Dr. Oz warns viewers about “fake” psychics wants you to pay for “real” ones.

Dr. Oz has been selected by our science loving President to serve on the President’s Council for Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. This will allow Dr. Oz to get the White House stamp of approval for his “negative calorie foods” and “belly blasting diets.”

I am totally sure Dr. Oz will do the right thing to get good quality information out to the general public because, after all, that is his brand. I mean just this week he warned his viewers about “fake” psychics.

No. Really.

Apparently, there are “tons of fake psychics preying on innocent people’s hopes and dreams” and it is time to put and end to theses “scams” so you can spend your money on Oz Approved™ “real” psychics.

Fake psychics, don’t you know, come from places like Romania and will trick you into believing someone has cursed you, which I suspect feels somewhat like reading content on DrOz.com. Fake psychics will “lie to you and say that your life will be cursed unless you give them money, jewelry, property, or other possessions to lift the curse. In some cases, they may even take your money and valuables in exchange for casting a spell on your enemies.”

Wow, Dr. Oz had some pretty intense training in mediums his cardiothoracic surgery residency.

Who does Dr. Oz offer up as a real psychic? So glad you asked. Laura Lynne Jackson, the very scam artist I saw at the GOOP health event. She trolled a room filled with women who could pay $650 a ticket and used sentences like these as part of her cold readings…

Have you thought about buying a purse?

Do you like shoes?

Do you have a website?

This is what mediums do, they pick up on cues from their subject based on things like how their subject is dressed or their posture and microexpressions and then offer an educated guess as proof of personal information they gleaned from speaking with a loved one who has “crossed over.” And yes, they charge for that. Laura Lynne Jackson is big time now and just does speaking engagements.

I sat in the audience with Laura Lynne Jackson and heard her tell the room that death in not real. I’m sorry, but that’s fucked up and it’s wrong so it is no surprise that Dr. Oz promotes it. I wonder if that is the kind thing Dr. Oz used to tell patients before heart surgery, “Hey, don’t worry if we can’t get you off of bypass, after all death isn’t real!” In fact, if death isn’t real why do heart surgery at all? Still waiting for that death is not real thing to work out with my son. I am totally sure the Oz Approved™ medium Laura Lynne Jackson would be able to speak with him if I paid to attend one of her speaking engagements,

Don’t go to a “fake” psychic or medium, but buying a book from an Oz Approved™ medium is ok and paying a “real” psychic is totally fine and absolutely worth your hard earned dollars, just doesn’t buy candles and crystals from a Romanian psychic. Make sure you go to GOOP.com for that.

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  1. I grew up around people who believed in psychics, and knew very well a few who claimed to be psychic. They always had their thoughts about the ‘fake’ ones. It’s sort of a pre-emptive strike, a means of answering criticisms in advance while displacing any concerns you might have onto someone else.

  2. Wow! Dr. Oz’s description if ‘fake psychics’ is racist and xenophobic as all get out! ‘Fake psychics’ are greedy foreigners from strange countries who believe in weird things like curses and spell casting? In contrast to our Totally Real Respectable Psychics in America who do perfectly reasonable things like communicating with the dead – out of the goodness of their hearts, one presumes. /s

    Why even mention Romania!? Because he’s invoking Fear Of The Other by using the stereotype of Romani people as gaudy con-artists, conjuring the imagery of greedy “Gyp$y Thieves” loaded down with excessive jewelry and spitting curses at people as if we’re living in Stephen King’s Thinner. He’s relying on the audience’s bigotry to fill in the blanks and do the rest. Is it any wonder The White House Resident thinks Oz is a perfect fit for this administration? UGH!

  3. Hahahahaha oh dear. I’m reading The Kreutzer Sonata by Tolstoy and – basically it is a rant. But in it he has ranted about Drs being hucksters out to make a buck and nothing else – put your faith in God – belief in medicine is for the godless! Interesting reading in light of this – and it is free to download via Project Gutenberg.

  4. He may approve Japanese ones too! There’s a show on Netflix following one of famous ones that you should consider. These folks are highly sought after; I remember one of the judges on Iron Chef being a pro psychic. It really is a Japanese thing still.

  5. Dr. Jen,

    Hope I’m not posting too much. But, yes, I have a 55-word story about psychics. Yes, again the words may not flow well, but…I had a point to make.

    Of Course Psychics are Ethical!

    Consulted with her psychic about deceased family members and sought her counsel on important life decisions.
    Became unemployed after a downsizing.
    “If I don’t get some money soon will be evicted. Please give me the number to this week’s lottery.”
    “Couldn’t use my special God-given talents in an unscrupulous unethical way; same as cheating, scamming.”

    December 17, 2016

    I would surely hope that no one who is reading this book needs an explanation of the story. On the off chance, that anyone thinks there is such a thing as psychic ability, hey…you’re wrong. Or, let me put it to you this way, no one has ever proven they have psychic abilities, period!

    For over 40 years, James Randi at the James Randi Educational Fountain has offered money to anyone who can prove they have the ability. Randi recently retired, as I understand it, at about 88. The prize had risen to $1,000,000. Yep, a million bucks. A few years back he even started contacting all of the TV psychics. Of course, no takers! It’s trickery folks, period.

    Want to become a psychic? Lookup COLD READING. That will get you started.

  6. You have to have standards when engaging a psychic. Personally, if I don’t get some lottery or Keno numbers right away? I’m hanging up that phone.

  7. Dr. Jen,

    I write 55-word stories. This one about Oz doesn’t “flow” that well but I wrote it to make a point.

    Dr. Oz was in an Auto Accident

    Paramedics arrived, he was in pain with several broken bones.
    “You’re Dr. OZ, aren’t you?”
    Moaning, “Yes. Help me.”
    “Your wife is a Reiki Master.”
    “Yes, please get me out of here. I’m bleeding.”
    “Hmm. Couldn’t she send that Reiki energy?”
    “Please, I need help.”
    “We’ll take you to the homeopathic ER you just opened.”

    Yes, there is a Doctor Oz. Another of Oprah’s creations, if you will. After appearing on her show, in scrubs for cryin’ out loud, he end-up with his own show. And, many folks who are home during the day never miss an episode. I think he likes to be known as America’s Doctor. Well, he surely isn’t my doctor. His wife is a so-called Reiki Master and he routinely has psychics and such on his program and of course, promotes the latest weight-loss miracle pill. And, yes, he has been highly criticized by the MD community and spent some time at a congressional hearing.

    So, how did it happen, that a supposedly skilled heart surgeon becomes a huckster for sham treatments? My best guess; money, grandiosity, narcissism, and ego. And, his inability or refusal to see himself for what he has become.

    1. While George is making a point, I have actually had that happen through a very good friend of mine. I had a serious injury, she offered remote healing Reiki. The damage these quacks do cannot be measured. I dealt with escalating and severe domestic violence and instead of helping me get him out of my home; she decided it was Karma from a previous lifetime. I was left to die while she was sending me energy instead of calling 911.

      This is not a dumb uneducated woman; we are both trained in science. She became addicted to Oprah.

      If I may? There are many natural remedies that work. Many that have drug interactions that ideally physicians would be aware of. I haven’t watched the video you are referring to and do not wish to find it, but superstition and belief in psychics and curses isn’t a Rumanian scam, many eastern European cultures believe in curses. Italians believe in the “evil eye”. The list is endless.

      One suggestion I have would be to change science loving to hating. The people who need to read this post the most might not get the sarcasm.

  8. Hey Dr. Jen! You may want to read over this article again. It looks like a few sentences need some editing.

  9. Right on! Dr. Oz is a celebrity snake oil salesman. And he’s creepy too!

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