Cancer v. the Constitution

The patient in the emergency department smelled of advanced cancer. It is the smell of rotting flesh, but even more pungent. You only ever have to smell it once. She had been bleeding irregularly, but chalked it up to “the change.” Peri-menopausal hormonal mayhem is the most common cause of irregular vaginal bleeding, but unfortunately […]

Birth control pills may be $9 a pack at Target, but that’s not the point

In the wake of the discussion about contraception and whether insurers should have the right to deny coverage based on religious or moral beliefs many newspapers and bloggers have jumped on the cost of generic birth control pills at Target and Wal-Mart: $9 a pack. Someone even posted, in reference to Sandra Fluke at Georgetown, […]

A dispatch from Texas, the front line of the war against women

She knew she was supposed to be careful about getting pregnant, although truthfully she didn’t think it could happen because of her blood pressure and kidney problems. The nurses at the county clinic started her on the pill, but her blood pressure went all crazy. They asked her to come back on a Wednesday night […]