Yesterday GOOP sent out 2 tweets. The first on cocktails and the next on the staggering cancer statistics.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 6.27.53 PM

Life comes at you fast, you know?

GOOP is obviously oblivious to the fact that alcohol is carcinogenic. Don’t know or don’t care? Probably don’t care to know as talking about the health risks of alcohol interferes with their brand of wasted worried wellness. GOOP needs you afraid of fake toxins not real ones because unlike facts alcohol has a prominent position on GOOP.


Alcohol is a real toxin. In fact it is the original toxin. It is also one of the two actual toxins that GOOP and Paltrow conveniently love (the other is botulinum toxin). Paltrow and GOOP love alcohol so much they want the attendees at the GOOP “health” *cough* conference to get so wasted they need an intravenous. For reals.

Paltrow and GOOP’s bastardization of medicine is metastasizing. More and more “pop up” traveling snake oil shows are springing up, she is getting a print magazine, and is even partnering with Nordstrom.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 8.48.58 PM

She appears regualry on the covers of magazines (usually timed with a product launch) who claim they are about health but then let her spew unchecked her brand of worried wellness aimed at making American women sick again. I used to write content for some of these magazines but whenevery I offered something negative about Paltrow it was declined. Why? She sells copy and apparently offending a celebrity who literally harms women is an editorial no no. So yeah, every editor that doesn’t want to talk about how GOOP and Paltrow harms women is part of the problem


Paltrow is a charlatan who at best causes people to waste money, for example by suggesting women take medical advice from a dude who speaks with ghosts or making women worry that they may have caused their own breast cancer by wearing a bra. If that isn’t harm enough the GOOP/Paltrow poison matrix can lead people down the pathway of expensive yet unnecessary and potentially harmful testing and treatments. No Candida albicans is not killing you and no Epstein Barr Virus is not the cause of all thyroid conditions, but that is what the cash-only concierge doctors who co-parasitize with Paltrow want you to believe. If these doctors really had the cure for every illness and could save everyone why do they have cash only practices in Palm Springs and Austin? Shouldn’t they be at Harvard or Stanford and be publishing their well-respected life-saving research in the New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet and the BMJ and helping as many people as possible?

When people read the lies on GOOP and believe them (the GOOP editors are slick, I’ll give them that) this can delay real diagnoses and also creates friction when providers try to give correct information. I can’t count the number of times a patient has left my office angry that I wouldn’t order completely non indicated testing that is promoted on GOOP or someother medical grifter. 

If ever someone represented the death of expertise it is Paltrow and her complicit editors at GOOP. The person they had “defend” jade eggs has a certificate from a training institute she created and founded while I only have a medical degree and a five-year residency in OB/GYN and fellowship in infectious diseases from Universities that I did not found.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.10.43 PM

People ask if I get tired writing about GOOP. Sometimes, but every time I learn something because unlike her supposed experts and editors I read articles to make sure I am using my medical arguments correctly. For example, I also thought a hangover was due to dehydration until I read about it and found out it’s mostly due to the neurotoxicity of alcohol.

But that’s the difference between the Paltrow-GOOP industrial complex and me. I care to give facts and they just want to shill product and like all good charlatans they don’t care who they harm as long as it helps them sell $72 candles.



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  1. If I get Paltrow’s abs, what will she do for abs?

    A more serious question: why does any woman with connected brain cells read this dreck from Goop?

  2. I know it must be incredibly frustrating, but you really are reaching people. You are making a difference, you’re educating people, Ultimately, what counts is that your writing can actually save lives. GOOP cannot say the same, Gwyneth is just a sub-par actor, you’re the internet’s gynaecologist!

    Thank you for all of your work, for exposing the scams, the quackery, and the harm done when female bodies are pathologised by default. Thank you.

  3. Way to be! I so appreciate your fact based writing. I know it’s hard work: both to write well, and to research every statement to make sure it’s based on solid science. I am also a physician and always learn something from your articles.
    Yes, fear sells, it’s a primal emotion. And that is one big reason we have Trump in the White House.
    May higher minds prevail for the benefit of future generations! Thank you for doing your part Dr Jen!

  4. Damn – she’s an unmitigated idiot, but some of those carcinogenic cocktails sound tasty. Just got some local strawberries in so I think I’ll shorten my lifespan w/ strawberry bellinis this weekend! 😉

  5. Thank you for exposing this pseudoscience for what it is. So scary that so many people fall for the scams and snake oil peddled by Goop, Oz, et al. Please keep up the fight! You’re helping make the world safer.

  6. She should change her stand on alcohol. A hangover is causted by neurotoxicity, look it up. Water hydra
    Will help , but cause of hangover is
    Toxicity. I am a very receptive person to alternative suggestions when factsl
    Bear out the natural recommended

  7. I hope a young girl doesn’t read GOOP and do any of the stupid things promoted there:.using sea sponge as a tampon, inserting jade eggs into her vagina, curing a real infection with goat’s milk or developing Anorexia to get Gwyneth ABs. Unfortunately, a crisis will have to occur before GOOP is investigated and forced to stop playing doctor on a national platform. As i say, stick w/ what you know and go play in the movies, you’re not a scientist and have zero science to promote products or advice. I say young girls because teens usually aren’t critical thinkers and like to look good and want a quick solution. It’s developmental. Keep on straightening out GOOP, Dr. G., someone needs to do that and you do it best, so thanks.

  8. I am merely a humble teacher who happens to teach a unit on the philosophy of science, Karl Popper and pseudoscience to my Grade 12 philosophy class. I’m thinking GOOP versus Gunter would make a great little unit for them.

    Keep up the good work, Dr Gunter!

  9. If you scroll through their Tweets, you will notice that they get very few “likes” or “hearts”. You would think that their staff would realize this and start telling Ms. Paltrow that they need to start Tweeting better crap.

  10. Gwen is such a fake piece of crap. She got a bunch of women to burn their vaginas to the 2nd degree because she told them to steam their coochies. She refused to admit her marriage failed and that they were getting a divorce so she came out and called it A CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING instead bahahahaha! Shes just never wrong, eh? So perfect…so wise…I’m so glad I dont hang around toxic individuals like Gwen, it would really drag me down.

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