I was groped by the editor of an OB/GYN medical journal. I’m not the only one.

In 2014 I was an invited speaker at the International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS). My first day there I attended the session on research. I was excited to hear what Dr. Khalid Khan, the editor of The British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,had to say about writing a good paper. An editor’s take on what gets published, […]

Doctor equates vaccines with rape, perfects combo of malignity and scientific ignorance

Dr. Tenpenny promotes herself as a “public figure” who is the “voice of reason on vaccines.” She posted this today on her Facebook page… That’s right equating vaccines, which have eradicated smallpox, almost eradicated polio and saved millions of lives, with rape. I understand the vaccines = rape meme has been around for a while. […]

A master class on how to deal with a campus rape

A young woman who was intoxicated and unconscious was allegedly raped by a Stanford student names Brock Turner (allegedly because it has not been proven in court). And not just any student, but a student athlete who was heavily recruited for the swim team (swimming is big at Stanford). Normally these kinds of stories have […]

Whoopi Goldberg blames alcohol for campus rape not rapists

This is an interaction from The View where Whoopi Goldberg et al were discussion the Rolling Stone story on rape at UVA… Rosie Perez: I do not understand the parents who do not tell their sons, ‘please don’t be a rapist.’ This is wrong. When you go to college, when you go anywhere, you be a […]

Rolling Stone gives master class in how not to write about rape

On November 18, 2014 Rolling Stone published a story about rape on campus at the University of Virginia written by Sabrina Erdely. The story starts with a graphic recounting of a alleged gang rape of an 18-year-old woman with the pseudonym “Jackie” and the events that she remembers and the aftermath are woven throughout the […]

If we investigated campus theft like we investigate campus rape

Man: Officer, my car was broken into and my laptop was stolen. Officer: Are you sure? Man: Uh, yes. I was sitting right here in the driver’s seat. This guy I used to know opened the passenger door. I yelled “Hey! Get out!,” and after the initial shock (when I was simultaneously paralyzed by surprise […]

A letter to Paul Ryan about forcible rape

Dear Vice Presidential Hopeful Ryan, I am somewhat perplexed at your condemnation of Todd Akin and his use of the term legitimate rape (“Outrageous,” I think you called it). After all, it is clear that legitimate rape is a synonym for your no less insulting term forcible rape. And don’t you try and wiggle out […]

Did Todd Akin get his misinformation on rape and pregnancy from Physicians for Life?

By now everyone knows that Congressman Todd Akin (Missouri’s 2nd District) thinks some rapes are legitimate and some are, well, apparently not legitimate. We also know that “what he understands from doctors” is that pregnancy from legitimate rape is “really rare” because women can block unwanted pregnancies through a stress response (“shut the whole thing […]