Cosmo suggests sex against a washing machine to pleasure your man

Sex against the washing machine (the slyly named Mover and Shaker) is one of Cosmo’s sex positions that they recently tweeted with that cheeky #CosmoAfterDark. It’s rated a 3 out of 5 on the well-validated 5 flame carnal challenge scale, because leaning against something is apparently slightly more than moderately difficult. However, what caught my eye […]

Google “sex positions” and you get me! (and better sex advice than Cosmo)

I have arrived. I noticed that I’ve been getting more and more hits to my site from the search term sex positions. So I decided to google it myself and holy G-spot Batman! My little bloggity blog pops up on the first search engine response page, albeit below the fold and bringing up the rear in positions […]

Cosmo’s sex position of the day proves they’re lazy, uninspired misogynists (water is also wet)

Taking the old Cosmo Sex Position of the Day app out for a whirl I was greeted with the Standing Tiger/Crouching Dragon. Sigh, where to begin. First of all, with a sex app for women the man’s position shouldn’t, you know, be listed first. And of course the men are the tigers and women the dragons, […]

Cosmo’s sex position of the day: reinventing the wheel, and badly

The fact I could not find an inner tube threw me on my quest to evaluate the choice goodness (*cough*) that was the last offering on my Cosmo Sex Position of the Day app. It was for science people! But after much sulking, I decided to check out another position (hope still springs eternal for […]

Cosmo’s latest sex position proves they know as little about sprinklers as they do orgasms

Offensive alliteration and woeful ignorance of female anatomy can mean but one thing…it’s time to review another Cosmo sex position of the day. The sexy sprinkler.  “Hey baby, let’s go do the sexy sprinkler.”  Now I dare you (in fact I double dog dare you) to say that without either: A) vomiting B) laughing yourself […]

Cosmo’s sex position of the day: a “meh” for pleasure, a #fail for message

The Cosmo sex position of the day is the Bootyful View. Ah, the play on words. It’s so witty, it is as if the name were conceived by this generation’s queen of the malapropisms, Sarah Palin herself. Anyway, achieving this carnal challenge is not physically demanding. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve tried this before, […]

Cosmo sex position of the day: hamstring hell

You should have seen the look on my face when last night’s sex position popped up on my iPhone. I mean what the fuck? Don’t figure skaters and professional ballroom dancers practice for years to achieve this position and Cosmo just wants me to whip my leg up over my head and climb on board? […]