Lots of people love glitter and while cosmetic grade glitter seems safe enough for a variety of makeup applications some enterprising person who goes by Madam.Butterflie on Instagram is packaging it up as vaginal “Passion Dust”.

Because it is 2017 and this is where we are.

Why would a woman want to do this you ask? Well to make herself “magically delicious” of course. I guess the name Lucky Charms was taken?

What is in this gyno glitter? Who knows as there is no ingredient list, but it looks like unicorn ejaculate. Apparently it tastes like candy.

Given all the pussyfooting around the ingredients it is hard to offer specific advice (beyond don’t use it), but I will do my best because I know you all want to know. The glitter could be cosmetic grade glitter (tiny pieces of plastic) suspended in some unknown goo of unknown osmolality. It also could be “edible glitter,” which is sugar.

This is what the minds behind Passion Dust have to say:

What does a GYN think about the safety?

Could the plastic be a nidus for bacteria? Sure. I’ve seen a nasty inflammatory vaginal discharge from sand so this could be a similar set up.

Might the little flakes of plastic produce vaginal wall granulomas ? (A granuloma is walled off inflammatory mass produced by tissue in response to a foreign body). They could.

If it isn’t plastic and it’s sugar, well, depositing sugar in the vagina lets the bad bacteria go wild. Studies looking at treating bacterial vaginosis with vaginally administered probiotics were halted because the glucose keeping the probiotics alive made the bad bacteria go wild.

Could the vehicle be an irritant and cause a vaginal contact dermatitis? Yes and ouch. Think vaginal sunburn!

Is it possible the goo might damage the good vaginal bacteria leading to infections as well as in increased risk of STIs? You bet. Given how tacky it looks it is unlikely an intimate lubricant (or a safe one anyway).

What impact will this have on vaginal pH? Unknown.

Surely no one is buying this you say as you cross your legs in horror. Well the makers of this shameful slime claim they have sold out.

Just because something is safe for your lips, for example glitter lip gloss, doesn’t mean it is safe for the vagina. After all one can remove lip gloss and lip bacteria doesn’t control your gastrointestinal track or protect you from gonorrhea or HIV. Is it safe to gargle might be a better first step in the quest for vagina glitter, but even then the mucosa and anatomy are so different it is really best to not put an untested substance vaginally.

Vaginal injury and granulomas aside the point of the vaginal glitter appears to be “for him,” you know because a vagina au naturel just isn’t enough. I hate, hate, hate the messaging behind this (and all other vaginal “enhancement” products). Why do we have to shame women inside and out?

What if you are really into glitter but you get that a vagina isn’t a craft show? Applying cosmetic grade glitter or a starch sugar based glitter to your thighs is probably fine as long as you haven’t reacted to it elsewhere. If you have recently waxed or shaved your vulva then you might be at higher risk of developing an irritant reaction so proceed at your own risk. If you really need to try this on your vulva I would do a patch test first for safety.

I just don’t get the point of inserting glitter vaginally. It is not as if anyone will see it until, surprise, a coitally induced glitter penis! Dudes, I gotta ask. Is this a thing?

Ladies, if you want to spread a little glitter on your man why not put on some glitter lip gloss and apply it the old fashioned way! You could also paint his penis with it directly as long as his urologist says this is okay, obviously I am a gynecologist and I have no idea if the glitter could irritate the urethra or cause a urethral granuloma (obviously this could be an issue with vaginal-penile application as well).

I just don’t think people are being literal when they say they want to add some sparkle to their sex lives.

At least I hope not.

July 4, 2017 Update

Someone has included the ingredient list below and this is supposedly edible glitter, so a sugar. I would want to see studies showing it has no impact on vaginal flora before anyone used this. I would also want to see the osmolality, as products with a high osmolality can irritate the vaginal mucosa.

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  1. Re: glitter bombing your vagina. Didn’t Johnson and Johnson get dinged half a billion dollars because the court said using their baby powder caused ovarian cancer? Imagine what glitter could do!

  2. Umm, as HIM, I just want to say that this definitely not “for him.” Most stupid, expensive, and unnecessary things women are marketed into doing are not really “for him.” Him just puts up with the dumb shit to get a taste of pussy.

  3. Zea Mays is the botanical name for corn. I guess it’s supposed to sound more exotic than just saying cornstarch.

  4. I like how on this product’s site in the FAQ about it being safe, she discounts Doctors’ warnings as “everyone is entitled to their opinion.” New “It” thing perpetuated by celebrities (both in blogger form and in Hollywood) is to discount the medical community as shills who are only in it to make money. As if the celebrities don’t make money off their products.

  5. While I generally don’t care about “what about his dick arguments”, her “don’t tell him, just do it” advice is not what good consent looks like, it’s not what trust and respect look like.

  6. I only disagree with your comment that this is obviously for a mans enjoyment… May I remind you that thousands of vaginas are licked by women everyday and probably a good percentage also use vaj enhancement products, which I still agree is absurd, but oh, I am a man as well.

  7. Ingredients:
    gelatin capsules, starch based edible glitter, acacia (gum arabic) powder, Zea Mays starch, and vegetable stearate

  8. Is this something the woman is making at home in her kitchen?
    By the way, speaking as an MUA, there’s no such thing as ‘cosmetic grade’ or ‘eye safe’ glitter – these are claims they need to start regulating the hell out of. Plastic glitter cut in rounds is saf-ER in terms of eye make-up. I wouldn’t want any kind of glitter in my hoo-ha though – I can only imagine it would be like sand but somehow worse because you did it on purpose!

  9. Fix it so a bunch of confetti flies out…BTA, I like the pyrotechnics idea, Of course, anal pyrotechnics are already a thing, at least after folks eat certain spicy foods. I once saw a tv thing where this dude used his butt as the stand for launching a bottle rocket, I think it was. But I don’t think I’d recommend it for any bodily hole.
    Glitter is best encased in hard transparent plastic or glass so it will stay out of mischief. Maybe they make dildos like that?

  10. Wow. I’ve finally seen it all. What next, vaginal pyrotechnics? Although… that does sound pretty cool!

  11. Just when I keep thinking “uh, is this really something people need to be told about, because it sounds obvious you shouldn’t do that?”, here comes a product that proves me wrong. I’m practically asexual, so I don’t know squat about sex and people’s sex lives, but with all the years of magazine covers and products like this on the market, I’m starting to wonder how sex is “the best thing on earth” and yet people seem to get bored of it so quickly. Somebody thinks so, otherwise why the hell do they make stuff like this?

    1. Not everyone is bored of sexual activity. The reasons behind a disinterest in sexual activity are many and varied, so generalisations are meaningless, but experimentation does not just signal boredom.

      If you’re seeing sex through an asexual filter then your views are going to be skewed, just like a veg*an trying to assess barbecue cooking.

      TL;Dr – sometimes people just feel like doing something different.

      1. Ah, so true. It just startles me how often the topic comes up in magazines and all, but at the same time, the advice seems to be a bit repetitive. I guess they recycle some of it because of new readers and short attention spans…or new partners. Hmm… Still, it’s a silly thought I have on occasion that I just have to laugh about.

    2. Ice cream is good. Putting sprinkles and chocolate sauce on it doesn’t mean ice cream is any less good

      1. hmm…good analogy. Makes it a bit clearer–guess I can’t help rolling my eyes at those stupid magazine covers. Used to flip through ’em as a teen, looking for shocking info–they never said anything new that I can recall.

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