’ Not only did I sprain my ankle in the process, but I’m forever afraid of putting anything in my vagina that isn’t attached to a string or a body. Maybe it makes some people feel better, but it scared the shit out of me.

  21. It would have been more helpful to see cited research and studies that prove yoni eggs cause BV and toxic shock syndrome. Instead this seems more of an opinion piece aimed at shaming people into not using it. You suggested medical grade silicone or plastic…well are there any side effects that may come with those materials? Any proof that they are safer and won’t cause different unwanted effects? Just seems very opinionated and people are saying “well she is a doctor so her opinion must be true!” But in reality an opinon is just that no matter who gives it…it becomes fact when research proves it.

    1. An untested porous material should be considered unsafe until studies show it safe. We know that objects left in for long periods can lead to toxic shock syndrome. It is no leap to think the microscopic crevices could be a repository for harmful bacteria.

      As it is biologically very plausible this could harm proving safety required.

      Silicone and plastic are not porous and can be cleaned. Also, if you read the post, not recommended to stay in over night.

      1. Dr. Jen, Lorna, et al., did you know some of these eggs are made in Hong Kong from the same materials as any dildo? Jade eggs were used long before the better plastics were developed, but some people still prefer them in the modern era. So how do you all feel about the use of dildos?

    1. Show me the citation. Look you obviously don’t know these people. Mantak learned these practices while studying martial arts, and if you had a clue, you’d know Chinese martial arts are very secretive. The average Chinese citizen doesn’t know them, and Mantak Chia was the first to piss off many teacher’s by bringing this stuff to the west. Now he’s respected for having done so. He was born to Chinese parents in Thailand. He is NOT Thai. Further, I do not support these practices, though I know them since I was a ghost-writer for his books. And, no offense, but I couldn’t care less what you do with your vagina. Your statement is simply ridiculous. A quick survey in Hong Kong? I don’t think so.

      1. Charles, let me take a stab at this to help you out. A. I studied Judo for several years when I was younger, had several other friends that studied other martial arts, there is nothing secretive within those arts. No super secret ways to touch someone that instantly immobilizes them or kills them, that is all hollywood crap. The only secret is to start and study the martial art of your choosing. Same as the secrets of baseball or soccer. If one has not ever played or watched those sports, as an example, one would not know the rules. B. Inserting anything porous into one’s vagina does increase your risk for toxic shock syndrome and other possible negative outcomes. The onus to prove or disprove a products safety lies with the manufacturer or seller. C. There was a study published in the Cochrane Library by Dr’s. Herbison and Dean that showed “When vaginal weights were compared to other treatments, such as pelvic floor muscle training without the weights, and electrical stimulation of the pelvic floor, no clear differences between the treatments were evident. “. This compared the usage of a similar concept of the vaginal cones in patients, so just performing kegels works as well as inserting a product into ones vagina. The takeaway is avoid the extra expense and use the exercises. D. I get your guy Mantak ‘claims’ they were used historically in China, but where is your evidence? Again, it is not up to the reader to disprove an argument, it is up to the claimant to prove their claim. Please site an independent source of historical usage of these eggs as stated?

  22. For all those people who are talking about how this is an Eastern culture thing- I’m *from* an Eastern culture (Chinese, actually) and nowhere in any of our texts or stories or anything mentions these rocks as things to be used in the manner Paltrow has suggested. And since there isn’t any such bullshit, stop fucking misappropriating our culture and using it as a blanket cover for your bullshit.

    1. MJ look up the name Mantak Chia. He’s Chinese, and he introduced the Chinese version of these practices to this country over 30 years ago. Many Chinese people got mad at him for divulging these secrets to the west. Some of his books on the subject are available online for free.

      1. Nope. I practically lived at his house in Huntington NY while I worked for him and his wife. They’re both Chinese, though he was raised in Thailand. Thailand also has a huge Chinese population. Maneewan was born in China, and she was obviously the one who taught these practices to women while he taught the weight hanging practices to men.They both speak Mandarin, Thai, and English.

