Abortion, health care, HPV, chronic pain: what I’ve learned from my most popular posts of 2012

I published 97 posts in 2012 and during the year my blog was viewed approximately 970,000 times.  I’m humbled that anyone took the time to read anything that I wrote. Some posts were read by a couple of hundred people and some posts by a couple of hundred thousand. I don’t think the writing on […]

Contraception, medical care, and the cult of the individual

When I was the director of undergraduate medical education for OB/GYN at a Midwestern university (a state school), it came to my attention that a medical student was refusing to have anything to do with contraception as it was against her religion. So I spoke with her. I explained that over the course of her […]

20% of kids in grade 9 have had oral sex or why your pre-teen should be vaccinated against HPV

Initiating the vaccine series for the human papilloma virus (HPV) by age 11 or 12 is recommended, although many parents balk at a vaccine to prevent a sexually transmitted virus at this tenderly perceived age because, “12 year olds shouldn’t be having sex” or better yet, “My 12-year-old won’t be having sex.” (Just to recap, HPV […]

Are you at risk for condom breakage?

Condom breakage is far more common than people think. In several studies of college aged men 29-32% report at least one episode of condom breakage within the past three months. For men who reported condom breakage, this happened 15-27% of the time. Basically condoms are failing for a lot of guys (and their partners) way […]

The top 10 mistakes men make with condoms

Studies of condom use offer great insight into why we continue to have a high rate of unplanned pregnancies in this country as well as continued problems with sexually transmitted diseases. In “perfect use” situations the failure rate of condoms is about 3%, however, perfect use is sadly not the norm. With that in mind, […]

How common is HPV in the mouth and can you get it by kissing?

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is the virus that causes most cervical, vaginal, and anal cancers. It also causes cancer of the vulva, and penis. More recently, HPV has been identified as an increasing cause of head and neck cancers, especially for men. From 1984 to 2004 the percentage of head and neck cancers related to […]

The mainstream media perpetuates HPV vaccine mythology

If there’s a whiff of a story about vaccine safety or controversy, expect the major media outlets to be on it like buzzards on carrion. Michele Bachmann spouts anti-vaccine crap and it’s a headline. Everywhere. Rick Perry back peddles over his HPV vaccine policy in Texas and it’s discussed for days. The war cry of […]

HPV vaccine does not increase risky sexual behavior (new study)

The human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine is mired in controversy, or at least it is in the United States where there is a fearful undercurrent about sex and sexuality. (HPV is the virus that causes genital warts and cervical, vaginal, anal, and many head and neck cancers). When the HPV vaccine became available the religious right […]

How many sex partners do people really have?

What do you think is high number of sexual partners? Two? Eight? Not being able to count on your fingers and toes? We talk a lot about the number of sex partners in the world of STDs, because sexually transmitted infections are a numbers game. The more partners you have, the more potential exposures. And […]

Getting the HPV shot without parental consent in California. What’s the big deal?

There were apparently some ruffled feathers yesterday when Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB499 into law. As of January 2012, children ages 12 and older will be able to get the HPV vaccine without parental consent. The social conservatives think that the vaccine is a license for wanton pre-teen sex and the anti-vaxxers are worried our […]