Dear Alabama Voter,

I am an OB/GYN who trained to do abortions almost as late as they can go. For several years I practiced in a state with no gestational age limit, meaning I could technically have done “due date” abortions. While I don’t do abortions anymore I think it is fair to say that I know more about this subject than Roy Moore and Doug Jones and pretty much everyone else except perhaps three or four other people in the United States.

You may be surprised to know that I would like fewer abortions. Not because I think abortion is morally wrong, but because prevention is the best medical care. I suppose you and I are like two people who want pie, just for different reasons. I have too many apples and so instead of throwing them away I decide to make an apple pie because I like making pies. You love to eat apple pie, but have no apples. Same goal, different reasons. I really see our views on abortion that same way. We are allies not enemies.

I want to tell you about these “due date” or “ninth month” abortions you may have been hearing about. From what I’ve read online I’m not sure Roy Moore and his campaign are telling you the truth. The way they talk about abortion you’d think women are showing up in droves for abortions in their ninth month because they are bored or because OB/GYNs are standing on street corners luring pregnant women away from delivery rooms and into abortion suites. That is most definitely not happening!

Only 1.3% of abortions happen at or after 21 weeks (due date is 37 weeks and beyond), so abortions that happen later in pregnancy are the exception not the rule. We know that 80% of this 1.3% are for birth defects (so wanted pregnancies) and the rest are health of the mother (again, a wanted pregnancy), rape, and a very few might be for none of these reasons. Most of these abortions happen before 24 weeks.


Abortions that happen after 24 weeks are almost all due to birth defects.

These are expensive procedures and while health insurance sometimes pays for birth defects, health of the mother, and rape they don’t pay any other reason. If you don’t have insurance an abortion is $2,000-$2,500 at 20-22 weeks. Most people just don’t have that kind of money. After 24 weeks the price jumps a lot. At 32 weeks an abortion costs about $25,000. Women who are getting these later procedures are usually paying up front because the providers often don’t accept insurance. These women are desperate to do the right thing health wise and then hope maybe their insurance will pay something afterwards. The cost alone should tell you these procedures are rare indeed. The amount these women pay is also evidence of their desperation and the thought they have put into their decision.

You might wonder why these abortions happen after 24 weeks, why couldn’t they happen earlier? Well, sometimes it takes a while to get the lab tests back. Sometimes an MRI is needed and then another one a few weeks later or perhaps there is travel to meet with a team of specialists.

Why not just go through with the pregnancy?

Some women just can’t bear continuing. Imagine everyone touching your belly asking if you are having a boy or a girl and you know your baby has no brain? I have heard that story. It breaks people.

Sometimes the plan was to let nature take its course, but the pregnant woman falls ill and needs to be delivered prematurely for her health. Sometimes we induce her labor (technically an abortion, but I know people don’t think of it that way) and give comfort care for her baby after birth. Sometimes we do what you might know as a surgical abortion. The surgical abortion is always faster and may be safer depending on a variety of factors. Sometimes pregnant women get very ill very quickly.

Other times the plan is to deliver whenever it happens and as the due date approaches the pregnancy is laying horizontally (we call that a transverse lie). When the pregnancy isn’t head down or feet down it can’t come out the vagina with labor. The options are a C-section or a surgical abortion. Some women don’t want a C-section in this situation for baby who can’t live. I think you can understand that.

I know these things because for several years these women called me. They poured their very sad stories about their wanted pregnancies that had taken a devastating turn to me, a complete stranger, over the phone. I am not one to judge what another woman can bear.

Imagine getting the worst news of your life. Years of choices have been taken away in an instant. You don’t get to choose onesies or brands of diapers or clothes for the first day of school or the best pose for the school photo. When a woman has a pregnancy that has gone horribly wrong it is like being in an airplane that is going to crash in the worst way. Whether you have an abortion or go to term and have a delivery is like deciding do you crash in water or on land. Who am I to say which is the better landing? Who is Roy Moore to lie about that?

No matter what Roy Moore or his surrogates say there are no women coming into hospitals getting “ninth month” abortions for no reason or for fun. Doug Jones is not advocating for more abortions or pleasure abortions. The cost alone should tell you that idea is ridiculous.

I know from science and from what I have seen with my own eyes that banning abortion doesn’t work. When abortion is illegal women resort to devastating things like sticks, and coat hangers, and bleach, and horrible men and women in dirty rooms with filthy instruments. You may have had a grandmother or a great-aunt or even an aunt who felt that was her only option.

About 85% of abortions in the United States are what we call elective, meaning they are not for birth defects, health of the mother, or rape. The best way to prevent these abortions is free access to long-acting reversible contraception (IUDs, implants, and the depo provera shot). Studies tell us this works very well! Go science!

Another way to reduce abortion is high quality, accessible and affordable health care. When women take prenatal vitamins before they get pregnant they’re less likely to have a baby with a birth defect. When women space their pregnancies by at least a year the pregnancy is less likely to have a complication. When women get prenatal care their diabetes and high blood pressure and other health conditions get managed and so they are more likely to have healthy pregnancies. Healthy pregnancies = fewer abortions.

