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How a treadmill helps me be a better runner

There was a time when I felt that I wasn’t a “real” runner. I was very slow and I ran on a treadmill and my future ex-husband was fond of telling me how that wasn’t “real” running. He had a variety of reasons, but it boiled down to, “Everyone is faster on a treadmill,” so … Continue reading

How I became a runner and what I learned along the way

I am not a natural athlete, not by any stretch. In high school it was math and science that seemed effortless, so I took the easy route: academics. I remember dreading P.E. class, but especially any time we had to run. I was always dead last. Over the years of college, medical school, and residency … Continue reading

Digging deep: a personal reflection on motivation

I spent much of yesterday morning jumping through hoops to get my work out accomplished. No school and no sitter to be had. No play date to scrounge up. So, despite howls of objection, the plan was 24 Hour Fitness and the Kid’s Club. For some reason it requires negotiations only previously experienced when engaging North … Continue reading

A doctor’s advice for getting rid of your muffin top

First of all, I would like to maim the person who initially coined the term muffin top (apparently the etymology is of Australian origin, thanks mates!). God knows we needed a more succinct description than delightful shelf of fat that hangs over the waist band. Second, fuck you to all the designer jean makers who … Continue reading

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