Bode Miller’s wife accuses his ex of self-inseminating with a used condom

I awoke this morning to several direct messages asking if this was possible. The story is that Morgan Beck, (who I now know is Bode Miller’s wife), accused his ex, Sara McKenna, of  fishing a used condom out of the trash and inseminating herself. In Beck’s words: “Girls do crazy things for money . . . including taking […]

How does the Skyla IUD compare to the Mirena?

There is a new IUD on the market called Skyla. It is made by Bayer, the same manufacturers who brought us the Mirena. Like the Mirena it contains the hormone levonorgestrel, although there are a few differences. The main difference the company is touting is the smaller size. Clearly, they manufacturers are targeting nulliparous women […]

IUD mythbusting: no increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease

This week is LARC Awareness Week, which is devoted to raising the awareness about the safety and efficacy of long acting reversible contraception. LARC includes IUDs and the etonogestrel implant marketed under the name Implanon in the United States. Why promote LARC? Well… LARC is underused in the United States versus other countries The United […]

Is my birth control safe for me? There’s an app for that

In 2010 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) overhauled their safety recommendations for the all the various methods of birth control, both prescription and non prescription. It’s a great document because there are a variety of recommendations depending on the medical condition, the age of the patient, and other variables. For example, with […]

Is NuvaRing as deadly as malpractice lawyers claim?

Google NuvaRing (a contraceptive vaginal ring changed monthly) and the top of the page will almost certainly have one (or more) advertisements from malpractice attorneys looking to sue the manufacturer and probably the doctor who prescribed it. While the links in this shaded area are advertisements and don’t necessarily reflect, ahem, high-quality medical information, there […]

What happens when there is no abortion law…

There is no abortion law in Canada. It is neither legal nor illegal, it is simply a medical procedure and covered by universal health care. Universally, abortions performed at hospitals are free. Whether abortions at free-standing clinics are covered varies by province/territory. Some provinces and territories with limited providers pay travel costs when women have […]

Pre-abortion ultrasound: the medical evidence and why it’s important

The growing momentum among state legislators to enact ultrasound “requirements” for abortion is an interesting tactic. Currently 20 states regulate the provision of ultrasound by abortion providers. The point appears to be twofold: raise the cost of the procedure to reduce the number of women who can afford an abortion require/offer/describe a view of the […]

What is the best method of birth control?

Now that co-payments are (hopefully) falling by the wayside for birth control, it’s time to think less about cost and more about failure rates, because not all methods of birth control are equal. There are many factors to consider when choosing a method of birth control. Some people dislike the idea of hormones while others […]

Some birth control pills have a higher risk of blood clots. Is yours one of them?

Most birth control pills contain 2 hormones: estrogen and progestin (a synthetic form of the hormone progesterone). These hormones prevent ovulation thereby providing highly effective birth control. However, the estrogen in the pill increases the risk of blood clots. Blood clots (venous thrombosis) can cause painful leg swelling and sometime, a clot can travel to […]