      2. He’s not Chinese. He’s Taianese. He’s a well known fraud. Some Chinese go mad at him for both of those reasons as well as the following. Many of his teachings are dangerous for the untrained, unless practiced directly under the supervision of someone who IS trained.
        He and thousands of frauds like him prey on gullible people with low intelligence

      3. He studied with TK Shur, and I know many people who have denounced him in martial arts circles. But I also worked for him and his wife for almost 6 years, and I’ve met his family. Once and for all, HE IS CHINESE, raised in Thailand. And through that association I’ve met other Taoists who teach the same practices.

      4. Mr. Chia is of Thai nationality, and even though his practices are based on his interpretation of Taoist
        thought, the practices that I have seen are very strange to say the least. Chinese mainstream society would consider the practice of jade eggs to be very very strange indeed… Ethnic and culturally Chinese people wouldn’t be mad at you at all for practicing these “secrets”. Go ahead and try whatever you want, but kindly don’t associate our culture with this practice, it really isn’t.

      5. “Many Chinese people got mad at him” .. According to who? He who is shilling things? Trying to make a name for himself? Sources needed.

        A quick, unscientific survey of several Chinese (Hong Kong) female friends got a general response “She wants you to stick what where?!” and how it’s not advisable. Just because something may be traditional (and isn’t in this case) doesn’t mean it’s a good idea..

        But don’t worry Charles, we women consider your advice/PoV like we do every other man without a PhD who is trying to tell us what we should or shouldn’t do with our vaginas.

      6. “he introduced the Chinese version of these practices to this country over 30 years ago” The description talks of “concubines and royalty in *antiquity*….” Thirty years hardly qualifies as “antiquity” Charles.

      7. So Lilly, what description are you talking about? I can guarantee you he and his wife don’t teach concubines. Think about why someone would teach these practices in the modern age, and then you can download “Bone Marrow Nei Kung” on line to confirm the answer. It’s free. Just Google it.

  23. Dr Gunter,

    Excellent post. It was well-written, and extremely funny.

    What are you thoughts about using a surgical stainless steel vagina barbell for kegel exercises? Is it safe?

    1. Hi Diana a surgical stainless steel vaginal dumbell would be OK, but beware those with nickel intolerance because surgical stainless steel usually contains about 0.8% nickel. This could cause an irritation or allergic reaction. So as Dr Jen advises if in doubt body friendly silicone (ones that are FDA approved in the US, or on the NHS in the UK would be fine) there are many other kegel balls and other devices which claim to work but contain phthalates and toxic chemicals so buy form a reputable, medical supplier, or one recommended by your Physiotherapist/Physician. Hope this helps. I cant remember if Dr Jen mentioned prolapse – depending on the prolapse some kegel balls might be contraindicated, as they could get stuck behind the prolapse. In the UK we sell the Kegel8 Vaginal Cones with an indicator wand – I am sorry I do not know of a medically approved set of kegel balls/weight in the US – maybe a US contributor can suggest a brand name?

  24. “after all a man who leers at naked 15 year-olds and brags about sexual assault is about to assume the highest office in the land.”
    Really? Where did you get this? Fake news? After reading your quote I didn’t need to read the rest of your article. Your quote speaks volumes about who you are.

    1. Multiple teen contestants reported Trump walking in while they were changing. He bragged in his own voice that they let you grab them by the pussy.

      You might think that is ok, but I don’t.

      1. Jen, just stop being a self righteous prude. If you had ever bothered to listen to the tape, when Trump said “they let you grab them by the pussy” he meant when someone is famous, people like to sleep with them. He didnt actually go a grab a woman’s pussy, and you know it.

      1. If Trump has nothing to worry about he wouldn’t need all of you defending him. Innocent until proven guilty? Yes. Still a disgusting old man? Yes. A disgusting old man that the whole world is listening to as if he is scripture.

