I’m sick of people forgetting the poor vulva and referring to everything in the female lower reproductive tract as vagina.

To help people sort it out I have created this Venn diagram.


There are many reason to know the difference.

  1. Knowing your own personal anatomy is empowering.
  2. If you have a partner you want them to know your anatomy. If they think it’s all about the vagina you may need a different partner. After all, the vulva has the clitoris.
  3. If you tell your doctor that your vagina itches when it is really your vulva (or vice versa) you may end up with the wrong diagnosis.
  4. No one confuses male anatomy, when people say penis they don’t really mean the testicles.
  5. Female anatomy shouldn’t be reduced to annoying euphemisms. Yes, va-jay-jay is horrible, but vagina as a catch all means it doesn’t matter enough to get it right or that we can only talk about female anatomy in some silly way.

So it’s not the Great Wall of Vagina, it’s the Great Wall of Vulva. And if you bake vagina cupcakes they better not have lips (labia).


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  2. I love the Venn diagram! This is a real source of irritation – no other body part gets ignored like the vulva.

    I think it’s also important to not that not all vulva having humans are women (just as not all penis having humans are men). In the interest of inclusive language- for humans and our anatomies.

  3. Love your work. As a 25 year vulva cancer survivor advocate for the world to know that a vulva is NOT a vagina I applaud your work. I discovered the word Pudendum Latin meaning female genitalia – one who should and ought to be ashamed the shameful part of a woman so for hundreds of years the vulva has been called a vagina. Not anymore. http://www.kathmazzella.com VIVA LA VULVA

  4. Plus, some of the names are awesome. Vestibule sounds like something that would have a decorative antique umbrella stand in it.

  5. Awesome! I hate having to explain my intimate body parts to others but not as much as explaining HIS to him!
    How the heck do you live without having any idea how your body works?!

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