No young person has ever died from Plan B, but 7 will die today from gun violence

If you are not following the Plan B saga, here’s what you need to know: Plan B is one type of morning after pill. It is the hormone levonorgestrel. The brand is Plan B but there are generics as well. It does not cause abortion. It does not affect implantation. It works by inhibiting ovulation. […]

6 reasons why Plan B should be available without an ID

The Food and Drug Administration just cleared Plan B for women ages 15 and up. Not only did the age limit get lowered, Plan B and its generic equivalents will be on the shelves with all the other over the counter medications. The caveat, you need ID. While I applaud the lowering the age limit […]

Restricting Plan B OTC sales to 17 and over affects everyone and protects no one

This weekend I tried to buy Plan B over the counter at a Rite Aid and was denied. Let me explain. It wasn’t for me, I have a Paraguard and my boyfriend had a vasectomy. Basically, the chance of me getting pregnant is so astronomically impossible that we’d be pimping the story out to every […]