        Now if we could all SHUT UP ABOUT POLITICS for long enough to respond to her post… I found this article really informative. I do read ancient teachings on the Yoni as a sacred space within the woman and believe I have an understanding of female energy. However, the honoring of the “Yoni” is connected to the creation of new life. It’s not based off sexual energy or the level to which you can contract your Kegels. Okay, some is based off of sexual energy, but in a sacred way. In no way does this mean enhancing aspects of yourself to please a partner, quite the opposite in fact.

        Besides that… the price of these is OUTRAGEOUS. You could buy a triple-backwards, hyperspeed spinning vibrator for less than that, and the payoff would be better. LOL

        P.S. If your response to this woman’s article is an immediate judgment on her character, paired with childish names like calling her a “Prude,” you need to open up your ear holes and realize that you sound like a judgemental jerk.

    2. ahh great, another talking monkey copying the soon to be Moron in Chief in misusing the term “fake news”. y’know last I checked, the audio tape of him bragging about sexual assault was widely published and acknowledged by the man himself via a pathetic apology, but y’know, you were probably conceived at a Pauly Shore double feature, so why am I bothering?

      1. Thank you for bringing this to light, that the brainwashed all seem to use the same words, mantras of ‘corrupt’, ‘criminal ‘and now’ fake news’. Think for yourselves people. This is real.

    3. par for the course Trump voter, willfully refusing to read a sound, fact-filled column from an expert in the field because she happened to write one sentence his butthurt-ass didn’t like.

    4. He himself admitted to be able to walk into contestants’ changing rooms and multiple people have reported that’s what he just did. And saying you can just “grab em by the pussy” is bragging about sexual assault, because whether or not he actually ever did that (and multiple women have again reported that to be true), it’s still sexual assault he’s bragging about.

      These things aren’t “fake news” if there are actual verified quotes and recordings of the man himself and multiple independent witnesses to the fact.

    5. There is truth behind that statement me digit… Just cause you’re a trump supporter and wear your blinders proudly doesn’t make the statement false

    6. I must agree. This is a crock of crap! Of course if you aren’t “in tune” with your spiritual self and look at everything through science, no you wouldn’t understand. Women have been using yoni eggs for years and yes they are capable of healing the “womb” as well. We hate to break it to you but nature heals when you are educated enough to use natural methods. Just like everything we aren’t aware of, research is always a smart thing to do and I haven’t heard of a woman dying from yoni eggs. In addition, yes, we know the stones are porous, Just like anything that is used often, cleaning is in order. What type of people do you think use the yoni eggs? ignorant, uneducated wild women that grunt when talking? Stay in your lane ma’am.

    7. “Fake news” now comes to mean actual video and audio tape of Trump discussing the fact that as Miss Universe pageant owner, his greatest perk was walking into the dressing rooms of the underage models while they were changing? That’s interesting.

      Man, I understand you must have to practice all sorts of Jedi mind tricks on yourself to convince yourself voting for Donald Trump was a good idea, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

  25. Perhaps one should be able to treat her yoni as SHE feels fit, without scrutiny especially from another women. Myself being of Asian and African descent, yoni eggs are an ancient cultural tradition practiced for centuries, but here comes some white women who spent a decade learning white treatments, in a white institution and she thinks she has validity and jurisdiction on this matter. I’m assuming she gets paid well to stick her head in other peoples buisness but she should stick to sticking her nose where it’s welcomed and solicited.

  26. Well i loved your article. Ps i dont even have a vagina. Keep up the good work. Remember that its really hard to fix stupid. Good luck

  27. Perhaps one should be able to treat her yoni as SHE feels fit, without scrutiny especially from another women. Myself being of Asian and African descent, yoni eggs are an ancient cultural tradition practiced for centuries, but here comes some white women who spent a decade learning white treatments, in a white institution and she thinks she has validity and jurisdiction on this matter. I’m assuming she gets paid well to stick her head in other peoples buisness but she should stick to sticking her nose where it’s welcomed and solicited

    1. Some people with specialized knowledge, that, when shared, leads to harm reduction, often consider it their duty to do so. No one is taking away your freedom to do what you will with your yoni, reproductive system, or whatever. The good Doctor, is, however, letting Gwyneth Paltrow know that the hooey she’s selling isn’t based on scientific fact, and is potentially dangerous.

