Imagine if I told you something about health and a lot of experts who knew more than I did pointed out I was wrong. They even provided sources.

Imagine then instead of being embarrassed that I had passed false information on to women I doubled down and called my detractors desperate for attention and accused them of not wanting to empower women in their health choices.

Now imagine I went back and retroactively labelled those posts as entertainment or just an interesting idea? Ha ha, my bad!

What would you call me?

A hypocrite.

If I were selling product based on those posts and the attention they garnered in the press you would probably call me a grifter and maybe even a fucking hypocrite.

You’d be right and that is exactly what GOOP is doing.

GOOP is retroactively labelling “wellness” posts so women can figure out what was pure bullshit, what was just the hypothesis of a naturopath, and what might actually be factual. I haven’t come up with one that is labelled as factual yet.

According to Racked, the categories are as follows (GOOP’s words, not mine):

For Your Enjoyment: There probably aren’t going to be peer-reviewed studies about this concept, but it’s fun, and there’s real merit in that.

Ancient Modality: This practice is nearly as old as time — many find value in it, even if modern-day research hasn’t caught up yet (it’s possible the practice will never attract its attention).

Speculative but Promising: There’s momentum behind this concept, though it needs more research to elucidate exactly what’s at work.

Supported by Science: There’s sound science for the value of this concept and the promise of more evidence to come soon that may prove its impact.

Rigorously Tested: The validity of this concept is pretty much undisputed within the world of M.D.’s, D.O.’s, N.D.’s, and Ph.D.’s.

So many of GOOP’s wellness posts were just for fun. Like a joke.

Did they not realize they were jokes when I and many others pointed out the factual errors, potential for harm, and utter bullshit or are they just figuring it out now?

Inquiring minds want to know?

Let’s look at some of the GOOP posts that I called out as fucking bullshit and see how they now rate on the GOOP truth-o-meter.

The Medical Medium’s post on the origins of thyroid cancer. I said it was horrific advice, which it is. I quoted a board certified medical expert. If instead you followed the advice on GOOP and got unnecessary testing for Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and insisted on therapy for that, well, the joke is on you! Did you believed the false theories that 95% of thyroid disease is due to EBV and the rest from radiation? So sad!

Telling people lies about the origins of a cancer is just for fun, I mean there is totally merit in that.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 12.25.12 PM

How about the GOOP post on iodine and the thyroid? Again second-hand advice from a ghost.

I said almost everything about the post is “wrong and potentially dangerous.” I interviewed a board certified endocrinologist.

Hope you didn’t argue with your doctor about needing additional iodine, waste money more on testing, and I hope you didn’t take iodine to kill off non-existent bacteria and viruses that were not harming your thyroid because the post was just for fun!

There is totally merit in that, right?

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 12.26.26 PM.png

How about the jade egg? GOOP said I was “strangely confident” for pointing out A) the jade eggthusiast didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about regarding the pelvic floor muscles and B) a porous rock could introduce oxygen into the vagina which has been proven to be a critical step in development of toxic shock syndrome.

What is science when you have an “ancient therapy?” I’d also like to point of that GOOP has never actually offered proof jade eggs are an ancient therapy, but facts are irrelevant.  Maybe there will be a rating scale for ancient therapies next year?

Regardless, being “ancient” doesn’t mean it has value. In “ancient” times people believed in evil humors and that tuberculosis was caused by vampires. I like my therapies post-germ theory.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 12.26.49 PM.png

What about the GOOP post on goat’s milk for parasites?

I called it stupid and dangerous (which it is), but GOOP believes that goat’s milk for non-existent parasites that can only be found by a naturopath (a woman who also believes that syphilis is a parasite) is “speculative, but promising.”

It’s only promising for stupidity, bloat, food borne illness and for wasting money on non indicated testing.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 12.28.04 PM

By GOOP’s metric any untested, bullshit hypothesis is promising.

That’s not how it works. That is not how any of this works.

To Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP I say you should be ashamed of yourselves. You so proudly touted your site JUST LAST YEAR as being so empowering and intuitive that women could clearly take away the right information for their health and yet here you are having to go back and point out for these same women that most of these posts have no science and many were just a joke.

Do you think women are lemmings? Because it is totally looking more and more like you have been herding them to a ledge for money, like Disney executives. You do know that lemmings didn’t end up jumping over the cliff on purpose, they were pushed?

You used your massive international platform to push fake therapies and make-believe on women under the guise of “conversations,” not to empower but to sell products and books. When I pointed out that these ideas and therapies were at best useless and fringe, but potentially very harmful you leveraged that same international platform to accuse me of medical myopia and not trusting women. You accused me of ridiculing women.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 12.51.55 PM

No I haven’t forgotten and yes I’m pissed.

