When the doctor has PTSD

PTSD is a normal response to an abnormal situation. A horrible, terrible, situation. It affects 76% of mothers who have/had babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. It affects me. I’d like to say affected, but it is a scar and like all scars it fades, but never completely goes away. Injuries cause scars. And […]

What world pneumonia day means to me

I am not a fan of awareness months. The campaigns go on too long and frankly, the pinking of October (or greening, or whatever color has captivated Madison avenue) leaves me feeling like diseases are part of a company’s portfolio. I also don’t appreciate being harassed every time I swipe my credit card at Safeway […]

The Duggar’s Russian roulette with prematurity

Michelle Duggar is pregnant again. Number 20. Perhaps ratings were slumping for their “reality” show? I use the term reality loosely, because a family with 19 children is not reality for anyone. While TLC likes to call themselves the ‘Family, Home, Style, Cooking network,” (you know, crock pots and crafts), TLC is really code for […]

Preterm birth linked with increased death later in life: the study that breaks my heart:

It’s not enough that premature birth (a delivery before 37 weeks), which affects 12% of all American newborns, is the leading cause if infant death. It’s also not enough that premature delivery is the leading cause of disability among children. No, a new study has to come out telling us that adults who were born […]

When you lose a baby from a multiple pregnancy…

I entered the hospital pregnant with three babies at 22 weeks and after months in the neonatal care unit, brought two home. It is very difficult for other people to understand your grief when you lose a baby from a multiple pregnancy. Family, friends, and even physicians think that the pain is somehow softened by […]

The hypocrisy of banning drop down cribs and not cigarettes

Here’s the bottom line. Smoking kills babies. A study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine in 2010 tells us just how lethal. This is an excellent study. The researchers looked at the US linked Birth/Infant Data Set, a record of all births in the US (they used the 2002 data set), excluding multiple […]

What is the rate of serious complications with a c-section?

This post is not about the indications for a c-section nor about the ever increasing number of c-sections. This post is about the actual risks of a c-section, which I find glossed over by some and exaggerated by others. A great study was published last year by researchers in Finland (Pallasmaa et al. Acta Obstetricia […]