It’s easier to buy a gun in the United States than Sudafed

I have been giving a lot of thought as to how I should write about the murders at the┬áPlanned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. Should I discuss how this was an act of terrorism or perhaps address the people who used the terms “baby parts” and how rhetoric and lies can become a call to arms […]

Sociopaths are everywhere but in other countries they don’t have access to guns

There has been much talk about the latest shooting, this time in Isla Vista. As an aside, it is the definition of tragic that posts, articles, and discussions about massacres in the United States need to be qualified so they can be distinguished from one another. The pro gun groups (mostly the NRA) blame mental […]

Should online dating profiles include gun ownership?

We may never know if the tragic death of Reeva Steenkamp at the hands of Oscar Pistorius was domestic violence or the result of trigger-happy paranoia. I’m not sure what kind of hard evidence the prosecution has, but a reasonable human must wonder, “Who doesn’t check to see if the woman they love is still […]

No young person has ever died from Plan B, but 7 will die today from gun violence

If you are not following the Plan B saga, here’s what you need to know: Plan B is one type of morning after pill. It is the hormone levonorgestrel. The brand is Plan B but there are generics as well. It does not cause abortion. It does not affect implantation. It works by inhibiting ovulation. […]

Gun advocates are right, we should compare guns to cars

A common rebuttal to any discussion about of gun control is motor vehicle accident deaths. We don’t blame the car, we blame the driver. Regardless of the object’s intent (the car is for transportation and the gun is shoot people, targets, game, and skeet), neither a car nor a gun can kill or maim without […]