There are seemingly endless ways to hack the vagina for cash. This week’s installment of vagina-cash-grab is a product called My Sweet V. The company claims their product can boost your libido and give your vagina a semi-fruity taste and a sensual smell.


You know, to empower women because nothing says I’m a woman, hear me roar more than, “Hey did you know your vagina could smell better? “If Glamour magazine really did endorse this they should be ashamed of themselves.

A vagina should smell like a vagina

If you partner with women then the smell of a normal, meaning “unenhanced” regular vagina, should be sensual to you. Anyone who says otherwise is doing the opposite of female empowerment. I see women every week who are embarrassed about their NORMAL vaginal odor because of what they read on some stupid wellness site or in some woman’s magazine or because some guy said, “You stink.” So it’s just super awesome that now we have products stepping in to pinch hit for the let-me-count-the-ways a woman could “improve” herself.

The Science Sucks

This is what the brains at My Sweet V have to say about their ingredients:



Vaginal discharge doesn’t change based on what fruit you eat or how much wheatgrass you choke down or if you eat cinnamon,  it is controlled primarily by the good bacteria (lactobacilli). Vaginal discharge is made up of bacteria, epithelial cells, cervical mucus, and small contributions from Skene’s glands and transudate (fluid coming across the vaginal walls). A combination of spices and fruit extracts will not change the composition of these contributions. The main variable here is the lactobacilli, and things that change lactobacilli are changes odor.

It is simply an urban myth that food changes vaginal odor. When you eat pinaeapple or guava or whatever the food smell doesn’t get in your blood and travel to the vagina. Good food can of course helo cultivate good bacteria in the colon, which can be a source of vaginal bacteria but this takes time. Basically, eat a healthy, balanced diet.

As for the claim about pH? Just no. Vaginal pH is controlled by lactobacilli, the good bacteria. You aren’t feeding good bacteria with this dehydrated fruit and spice smoothie.


What about the libido claims?

Yeah, a big no on that too. There is nothing magical in the product that is going to divert blood to the genitals and cause engorgement.


I find this product highly offensive. There is the suggestion that if only your vagina could smell better than you’d catch a man and the way this product is supposed to work biological implausible. So no and no.

If you feel that you have a vaginal odor then you should be evaluated by a medical professional. You need a culture for yeast, a vaginal pH, a whiff test (actually smelling the secretions mixed with potassium hydroxide), and an evaluation of the discharge with a microscope. You may also need to be tested for trichomonas, gonorrhea and chlamydia depending on what is found and your risk factors.

The best way to keep your lactobacilli healthy is eat plenty of fiber, eat a balanced diet, use condoms if you have multiple sexual partners, dont smoke and if you have low estrogen (e.g. menopause) consider vaginal estrogen.

All My Sweet V will do for you is liberate you of $29.99 and the only thing that stinks here is cashing in on insecruities about odor.


32 replies on “My Sweet V claims they can make your vagina smell sensual for $29.99. Just no.”

  1. This is Fake. It does not work at all. Been using it as directed and no change is seen. Waist of money.

  2. Thank you so much for your post. It was truly incitive because the sales pitch does Drive a lot of women’s want to believe our vajj can smell n taste sweet without perfuming out genitalias.

  3. I love these articles! I am now deathly afraid of what vaginal woo I may find if I search too hard online… Personally, I like to think of my vagina as a “self-cleaning oven” that almost never needs anything added (perhaps an occasional treatment for a yeast infection or such), and I’m not sure why other women feel the need to buy ridiculous, overpriced, and often potentially dangerous, items for vaginas. Thanks for your hilarious (yet serious) blog.

    1. Erm.. why don’t you ask them? Maybe it’s a gullibility tax? Yeah, I think I’ll go with that.

    2. As someone who used to work in sales at an inbound call center I can tell you that it depends on how much tax your particular State adds to things you buy. Some states don’t add any tax and some add such a high % that it’s a nasty surprise at the end of an order. Explaining that to ppl calling from high tax % states was probably one of the things I hated most about that job but could completely understand why that were pissed about it.

