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Autopsy of Toronto Star HPV article and the real dark side of Gardasil they missed

Today the publisher of the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, wrote that the article “A wonder drug’s dark side” will be removed from the online site. This is 15 days after it was originally published. It obviously still lives on in print and in screen shots, but now at least no anti-vaccine groups will be … Continue reading

Explaining Gardasil girls and HPV vaccine safety to the Toronto Star and Heather Mallick

The Gardasil girls are a group of young women who claim injury as a direct result of receiving the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. They have received press on Katie Couric’s now defunct show and most recently in The Toronto Star (read my rebuttal to the Star piece here). No one is doubting that these girls have … Continue reading

Gun advocates are right, we should compare guns to cars

A common rebuttal to any discussion about of gun control is motor vehicle accident deaths. We don’t blame the car, we blame the driver. Regardless of the object’s intent (the car is for transportation and the gun is shoot people, targets, game, and skeet), neither a car nor a gun can kill or maim without … Continue reading

Never mind Oprah, what will Lance Armstrong tell his kids?

My membranes ruptured at 22 weeks during my pregnancy. It was the evening of July 5th, 2003. Two days later my first son was born and died. The task before me was bed rest and squeeze as many more days (hopefully weeks) out of the pregnancy as possible to save my other two sons. It … Continue reading

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