      The information that Dr. Jen has been so generous enough to share with all of us is not true because it is rooted in any ‘white” perspective. Its rooted in science. Have white people contributed to that study? Yes. Have people of color? Yes. Does the western system of medicine more rigorously adhere to the scientific method and scholarly treatment of learning with peer reviewed studies than other systems? Yes. Is western science and medicine more rigorously controlled and studied than traditional medicine? Yup. And its produced more positive results for more people than cupping, trepanning, vaginal steaming and jade egg sitting ever has.

      To perpetuate the madness that some practice has more worth because it is from ANY culture, be it Indigenous, Colonial, European, whatever, or because it has been practiced for eons, when that practice poses a greater risk of harm than good, is just wrong. Your appeal to emotion and ethno-sensitivites instead of paying attention to what Dr. Gunter is saying shows your inability to see facts for facts. If you don’t like the truth and scientific rigor that Dr. Gunter is selling, don’t buy it and get back to the age old tried and tried practices of your ancestors. I’ve chosen to ditch voodoo, prayer and bison grass tea for straight up science.

      Suki, you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

  28. Great article Jen! There is too many people trusting the word advertisers rather than health care professionals. People want a magical cure but they aren’t going to find one! Evidenced-based practice all the way!

  29. I’m a nurse-midwife with vestibulodynia and pelvic floor myalgia with a chronically hyper-contracted pelvic floor. I’m in the middle of the process of unwinding years of learned behaviors and provoked pain with pelvic floor PT, cognitive behavioral therapy, and an incredibly patient and understanding partner. Thank you for the laughter and science in this. I only hope a lot of people read it…!

  30. Lol. Meanwhile women of color have been using yoni eggs and steaming for eons to no ill effect and actual benefit. It’s always funny when people appropriate things, then get into catfights over them. Y’all could always choose to stay in your lanes. But that’d be too much like right, I guess. 🙃

    1. Are Italians guilty of cultural appropriation for tomato sauce…are you for enjoying hot chcolate? Am I for making better Pad See Ew than my lovely Thai auntie neighbor?


      Going down the rabbit hole of indentity politics is a distraction from what’s most important, namely, the dangers of the pseudoscience and hucksterism that Goop peddles.

      1. But there are ways women of color have used to take care of themselves that have subsequently been repurposed by white people for financial gain. This is a common thing. This doesn’t mean being concerned about yoni eggs is unimportant or not valid. Both of these things can be true and they don’t have to detract from one another.

        If you want people to listen to your criticisms of what I also think is pseudoscience you should take their experiences into account. It might help with communication. (I mean, hopefully.)

    2. Ugh, you sound like the midwife who told me not to mind that I was in horrible pain during labor because “women have been doing this for thousands of years.” “Childbirth was the number-one killer of women until the twentieth century,” I gasped in the half-second between contractions. She blinked several times and finally let me have the epidural I’d been begging for.

      1. You people are missing the point.

        Illnana VanZant makes an ad hominem attack, ignoring the merits of the argument Robert McFlavin made. Apparently unsatisfied with her non-GMO carrots in her first rabbit hole she rushes down another attacking Amy Keyishian whose focus, while also ad hominem of Ms. VanZant, stays in the lane of support of science and rational thought.

        Charles Soupios’s comment appreciating that Illnana VanZant’s subterranean odyssey is somehow in support of his misguided and faulty equivalency of science with cultural mores likewise misses the point.

        Dr. Gunter’s essay is not about false equivalencies or cultural appropriation, or any such silliness. Rather, it uses scientifically tested and proven medical fact to address the dangers of quackery and new-age pseudoscience presenting itself as truth, and the commercialization of that nonsense.

        Saying things, even with passion and rage, does not make those things so.

      2. Okay, Sci-person. Explain why a plastic egg is any different from the average dildo. (And yes there are special plastcs used for some of these eggs.) It amazes me how Jen’s opinion has just become scientific fact when she knows nothing of the practices or the reason for them. But let’s hear the science behind using a dildo. Enlighten us.

