TV Show

I shot a TV show. I did.


All the “famous” doctors on TV are men and the content they produce seems primarily geared to a female audience. What’s up with that?

Also many TV doctors partner with companies and that injects bias. And let me tell you, Big Natural is worse than Big Pharma. At least with a pharmaceutical there have been some studies and you know what drug you are actually taking. Yes, the data may be poor. But some data and a moderate amount of accountability is better than none!!! Don’t kid yourself, The Wellness Industrial Complex is here for profit, not health.

And the woo on TV. OMG the woo.

Giving people misinformation angers me. I wanted to know if I could make a fun, factual, Big and Little Pharma/Natural free TV show where I discuss a lot of the topics we don’t talk about (for a variety of reasons) and bust some myths Jen Gunter style. So a no bias, no bullshit zone.

And guess what, I was lucky enough that a production team and an investor (can’t say who just yet) believed in me and my mission.

I can’t tell you more yet, but hopefully very soon!!!


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