How the NHS, the Internet, and a local newspaper reunited my family

I would like to tell you all a story. It is very sad in parts but if you stick with it to the end I think it will be worth it. I want to tell you this story because if it were not for you, yes you reader, this story would be much sadder. Over […]

Googling a patient is a bit like stalking them

The New York Times has a recent piece on the practice of doctors Googling their patients. The author, Dr. Warraich, intimates that essentially all doctors have done it at some time. He also writes: I am tempted to prescribe that physicians should never look online for information about their patients, though I think the practice […]

Facebook rescinds Big Pharma’s special status

Until now, Big Pharma was free to have Facebook pages like everyone else, but with one exception. They could exclude comments. So Pharma could post content and partake in the powerhouse of link sharing that is Facebook, but they didn’t have to take any lumps. This special exemption was initially designed to prevent comments about […]

Poll results are in: should doctors blog and tweet anonymously?

I will be the first to admit my poll is not of the highest scientific standard. It is mere snapshot of opinions from slightly more than a handful of people. I don’t know if most who responded are doctors or not (or any other demographic for that matter as the poll was completely anonymous). It […]

Should medical professionals blog and tweet anonymously? Post and poll.

There has been a lot of controversy about anonymous medical blogs/tweets lately and I’m genuinely interested what people think. In addition, the folks at Google have jumped into the general anonymous discussion with both feet as they are not allowing anonymous accounts on G+ (which, by the way, I find too clumsy and time consuming, […]

Doctors, Twitter, the AMA, and professionalism

The American Medical Association (AMA) appears to have appointed itself as Ministry of Morality in response to the ever growing numbers of physicians embracing social media. You may recall (you may not, but that’s why I’m here, to help you remember this kind of trivia) a recent letter in JAMA indicating that, “3% of physician […]