Thoughts on winning my own personal hunger games

Last week I had what can only be described as the cold virus from hell. Headache, fever, body aches, and congestion so bad that my eyes were leaking. I also lost 6 lbs. Now you might think that all of those are pretty typical symptoms for a Hades bred adenovirus; however, I have never, ever […]

My name is Dr. Jen Gunter and I have kidney disease

Today is world kidney day. We hear a lot of about cancer and heart disease in the press, but kidney disease doesn’t seem to trigger much thought, unless it is an article about transplantation (especially when it involves the kindness of a virtual stranger giving up a kidney so that another person can lead a […]

Thoughts on #occupyhealthcare: it’s also about personal responsibility

There is a hashtag floating around twitter: #occupyhealthcare I get it. There are huge issues with the system. We have compensation issues (for example: back surgeries, largely ineffective for chronic back pain are easily and handsomely reimbursed, while the same insurance plan does not cover physical therapy, you know, the less expensive less invasive therapy […]

The hCG diet: snake oil or a secret for successful slimming?

What’s old is new again. In the 1950’s Dr. Albert Simeons published the hCG diet: 500 calories a day combined with injections of human chorionic gonadotrophin or hCG (the hormone secreted by the placenta during pregnancy). The hCG shots supposedly curbed hunger as well as helped shed fat in those oh so hard spots (stomach, […]