    3. Well…. as a woman of color I’m really still going to stick with the doctor’s advice. Although the responses to this about cultural appropriation are pretty ignorant, and it is still true that Gwyneth has taken something women of color have done and jacked the price up absurdly in true Columbusing fashion, I don’t think characterizing medical concerns about this practice by trained professionals as “catfighting” is fair or accurate.

      Women in my community historically have not had access to good medical care, for reasons both financial and geographical. I can imagine many of them wanting to try something perceived as comparatively inexpensive and beneficial. But I would still rather they defer to a gyn first and foremost and in an ideal world that would be their first resort.

  31. At least the fools who follow Gwyneth’s advice will be in interesting historical company. Part of “Green River Killer” (serial killer) Gary Leon Ridgway’s signature was to shove a rock into the vaginas of his victims.

  32. As a father of daughters and, I hope, a rational educated person, I thank you for speaking out with the voice of an experienced, lucid expert. The most disturbing thing about this was the catalog image portraying the item as “sold out”.

  33. Why would they recommend putting something like this in your vagina all day? This is so gross. Lets promote the use of foreign objects in a vagina, with no scientific studies done on this product that prove it. It’s really sad the lengths people will go to make money off of you.

  34. If the vagina, or the reproductive system, is the source of wisdom and power in a woman, would it not then follow that the penis and testicles are the source of wisdom and power in men? In my personal experience, I find that that is not the case.

  35. PLEASE stop the attack. I haven’t read Gwyneth Paltrow’s article, but I can tell you have no idea what she is talking about. From 1987 to 1993 I wrote books for Mantak and Maneewan Chia, and I know well the facts and fallacies of their Qigong practices from that period. The purpose of the Jade egg is the same as that of hanging weights from a man’s groin. In fact when Master Chia originally presented the egg exercises to this country, it included a hole drilled through the egg for a string to carry light weights. Ms. Paltrow’s article may not have explained the true purpose of this which is to stretch out the myofascia throughout the length of the body, thereby stretching the fascia in and around the internal organs as well. This alone will strengthen the organs and help them increase their energetic output, which may be what Ms.
    Paltrow was talking about. Now I neither promote nor condemn these practices, but I do not see any reason for one person to attack another over it. This practice is far less dangerous for women than it is for men, though I do agree that carrying the egg around constantly, or even sleeping with it is extreme and uncalled for. It is simply an exercise tool, nothing more. If you want more in depth explanations for what Ms. Paltrow is talking about, the book I helped Master Chia to.write is available for free online. It is called “Bone Marrow Nei Kung.” I teach Qigong in the Denver area (though not these practices), so I had to take issue with your attacks only to set the record.straight. No disrespect is intended, and I do agree with some of your points concerning sanitation, etc., but I am afraid the explanation you were presented concerning the Jade egg may have been lacking at best.

    Charles Soupios

    1. A why don’t you read the article before commenting on its merits or weaknesses. That is good manners and allows one (meaning me anyway) to take you more seriously.

      A porous exercise tool that could transmit infections is a bad one.

      A small rock cannot stretch the fascia in the vagina and that would not be useful for any health reason even if it could. Kegel exercises work on muscles, strengthening and relaxation.

      1. Hmm, my previous response to this seems to have disappeared. As I said before, the Chinese do not insert the egg for long periods, just long enough to complete the exercise, but then they remove it and soak it in vinegar. I can’t speak about the Indian version of this, but in either case steps are taken to keep it sanitary. I have no problem with you,Jen. Just be aware.there are many health practices that Westerners haven’t been exposed to. To judge them by our own cultural mores doesn’t really work. If it’s not right for you, that doesn’t mean it isn’t valid.

    2. ” The purpose of the Jade egg is the same as that of hanging weights from a man’s groin. ”

      Well, you’ve convinced me.