Ethical people don’t write fairy tales and pass them off as medical advice, which is what the Medical fucking Medium does. And you, Gwyneth Paltrow, HELPED HIM SELL BOOKS. Now it was just all in fun? You mean apricots can’t tell time?

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 2.04.11 PM

Color me shocked.

Pointing out that many of the health ideas and products on GOOP are bespoke bullshit doesn’t make me a critic it makes me correct. The fact that GOOP is retroactively trying to cover their asses in an effort to seem more respectable is the ultimate in medical gaslighting. It is clear that it has been GOOP and Paltrow who have been ridiculing women while they have been laughing all the way to the bank.

Perhaps ultra fringe isn’t selling quite as well? Maybe the investors are worried about lawsuits from women who overdose on iodine or get a food born illness from raw milk? Maybe the new money realizes the truth, that the Venn diagram of entertainment and health care looks like this:

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 12.30.54 PM.png

As far as I can tell with the GOOP rating system “enjoyment” means second-hand information from a ghost; “ancient” is code for biologically implausible, but sells well; and “speculative, but promising” is the fringe hypothesis of a naturopath or “Integrative” doctor. I am pretty sure we won’t see too many “backed by science” posts because there aren’t many complementary products to sell alongside in the GOOP shoppe.

I wished I’d asked “the experts” at In GOOP Health if bringing yourself back from being dead by love from your dead brain was a “backed by science” thing or just “speculative, but promising?” Medicine is kind of fun when words don’t mean anything!

I wonder what rating the GOOP post on the link between bras and breast cancer will get? Will it be “promising” despite the lack of science and the studies that clearly show otherwise or just for fun?

Because scaring women about breast cancer? Well, there is real merit in that.

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  1. If the FDA wasn’t a figment of our imaginations, I’d love for them to find a way to raid GOOP’s offices and warehouses and mark everything that’s useless, harmful, deadly with red pens and spray paint. There’s gotta be some law against snake-oil, but I suppose with the scores of sites, magazines and TV shows peddling trends instead of reasoned, tested medical advice…sheesh.

    1. Glad I’m not alone! Though my first thought was sex toys should be part of the overlap. Which may be slightly odd of me, as I’m asexual, but what the hey. 😉

  2. Dr Gunter , Great piece as usual.

    Medical Medium is tied to the full harm of Hay House publishing that gushed mass amounts of wrong medical info that not one of their so called mediums or spiritually gifted people call out while they feed to the harm . The weave of harm at Hay House that is propped up by Chopra & Oprah is deadly ..

    Medical Medium took part in Hay House summits where people were pushed to rape & molestation apologist Esther Hicks who tells people all of medicine is just a dog & pony show. where one thing works just like another with it all running on intent..

    Kelly Brogan tied to Hay House & pushed by & pushed to Hay House Dr. Northrup.. Hay House Doreen Virtue was putting out wrong suicide info, anti vaccine statements & so they publish her book telling people how to treat Chronic & Acute pain with angel techniques that they promise will work & then they push their fans to buy her used clothing to support her not registered illegally soliciting donation from the public for rescue ranch that scammed people for about yr before it closed up with no accountability because she was never a legal charity .

    It can seem like scam upon scam out of Hay House’s spiritual authors . It seems new age women & the value of their labor does not matter to these people. Most of those scammed are women & gay men.They take them for their trust ,money & health.They esp take advantage of the mentally fragile & the sickly .Buy their latest diviation deck run your life by it .. Imagine if Trump ran the country by Hay House oracle deck flip? But women’s & gay people’s choices & lives are not actually important , they are just entertainment ?

    Joe Mercola MD was signed to Hay House with how many provable disturbing thing he has put out as MD that could have been easily found by Reid Tracy if only Hay House ownership cared about screening out those who promote what is dangerous wrong. Hay House Teal Swan had vids up telling new age consumers all vaccines don’t work, suicide is just a reset button & that death feels wonderful while every Hay House fed to where she was plugged as an expert.

    Mediums John Edward, John Holland ,Colette Baron Reid, James Van Praagh ,Dougall Fraser all feed to & take part in Hay House summits never calling the wrong medical info out by the other authors because lives just don’t matter compared to Hay House royalty checks. Then they get pushed by Fox TV, Oprah or The Doctors, or Dr Phil & they never get asked about the lies they support at the cost of human life & others futures.

    The weave of harm. It’s not entertainment .
    Imagine if Trump’s daughter Ivanka was running a company pushing the harm & lies Hay House does.

    1. Hay House? As in Louise Hay? I had someone in a Sjögren’s group recommend her yesterday. I politely pointed out that she caused a huge amount of harm to people with AIDS and was a very nasty quack, and have been nervously waiting for the reply. There doesn’t seem to be too much woo in the Sjögren’s community, apart from the people pushing wildly restrictive diets, but there are always a few around.

