The medical nonsense and dangerous precedent of Mississippi’s abortion bill HB 1390

On July 1, 2012 House Bill 1390, signed into law by Governor Phil Bryant, will take effect. This law is designed to restrict the practice of medicine at abortion clinics to such a degree that no provider or clinic can meet the requirements. HB 1390 spells out it’s purpose very clearly in the first lines: […]

When safe abortion isn’t a choice

If she is brave enough, she will ask around. Someone will know someone who knows someone. Or something. Someone‚Äôs grandma might know about the old days. Drinking turpentine or Clorox, which is what the poorest women often did. They also took massive doses of quinine. Equally dangerous and, like the household cleaners, not a particularly […]

The Kansas Ministry of Truth puts their latest anti-abortion law on hold. For now.

May 9th was a victory in Kansas for women, KU medical school, and the practice of medicine. The draconian anti-abortion bill (SB 313) was sent back to the Committee on Federal and State affairs as it was materially changed by the Senate. Among other things, the bill proposed: Preventing all doctors at KU medical center […]

Arizona steps up the war on women using Medicaid as a weapon again Roe

On Friday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, the Queen of misogyny herself, signed the Whole Woman’s Health Funding Priority Act (HB 2800) into law. This law states that: “THIS STATE OR ANY POLITICAL SUBDIVISION OF THIS STATE MAY NOT ENTER INTO A CONTRACT WITH OR MAKE A GRANT TO ANY PERSON THAT PERFORMS NONFEDERALLY QUALIFIED ABORTIONS […]

When I’m Supreme Empress of Health, trans fats will be banned

Sometimes late at night I like to imagine myself as Supreme Empress of Health Care. Yes, I understand that America is a republic, but we need some major health care over hauling from someone who will A) actually get things done, B) think about the health of the nation as the political agenda, and C) […]