Donald Trump is apparently looking at Sheriff David Clarke, the Milwaukee County Sheriff, for head of homeland security.  As Sheriff he is in charge of the Milwaukee County Jail where Shadé Swayzer delivered her baby completely unassisted. She says her baby died in the jail cell and claims the jail staff ignored her cries for help. She states she delivered around 4 a.m. and according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she received assistance around 6 a.m.

Milwaukee County Jail

Let than sink in. A women known to be pregnant went into labor in jail and delivered unassisted, her cries for help apparently ignored. She claimed she told a guard when her membranes (water) ruptured and they claim she didn’t. Even if she said nothing about her membranes women make a fair bit of noise while delivering without pain medication, so it is simply unbelievable that no one noticed or thought her screams or cries might mean a medical event could be at hand. After all everyone knew she was pregnant because she was taken to the hospital for a check up before going to jail. Pregnant woman near due date + screams that don’t stop should = check on things.

If the horror and fear of delivering alone and unassisted were not enough Ms. Swayzer states her baby was born alive and subsequently died. It is amazing that no “pro-life” advocates appear to be picketing the jail or calling for Clarke’s resignation. After all, in Indiana women have been arrested on less.

So the”pro-life” President Elect can’t really be “pro-life” at all if he thinks the neonatal death in Sheriff David Clarke’s jail doesn’t matter.

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  1. prez elect may not know about this. just sayin’ but what a horrible experience for ms. swayze.

  2. If you fully vet your picks for cabinet positions, then you do know about this. No excuses for the “prez elect”.

  3. Surely anyone screaming for help for hours should be investigated? I mean, yes, extra for a pregnant woman near her due date, or anyone else with added risk, but surely they’re supposed to check on anybody screaming for help?

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