  3. Preach. Your anger is righteous and your advocacy is powerful. Thank you for continuing to call bullshit.

  4. Brava! Brava, Dr. Gunter. Please keep on keeping on! Women need doctors like yourself to call out the woo merchants and quacks. Thank you.

  5. Fabulous! Just fabulous! You called out these quacks, these snake oil salespeople, these dangerous, feckless, money motivated charlatans.

  6. My husband now asks phone scammers if their mothers know that they are committing crimes and proud that their child is a con artist. They hang up fairly quickly. Paltrow is a con artist and she should be asked if her mother is proud that she is one. There should be legal proceedings against this company. Have you looked at their disclaimer if they have one? Do they cover their arses legally speaking? Re-labling posts will not help as forensics can find out changed or deleted info.

  7. I get the strong impression words like “lawsuit” and “legally liable” and so on may well have been floating around the GOOP executive suite. The only thing which is astonishing about all of this is it took so long to happen – I’ve no doubt we’ll see the “quack miranda” warning showing up in some corner of the GOOP website as well (if it wasn’t already there). You know, the one which says “oh, by the way, if you choose to follow medical advice given by a dodgy practitioner on an internet webshite which exists to sell product, without ever consulting an actual doctor, anything which happens to you is Your Own Fault and Not Our Problem, because we can’t stop you from being stupid”. Or words to that effect.

  8. You and every other doctor who fights against this pseudoscience garbage is my hero. Magical thinking is becoming too prevalent and needs to be tamped back down into the fringe where it belongs.

  9. Good on you for pushing back. There is a lot of dangerous nonsense out there.

    Loved Gwyneth in Sliding Doors, but can’t say I have any interest at all in her more recent work.

  10. Great work doc! Your hard work, persistence, and fidelity to evidence based medicine has forced the GIC (GOOP Industrial Complex) to change the tone of their messaging. This will result in tangible benefits in the form of reduced morbidity and maybe even a life or two saved. GP can gag on an apricot pit if she thinks you are condescending to women. The most consistent element of your narrative is a respect for each and every woman’s ability to make rational decisions once accurate data are accessible.
    Again, kudos for your accomplishment. You should be proud. My biggest recent accomplishment was convincing my local Amish community to start scheduling appointments with me instead of walking in for all of their medical care.

    W. Greg Stueve, MD

  11. Dr. Jen, Thank you for calling out the ridiculous claims by this huckster. First of all, there must be a market of vulnerable, ignorant women who buy this insanity or it would have ceased publication. We, as a powerful group of literate people must support and insist on rigorous SCIENCE EDUCATION. In my past career as a science educator, I taught a 2-3 week lesson on detecting pseudo-science and false claims in advertising. Looking for reputable sources was step one. Reputable sources was a bear to get across, since the internet is full of disreputable information. There is usually a celebrity or 2 to rave about the “magical” and “spiritual” goodness of the product. There is no mention of a study, or reputable scientist or university doing a large, blind study of the alleged miracle product, just claims by healthy looking, beautiful people. These are aimed at teens and insecure young women who have been body shamed or just want to be loved and magazine beautiful. It should be a crime, but it’s “buyer beware”, be smart, be informed. Free speech comes with lots of responsibility on the part of the consumer. We have to spread the word.
    I have a thyroid disorder and am appalled that GOOP did a great disservice to women( most are womwn who suffer from thyroid disease) by publishing misleading information. Many have it, but are untreated due to the symtoms; fatigue, constipation, dry eyes, are some, but everyone manifests to a different degree and vary in their symptoms. It’s a simple blood test, usually done during an annual physical. I had Hypothroidism for a few years before detected, but was treated for post menopausal depression with estrogen, then SSRs, even though I wasn’t depressed just “worn out”. Terrible to mislead the vulnerable public,especially young women who idolize movie stars, plus she’s a mom and was married to a rock star. The dream of teens, so she must be doing everything right because her life is enviable.To exploit fans ignorance and expand that into enriching your bank account using psuedo-science is wicked.
    She is wickedly stupid and exploitive. Shame on her. If she truly believes what she’s peddling, that’s really pathetic because she’s a quack, ignorant and all the above. None of what she’s promoting is good, but pathetic. She has a skill, one skill and that is as a film actress, so she should stick with what she knows, period. Stop playing healer.
    Her mother should have taught her to think and be widen her scope. I will never watch a movie she is in even if all the rest of the cast are A rated stars due to her campaign of promoting psuedo-science and being enriched due to her false claims and exploiting her fans. Shame on her! She should enroll in an 8th grade science class soon.

