I’m a doctor these are the things I find concerning with Trump’s medical letter

Donald Trump is talking about Hillary Clinton’s health as are two doctors who have never evaluated Clinton. They have apparently diagnosed her with all kinds of ailments using the long disproven Fox-Drudge equation. This attention on Clinton has renewed some interest in the letter Donald Trump released last year from his personal physician. Many outlets have picked […]

Savita Halappanavar’s inquest: the three questions that must be answered

Savita Halappanavar was admitted at on a Sunday to Galway hospital at 17 weeks into her pregnancy with ruptured membranes, a dilated cervix, and an elevated white blood cell count (a marker of infection). It is clear that her diagnosis was chorioamnionitis, an infection of the fetal membranes. When left untreated the bacteria of chorioamnionitis march […]

The General Medical Council muzzles British doctors who want to post anonymously

The General Medical Council in Britain released new guidelines on social media for medicine. Essentially, if you are a doctor in the United Kingdom Big Brother the GMC does not believe that you should be able to tweet/blog/post anonymously if you self-identify as a physician. The exact wording is as follows: If you identify yourself […]

Contraception, medical care, and the cult of the individual

When I was the director of undergraduate medical education for OB/GYN at a Midwestern university (a state school), it came to my attention that a medical student was refusing to have anything to do with contraception as it was against her religion. So I spoke with her. I explained that over the course of her […]

9 states have legalized malpractice against women. Arizona hopes to be the 10th.

Prenatal testing during pregnancy is offered with the goal of identifying medical conditions that affect a fetus. Some of these medical conditions can be treated, other times knowing about the diagnosis in advance will affect how or even when the delivery occurs, and sometimes a condition is identified that leads a woman to choose an […]