Doctor on SXSW wellness advisory board wonders if Bill and Melinda Gates are “Profit-mongering sadists.” Melinda Gates is speaking at the conference.

The South By Southwest conference, SXSW, recently announced that Melinda Gates will be speaking.   Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation have taken on many philanthropic roles around the world. From a health care standpoint they have, for example, championed vaccines and dedicated resources to accelerating the decline of human immunodeficiency virus worldwide. What I find curious […]

What world pneumonia day means to me

I am not a fan of awareness months. The campaigns go on too long and frankly, the pinking of October (or greening, or whatever color has captivated Madison avenue) leaves me feeling like diseases are part of a company’s portfolio. I also don’t appreciate being harassed every time I swipe my credit card at Safeway […]