Why does the Dept. of OB/GYN at the University of Utah offer a premarital exam for women?

Get ready for your wedding night with the University of Utah’s Department of OB/GYN! Say what??? Let me set the scene. There was a Reddit post two weeks ago from a woman whose fiancĂ©e insisted she have some kind of premarital exam checking her hymen to be performed by her father-in-law and witnessed by other […]

My urine culture is negative, can I still have a bladder infection?

In a word, yes. And this is a difficult concept for many doctors to get because we have long been taught that the gold standard is culture. Let’s back up a little. These are the symptoms of a bladder infection: needing to empty your bladder a lot (urinary frequency) when you gotta go, you gotta […]

Can I get tested for a bladder infection while taking Azo? (phenazopyridine)

Approximately 12% of women report a bladder infection each year and 50% of women will have had a bladder infection by the age of 32. The burning can be hell, so many women take Azo (also called Pyridium or phenazopyridine ), a medication that helps bladder pain. The problem? There is a medical myth that […]