Science clearly says contraception is necessary for women’s health

The Federalist just published an anti-science, misogynistic screed on contraception.¬†While this fact is not surprising it is shocking that this piece of propaganda was written by a physician. The articles makes quick work of belittling women: I wonder if the women using the #Fight4BirthControl hashtag understand how the contraception mandate works. Or how insurance works. […]

HR 36 is a 22 week abortion ban not a 20 week ban. Why the lie?

H.R. 36 the supposed “20 weeks ban” based on ignoring the scientific literature about fetal pain does not ban abortion at 20 weeks it bans abortion at 22 weeks. Why has no one made a big deal about this? It’s pretty important. Here is the relevant passage from the bill: Medicine does not use fertilization […]

There’s no DSM-V for asshole. Diagnosing Trump is hurtful and the ultimate white, male privilege.

I worked with a few older, white, misogynistic, ill-informed, amoral, racist, conspiracy theory loving, less qualified, cruel surgeons when I trained. They were privileged, white males so they failed up and because they were a product of an older time their misogyny and racism was sadly not that different from the background. Their privilege was […]