  12. So, enough of the lies, seriously. If I wanted jokes and creative banter, it would be on a more famous site. Not all who read goop ate educated enough to tell a joke for a fact. Kind of like intellectual bullying. Shame on Gwyn and Goop. Just proves she’s the joke and a well if misinformation, known as lies. Shame

  13. Hi, I am writing from Toronto Canada. I really enjoy your writing. You make me laugh and very angry at the same time.

    I seem to be reading that you are not a fan of Anthony William – Medical Medium.

    I was thinking about purchasing one of his books. I am 64 and suffering from some nasty arthritis pretty much everywhere.

    I know this isn’t your specialty but I don’t want to waste time and money investing in someone you feel is a quack. I do value your opinion.

    Please advise and thanks, Lesslie


    1. He gets his medical information from communicating with a ghost. Would you a non pilot fly your plane who was taught by a ghost? His posts on GOOP show no understanding of hormones, cancer or biology.

  14. Thank you for helping me hone my bullshit detector. Explaining these things so clearly helps me spot the more subtle bs too

  15. At least the Disney shit has entertainment value for the cash exchange…GOOP is pure, unadultrated bullshit. My son is 14 & his older sister got Finding Nemo as a “big sister present”, which we watched over and over and over whilst I was breastfeeding. I quoted it extensively this past week.

  16. Well damn, here I was fastidiously eating four apricots a day AFTER 3pm only to find out it was for my own enjoyment and not to access their bioactive unicorn glitter essence that will cure all my woes … er, I mean legit scientific medical reasons. Ha!

    Thanks for your writing – it makes me laugh and cry at the same time, which at seven months pregnant with SPD is mightily uncomfortable (but also hilarious). I’m just imagining my physio’s face when I tell her that instead of doing the boring and “backed by science” pelvic floor exercises she has me doing three times a day, I’m going to stick a jade egg up there and do some steam with homeopathic drops that match the exact vibrational frequency of a strong pelvic floor instead because, you know, ‘ancient modalities’ and ‘traditional practices’.

    I always thought Goop was kinda harmless when it was breezy travel and packing guides, recipes and style tips for the thin and rich. However their rise (or specifically, GP’s rise) as ‘wellness gurus’ is deeply disconcerting. Commercialism disguised as self-love and wellness is such unadulterated bullshit and it seems that Goop is verging into cynical territory – acknowledging their baseless ‘medical’ claims (Dr Gundry’s advice to not eat tomatoes or cashews anyone?!) whilst seeming to never miss a beat when it comes to promoting the idea of women’s right to ‘medical autonomy’ – aka, spending a lot of money on Goop sh*t. Thank you for so eruditely pointing out the false claims and fact that Goop is, above all, about making money more than it is about accurate and honest conversations about medicine and health.

  17. “Ancient Modality: This practice is nearly as old as time”

    Apparently, there were jade eggs to put in your vagina before vaginas got around to evolving.

    1. The NYTIMES magazine feature this Sunday, 07/29/18 is GOOP and the front cover has Paltrow’s face front and center. The article is about the GOOP business and Paltrow’s role, business model and pros and cons. This is something I’m going to read first, before the front page of the paper. I admit that I subscribe to the Sunday “pulp” paper edition, but only on Sunday when I take a device break, not an information break, just electronic. The online edition may have the full story of the magazine portion and if it does, please read it if you subscribe to Dr. Jen’s site. Being informed is so important. Knowing all sides is essential. Read, enjoy, scoff, laugh and remember that we have free speech. Rebecca M., CA.

      On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 3:23 AM, Dr. Jen Gunter wrote:

      > dr padma Priya commented: “Nice Post. Thanks for sharing with us. please > let me know the best place for Gynecology, Obstetrics, fertility services > and menopause in India.” >

  18. Quick translation of the Austrian article;

    The author talks about Paltrows bizarre products, including a vampire repellant made out of precious stones and essential oils.

    She/he then describes beestingtherapy, which killed a Spanish woman in March 2018. Then goes on that you wrote numerous critical blog entries that the jade egg not only has no therapeutic value, but is dangerous due to bacterial overgrowth.

  19. Great work, Jen.
    The world needs more medical practitioners like you, and perhaps less like Dr Sherry….who has obviously sold-out.
    GP is leveraging her fame as someone with nice cheekbones, who can recite lines written for her, to make what appears to be serious coin, without any conscience of the consequences of the advice presented.
    It’s the way of the world.
    Naive, gullible punters will almost always prefer to hear (any) advice from the pretty actor, instead of an experienced professional.
    Take the Kardashians, for example….

    Anyway, keep up the fight, Jen.
    FWIW, I only came across your blog via an article in the Australian press rabout GOOP.
    Melbourne, Australia

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