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Facebook rescinds Big Pharma’s special status

Until now, Big Pharma was free to have Facebook pages like everyone else, but with one exception. They could exclude comments. So Pharma could post content and partake in the powerhouse of link sharing that is Facebook, but they didn’t have to take any lumps. This special exemption was initially designed to prevent comments about … Continue reading

Lipitor OTC? Why the FDA needs to stop being Big Pharma’s whipping boy

It’s been all over the news. Pfizer is seeking to do what the magicians at Merck failed to conjure up with Mevacor, get an over-the-counter (OTC) approval for their statin Lipitor. NEWS FLASH: THEY ARE NOT DOING THIS TO BENEFIT SOCIETY (I know, a complete shocker to you all). Big Pharma only bellies back up … Continue reading

Dear FDA: a letter to those crazy kids in Washington about fluconazole in pregnancy

  Dear FDA, Thanks so much for your letter earlier today warning about the dangers of high dose fluconazole in pregnancy. It is nice to hear that you have changed it to a category D drug (known to cause birth defects). How 1990’s of you. I mean seriously kids, I knew fluconazole caused multiple birth … Continue reading

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