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  1. Your confusion seems misplaced to me. This is simply the way legislation is written. Everything you refer to is part of the judiciary process in which the interpretation of the legislation is decided. The principles of law are written in our legislation, the specific conditions associated with them are hashed out by lawyers, judges, and industry professionals in a court of law. To expect otherwise would be to place the onus to be of absolute authority on literally everything at the feet of our legislators. Simply put, if you believe that you could prove out the principle (in this case that the mothers life was in danger) in a court of law, go ahead with the procedure.

  2. Dr. Gunter,

    Thank you for taking the time for action in support of your patients. The video message is a particularly effective format. Please provide updates on any responses you get from Franks.

    When were you at University of Kansas? I was a medical student there from 1991 to 1995.

    William Stueve, MD
    Lawrence, Kansas

  3. Thanks Dr. Gunter…you’re the best! And I didn’t hear you say “sorry” once….are you really Canadian (I am)!

    1. That’s nice, but she needs a 24-hour number. The situations to which Dr Gunter is referring require immediate attention.

  4. Brilliant! If only these damn politicians would think it through to its ultimate (logical) conclusion, they might get a clue. Oh gosh, I hope this video goes viral!!!

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