Among the chatter about the possible illegal activities of the Trump administration there is of course talk of impeachment. Some shake their heads and say no, President Mike Pence would be worse for reproductive rights. To this I say we already have Mike Pence’s misogynistic-fact-absent-forced-birth agenda in the White House. Nothing will get worse because we are all already on the crazy train to the Republic of Gilead and Pence is the conductor. Trump is just hanging out in the bar car.

Trump doesn’t care about abortion or contraception or women. For all his pussy-grabbing bravado I suspect he is a prude with a medically illiterate view of the female reproductive tract. Just like he isn’t going to push a baby in a stroller around Central Park he isn’t going to ask what his sexual partner uses for contraception. That’s her job. Honestly, I’d be surprised if Donald Trump knows that women have three orifices below the umbilicus. Blood comes out of the “wherever” in the Trumpified genital tract. He is of the don’t tell me about it just take care of that shit ilk. I don’t believe for a minute that Trump is against birth control otherwise there would have been lots of paternity suits against him. This is a man who has bragged about sexual conquests. Trump didn’t meet any of his three wives at church and be most certainly doesn’t call Melania Mother.

Trump made it perfectly clear when he ran for President that he was going to hand over the female reproductive tract to the dystopian crackpots at the Susan B. Anthony Society once elected. He even provided a letter saying he would do just that.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 2.59.04 PM.png

Everything in this letter is a Pence self-pleasure fest. You have all heard Trump speak, he did not write this letter. Pence has been dreaming of a letter such as this since he was a teen. All of Trump’s appointments and rulings or ideas that are in any way related to reproductive health are as anti-woman as they get because they are Pencian.

Trump appointed a leading anti reproductive rights extremist, Charmain Yoest, to Health and Human Services.

He has expanded the global gag rule stopping aid for organizations linked in any way to abortion, including counseling and cutoff of funds for the United Nations Population Fund.

He’s trying to defund Planned Parenthood.

He appointed Tom Price, who doesn’t believe one woman has ever had access issues with birth control and is vehemently anti-choice.

It’s hard to believe any of these would have happened without Pence as his Wormtongue. Not one of these terrible, horrible, anti-reproductive rights legislative ideas sprang from Trump’s brain. This is a Pence agenda.

Mike Pence is a terrible person. I despise him probably more than I despise Trump. True fanatics are frightening. It is possible Mike Pence could be worse in other ways, but regarding reproductive rights the fanatics are already running the circus and Trump’s participation is simply for show.

As far as reproductive rights are concerned we already have President Pence in power.



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  1. Indeed. I’m sure if Pence was President, he would try to pass a federal Personhood Bill, with the intent of having a showdown at the Supreme Court and overturning Roe v. Wade.

  2. I read the other day that Texas has the developed world’s highest rated of maternal and neonatal mortality. That would be the same state that has caused real reproductive and sexual health clinics to close down, and has installed “crisis pregnancy centres (one of the most shameful things the US has ever produced) in their place. Those fact-free hellholes are usually working in tandem with baby brokers “christian adoption agencies”, who convince women and girls to hand their unwanted babies over to them, so that they can basically be sold to the highest bidder.

    The road to Gilead started with Reagan, but if anyone can turn American women into red-clad gestation slaves it’s Pence, assisted by the Talibangenicals, ChrISIS, and Y’all Qaeda.

  3. Pence would indeed be worse, much worse. Not only with reproductive rights. Remember this guy is afraid to have dinner alone with another woman! Unreal.

  4. Pence isn’t going to survive the impeachment as long as his complicity can be proven with the Russian scandal. The evidence is there.

    1. ^^^ This. I strongly suspect that so many people’s hands are dirty in the FAUXtus’ mess that we’ll be looking at Pres. Orrin Hatch … which is a different kind of problematic.

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