      {Tries to press 50kg with his dangle and rips his nutsack off}

      1. Phanatic, men have used the weight hanging practices for centuries in several Asian countries. Your response is funny, but in all seriousness, the effects upon the internal organs are quite real. While I don’t recommend the practice, I know its benefits well, and women can also achieve those benefits which was my point to begin with. I know of other ways to take care of the internal organs, but if the idea of lifting weights appeals to you, just don’t lift beyond your capacity. Simple.

  36. Thank you for being a very important voice of reason and truth as this world descends into no-nothing madness.

    The glorification of a woman’s reproductive system as the seat of inspiration, the belief that a jade egg inserted therein can lead to “cleansing” and “clearing”, the rejection of proper medicine, is all part of the post truth world that hu(wo)manity* is about to descend into. Why isn’t reality, science and fact enough?

    It is because there’s tons of money to made on suckers? Human history has a long line of hucksters who have been gaining the masses’ confidence and filling their coffers with said masses hard earned money.

    This darkness got to give.

  37. I agree with Gwenyth. No scientific reason not to. Just don’t over do it, and tear your biceps. Placebo effect is enough to cause hormone change.

    1. Maybe because Gwyneth, while a great actress, is no scientist? You’re willing to follow her advice over a doctor’s? Do you take your dog to a mechanic for care?

  38. A few months after my third child I purchased some benwa balls and inserted them, hoping to tone my vagina. It turns out wearing hard things in your vagina for a while can hurt. Specially if you have some in diagnosed prolapse. And then I started bleeding. My cervix was injured. It was an expensive and embarrassing obgyn visit where I explained how I had crushed my cervix with a benwa ball.

  39. If I may , speaking as a man , would it not be more beneficial to use `love eggs` which are better , cheaper and much more entertaining . ( I believe they also induce orgasms ) .

  40. Why anyone would take medical advice from an actor is beyond me. They earn money playing make believe for Christ’s sake.

  41. In these days where quacks are revered and science turned into derision, reading your article is a true breath of fresh air. It is also an excellent reminder that armed with a few basic medical principles and some critical thinking it is not so hard to separate the wheat from the jade. Thanks for helping educate the masses and unmask the crooks.

  42. I believe the word ‘yoni’ was actually invented by Sir Richard Burton so not to offend Victorian Britons.

  43. Why in the world do you need to bring Trump into this? I get so sick of finding your hate spewed every where I turn. Stop obsessing over the same crap and move on. Grow up babies!

    1. Yet again, you make it obvious that it was all about winning and making the liberals cry. Or let me say that in a way you’ll understand, “Dawna, worst name ever. Horrible ratings! All talk, no action. Totally overrated.”

      1. I don’t see why you had to insult her name. That was rather pointless and misguided of you. Regardless, she has a good point. There was no need to use this particular post for political discussion. I liked the article, either way.

    2. Ditto! But peace loving, tolerant, inclusive liberals can’t actually practice what they preach. I can’t believe that a doctor (by the way, I am one as well) actually falls for all the misinformation the liberal media pushes down our throats. It’s a shame.

    3. She didn’t actually name him and it’s a fact that he’s leered at teenage girls. What’s the problem?

  44. “Yoni” generally has a dual meaning – it can either mean the entirety of the gestatory reproductive system*, or it can be used specifically to refer to the vulva and to things (like cups or bowls) that resemble a vulva. If we wanted to use it in the accusative case, it would be “yonic”.

    *Gestatory reproductive system is used in place of the biologically and socially inaccurate “female” reproductive system. Since many women lack a reproductive system that can gestate a foetus, it would be medically very inaccurate to say “vagina+ovaries+womb = woman”. The opposite is non-gestatory reproductive system, and simply means anyone who cannot gestate a foetus.

      1. It definitely feels like you have a lot of hate inside of you. That comes across really clear in your posting and writing. I know there isn’t scientific evidence to back it up – but I’d prefer an open-minded and loving gynecologist to one that feels blinding by her own superiority.

    1. I’m not sure this works. Are you saying that the reproductive organs of a cisgender woman who had a hysterectomy and the reproductive system of a cisgender man fall in the same category?