  4. I don’t think women should need to take this product to feel good about themselves however there was a comment and this article about what you eat having no effect on the smell and taste of your vaginal discharge and that’s not true. There are certain foods that will make a woman smell pungent even if she is healthy and doesn’t have an infection. Just saying.

      1. I agree it will not ONLY change the smell of your vaginal disscarge however there are foods like garlic for example that when ingested can change the smell of all of your body fluids (sweat, saliva vaginal disscarge) long after they have been ingested.

  5. Thank you for your honest article concerning this product. I was just about to purchase this when I saw your review.

  6. What a mic drop of an article! Penis insecurity is a thing too, and they cash in on that big time! But you got to be dumb to buy this kind of stuff. They know they’ll sell enough of this crap to dumb people to make a profit so they don’t care if it’s total bullshit.

  7. To claim that this product may be a scam is fine by me. It’s always good to get a perspective from someone that knows more than I. However (and I know it’s your opinion) to claim that it’s bad because woman become self conscious about their vaginal odor is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. I mean if someone says hey it would be neat to try this sometimes, then why not. It’s not about covering vaginally odor it’s about something different and enticing. Your argument says men should love the pussy for what it is which I defiantly do but your getting all defensive against ans non existent offense here. It’s just for fun and trying something new, it’s probably girls that want to try things like that anyway and men don’t actually care. I think you just got fired up over a product that was meant for fun like edible underwear, it’s just a sexy kinky thing, it doesn’t imply that a vaginal is inferior. It’s just suppose to be a fun spice up the bedroom product.

  8. But did you try it? I didn’t click on this article to read your opinion. I’m trying to find an actual review of someone who’s actually tried this. So this was a total waste of time.

    1. Whoosh.

      Did you read the article, Sandra?

      Spoiler alert – it worked, and it was amazing, and everyone who tried it had a v-jay like Carmen Miranda’s hat! Totes worth it, A++++

  9. I tend be cautious when it comes to my vag. I don’t use products that I haven’t tried before, also I really think it’s odd to want a vag to taste like fruit or cinnamon. No thanks, mine is great like it is.

  10. Since you went there, how safe and natural is vaginal estrogen? I am 45.

  11. Vaginal discharge doesn’t change based on what fruit you eat or how much wheatgrass you choke down or if you eat cinnamon

    If that were true people would walk past me wondering if it’s Christmas already…

  12. I always enjoy your posts, Dr Jen.

    And yet; grapefruit causes mayhem in the metabolism of many drugs; parsley contains some sort of oestrogen and interferes with lactation; orange juice supposedly causes diarrhoea in breast fed babies; and, I’m told, maternal gin is a good hypnotic in breast fed babies. What of these?

    1. I don’t see any contradiction. None of these things have supposed effects on the taste or smell of vaginal discharge. I doubt Dr Jen was saying that food and drink cannot affect the outcome of any bodily functions.

  13. Keep in mind that hole where fart comes out are wery close to other hol, so ir does effect what you eat… 🙂

      1. My anecdotal evidence agrees. My not-yet-potty-trained son eats way too much fruit if I don’t catch him and nothing from that end smells flowery!

  14. My wife bought edible panties at a “girls party” once. So the next morning I had brunch. The edible panties were awful but her vagina was delicious.

  15. Wheatgrass is an amazing substance, “one of the most healthy substances on earth”.

    The product description sounds like it was written by a semi-literate used car salesman who couldn’t even be bothered to Google “wheatgrass”, or Donald Trump.

  16. This makes me so sad. As a WSW (woman who has sex with women) I can’t understand why anyone would think that flowers/fruit/new car smell are an improvement. I don’t want a mouthful of artificial flavouring, or any of those awful, misogynist “freshening” products like Femfresh or Vagisil. My WSW friends are of the same opinion.

    Vaginas are amazing as they are, they don’t need window-dressing or artificial smells.

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