I shot a TV show. I did. And it is called Jensplaining.


This article has a great video with more clips and more about my mission to provide people with factual information!

Jensplaining is a factual entertainment docuseries (TV talk) and is on the CBC’s digital streaming platform GEM starting August 23rd. Here is a link to more! 

The show is basically my blog, but on TV. Myth busting, trying to understand how societal pressures and/or gaps in medicine lead people to do what they do or believe what they do, chat with experts, and sum it all up. It is definitely an apple cider vinegar free zone!

Many doctors — on TV, on social media, and of course those who may even be your doctor —  partner with companies and that injects bias. Whether it is Big Pharma or Big Natural, it is all the same. And the woo on TV. OMG the woo. The great thing about being funded by grants and the CBC is that there were no industry pressures. Just facts and hopefully fun. I am committed to evidence, common sense, practical information, and zero industry partnerships.

So I hope you tune in! If you are not in Canada, tell your cable provider or digital platform of preference that you want to see Jensplaining on your screen!

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