  45. Thanks for taking the time to write this article. It is really crazy to see what people believe and do ….

  46. I say to my kids: “these are things I shouldn’t have to say.” By that I mean “do not eat anything that came out of a toilet.” I should not have to say “put your shoes on before going out into the snow.” Similarly, I should not have to say “do not put rocks up your vagina, particularly not for extended periods of time.”

  47. Jen, Glad you spoke up as medical professional. Even the last statement he said correctly about seeing a doctor is still a disclaimer to protect his own ass. I wonder if any gynecologist or obstetrician would ever say any of this is medically acceptable loses their license. Rich Hartmann

  48. Jen — I LOVE IT! I was laughing most of your article – you really wrote this well. My compliments on getting the truth across so well!!!

    1. They actually help some people Sci Babe. Your’e article is sarcastic and insensitive. Jade eggs have been used in the east for a long time. Keep it to the facts, have a little understanding and keep the wise cracks out.

      1. Foot binding was used in the “East” too. Does that make is a worthwhile therapy?

        My take was meant to be harsh because the idea that women would spent their money on such a bogus and potentially harmful therapy is disgusting and quite frankly predatory.

      2. lol I will back my work with a medical degree, a 5 year OB/GYN residency, an infectious diseases fellowship, board certification in ON/GYN in 2 countries, board certification in pain medicine by ABPMR and ABPM, and 25 years experience!

      3. Back it with anything you like, but your lack of understanding about what works from other cultures will always show up amidst all those credentials. As they say, it’s hard to fill a cup that’s already full. Good luck with that.

      4. This article wasn’t written by SciBabe, just was shared by her. This was written by a professional who understands HOW the eggs actually work, and what damage it can do the way that it is being described on G.P.’s site.

      5. There is something to be said for docs who truly believe in evidence based practice, which has three tenants. Unfortunately, many doctors poo poo the most important of the the trifecta, patient’s BELIEFS and preferences. Sarcasm is not endearing in a provider. It is not up to the provider to police what patients spend their money on, chose to believe in, or stick up their vaginas. It is their job to use their clinical expertise to provide consumers with best researched evidence, not to make them feel like a pariah because they choose to do something other than what is commonly recommend by the provider with their vast clinical wisdom.

        The article was informative, thank you. But, much can be said for “dampening the authority gradient” when interacting with readers.

      6. Skipping the potential for bacterial infection, consider also that the vagina is usually acidic – possibly acidic enough to dissolve the jade, leading to absorption of minerals that might not be good for you.
        If you’re dead set on doing this, at least put the egg in a condom first.

      7. Tiger penis, rhino horn and shark fin soup have been used in the East for centuries. People really believe they work. Some people believe you can tell the future by turning over cards, or looking at the stars. These people are not sticking to facts, they are falling for superstition. If you had a serious gynaecological problem (I hope you never do), would you prefer to consult Gwyneth Paltrow or Dr. Jen Gunter?

      8. I’m not impressed, Thomas. I’ve been teaching Qigong for longer than little Jen has been in practice, so why would anyone listen to you when all you know is how to criticize what you don’t understand. Stop being a jackass and grow up.

      9. My favorite thing about people who mention “Eastern medicine” is that they’re always:
        1. Caucasian
        2. Wealthy
        3. Have no background in any kind of Asian history
        4. Keep using the term “do research,” which pretty much tells me that I can’t be a “real” Asian to you if I’m not an idiot who backs up pseudoscientific beliefs from 1,000 years ago (or whenever you think we walked around with giant bacteria-infested pink eggs in our nether regions)

        There’s part of me that’s flattered at the comments slapping the label “eastern” on whatever garbage you bought in an attempt to make it worthwhile, but not a single member of my family used this. Drink tea or something if you want to thank my ancestors. Don’t spread false garbage. There’s kind of a reason I willingly chose to practice western medicine. Believe it or not, hospitals with real doctors exist in the East as well.

      10. Well, I’m glad you’re so impressed with western medicine, but now that we have been exposed to eastern teachings by numerous Asians who’ve brought this information here, why denigrate your own culture? And why do you make so many assumptions about people who gravitate toward eastern medicine?

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