Doctor on SXSW wellness advisory board wonders if Bill and Melinda Gates are “Profit-mongering sadists.” Melinda Gates is speaking at the conference.

The South By Southwest conference, SXSW, recently announced that Melinda Gates will be speaking.   Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation have taken on many philanthropic roles around the world. From a health care standpoint they have, for example, championed vaccines and dedicated resources to accelerating the decline of human immunodeficiency virus worldwide. What I find curious […]

Another study shows no link between HPV vaccine and autoimmune diseases

Some critics of the HPV vaccine claim it can cause autoimmune disease and describe this as a reason for vaccine hesitancy. The specter of the “Gardasil girls.” young women with bizarre, ill-defined symptoms (often described as autoimmune or autoimmune disease-like) attributed to the HPV vaccine fills the Internet and many parents searching for information on HPV […]

European Medicines Agency concludes HPV vaccine doesn’t cause POTS, will that stop bad vaccine journalism?

Last year there was a rash of ill-researched articles in the press claiming a connection between the HPV vaccine and POTS (postural orthostatic hypotension syndrome) and CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome). Toronto Star, The Independent, Daily Mail I’m looking at you. These “articles” read like propaganda for anti-HPV vaccine groups. They all followed such a […]

Baltimore Sun publishes hack job letter on HPV vaccine. I dismantle it claim by claim.

The Baltimore Sun just published a letter on the HPV vaccine that one would generously describe as being full of twisted half-truths and setting a new low bar for submissions. The piece, written by William Reichel and Emily Tarsell and entitled The HPV vaccine is neither safe nor effective, is apparently a response to a […]

The HPV vaccine: new study suggests 1 dose might be enough

A new paper in the journal Lancet Oncology evaluates outcomes after vaccination with Cervarix, which is the HPV vaccine that is effective against the 2 most oncogenic (cancer-causing) strains – HPV 16 and 18. The paper is actually a compilation of results from two studies of Cervarix among women ages 15-25 and now has four years […]

The Independent claims HPV vaccine unsafe. Science says The Independent is wrong.

The Independent is the latest newspaper to do a hack job on the safety of the HPV vaccine and stoke false concerns about safety by publishing this poorly researched and alarmist piece on Sunday written by Paul Gallagher. Readers of this blog might notice the similarity in titles between this post and another response of […]

HPV vaccine over age 26 – is it worth it?

Currently the HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccines are approved in the United States up to the age of 26. This has nothing to do with safety but due to the fact that the studies submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) involved this age range. The HPV vaccines were primarily studied in women aged […]

The HPV vaccine protects African American and white women equally from cancer

The Internet, or parts of it, claims the HPV vaccine is ineffective or less effective for African American women than for white women. This idea appears to have originated with Bustle and their take on a study that looked at HPV types in women undergoing testing of pre-cancers of the cervix. Drawing conclusions about the […]

The importance of the HPV vaccine in one graphic. Really.

Here are the percentage of cancers (by site and sex) due to HPV 16/18 and 31/33/45/52/58 The older HPV vaccine covers HPV 16/18. The new 9 valent HPV vaccine protects against 16/18 as well as 31/33/45/52/58. The vaccines are highly effective and have already begun to reduce pre-cancerous lesions of the cervix. Current data indicates […]

Autopsy of Toronto Star HPV article and the real dark side of Gardasil they missed

Today the publisher of the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, wrote that the article “A wonder drug’s dark side” will be removed from the online site. This is 15 days after it was originally published. It obviously still lives on in print and in screen shots, but now at least no anti-vaccine groups will be […]