Very few pregnant women get abortions after 24 weeks and almost all of them are for birth defects. These are women trying to make the best medical decisions for themselves and for their families. I have counseled these women. They may be heartbroken, but they are so very thoughtful and they are brave. For Roy Moore to imply otherwise disrespects these women. It is also cruel and is, quite frankly, a lie.

Jen Gunter MD, FRCS(C), FACOG, DABPM, ABPMR (pain)

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  1. I’ve read Dr. Gunter’s tweets and articles for a few years now and I respect her honesty, compassion and scientific approach to the topics on which she writes. I can sadly say that most pro-lifers will never accept any of her facts as anything but bullsh!t and do not care about women’s rights. If it were us men that had to carry the baby to term, there would be no question about the absolute right to abortion. Just my humble opinion.
    Thank you, Dr. Gunter

  2. Abortion is one of those things I feel very strongly about, that it should remain legal. People who use the argument that all these women are just waking up in their 9th month of pregnancy and deciding, “Oh, TODAY’s the day I’ll get an abortion,” they don’t even realize how stupid they sound.

  3. Thank you, Doctor Gunter. Sharing with all my anti-choice family who think millions “choose” to have an abortion at 30+ weeks.

  4. That special word for most pre- teen and teen is learn except learning about ( birth control)Why is the teaching of how to prevent a baby the best way to prevent abortions?

  5. In another context, I might have had a “nine month abortion”: My pregnancy ended with an obstructed labor. In the absence of c-section, the only way to save the mother is to dismember the baby and bring it out in pieces because it is simply not going to ever be born and it’s either save the mother this way or watch both die. Obstructed labor is unpleasant, by the way. Fortunately for me and baby both, an abortion providing OB was nearby and got me to c-section in time for us to both live through. If the “pro-life” movement had their way, he’d have been in prison and I’d be dead. It’s not about “saving babies” and it never has been.

  6. Great article. Unfortunately the right to lifers here in Alabáma will not agree as they are completely closed minded on this issue. It is unbelievable and frustrating to live here and deal with hearing about baby killers all the time. I want to post this article if I can figure out how to share it.

  7. Very informative. Thank you for the difficult work you have done, and for this clear, sensitive explanation of the medical procedures and the issues women face when they must have a late-term abortion.

  8. Thank you for your intelligent, unemotional, highly rational missive. I hope it is read, and hope even more it is understood and changes some opinions.

  9. Wonder how many women will die from an ectopic pregnancy if this nonsense continues. And how many brain dead people will be kept breathing on machines?

      1. Not even, really. They are willing, for example, to sacrifice a viable twin to avoid the abortion of a doomed twin. Their entire rationale is to cause the most suffering possible. There is no other explanation for their behavior.

    1. Hearing that Trump has again brought out this monstrous lie, I decided to try to research “abortion at 9 months”.

      I already knew that there was no such thing, but wanted factual, medical information. (Obviously, I am not a Trump supporter.) I was so glad I found your two outstanding articles.

      I have known women who have experienced both the heartbreak of delivering a full term dead baby, a baby with it’s brain outside it’s body and a woman who terminated early due to catastrophic birth defects. All three are devastating, but only the last has to risk the wrath and condemnation of ignorant people.

      I absolutely condemn souless politicians and fake religious leaders who peddle lies to intimidate and shame women facing a heart breaking decision.

      I am going to share your articles to help spread the word. These people who think it is admirable to “lie for the Lord” need to be confronted.

  10. Thank you. We have a shirttail relative who believes (because he heard it on the news) that the government gives “females” (imagine that with all the superior intonation you can) abortions up to 9 months for any reason.and some do it for spite! Logic and facts are simply fake news.

  11. Unfortunately Jen , this all goes back to when Donny said – ” If the lie sounds good , use it ” .

  12. Very well said! As an Ob-Gyn who also has to counsel women with pregnancies with lethal anomalies, I too can attest to the devastation this causes these women and families. Thank you for speaking out and writing such a great message.

  13. I don’t wish it on anyone but when his family member is forced to keep a baby in her uterus that is only alive because the mother is supplying what the baby can’t do on it’s own and months of dreading watching it smother when born. In Texas they have even banned potassium injection that gurantees a peaceful death in utero prior to the induction. They are fine with it for the death penalty but I guess it’s too nice to ease a baby/mothers suffering, no they should suffer.
    Also, I work in an in fertility clinic and if the hypocrites want to fight anything, the amount of fertilized egg wastage must be more that AB’s. Whine there if you must

    1. A suggestion has been made that if abortions are illegal because it’s murder than male masturbation should be too.

      1. That’s not parallel, though. Then a woman’s menstrual cycle would be murder.

        The point is the fertilization. Neither masturbation nor ovulation involve a fertilized egg.

        (Catholics oppose barrier birth controls because it’s “interfering with God’s will,” not because it’s murder.)

    2. Granted it’s been a couple years since my FET, so you’d know better, but both the FET and my earlier IVF round were both cheaper than those 24 week abortions. Including medicine. (We have 2 healthy bairns; hooray science!)

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