Since the election I have been contacted by many people reporting that they have friends defending their votes for Trump because they could not bring themselves to support Hillary Clinton due to her position on abortion. For them the issue wasn’t that Clinton ran on a pro-choice platform, but rather she “supported abortion at term.” Ethically, how could one vote for that?

From one friend on FB:


Except that’s not what Clinton has said nor her platform. She has had a long political career so finding out what she has said, supported, and how she has voted is not exactly hard. This ninth more abortion idea may be a perversion of this Clinton comment, “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,” but that doesn’t mean nine month abortions.

It takes typing just five words (Hillary Clinton position on abortion) into a search engine and clicking the first link to get a non-partisan site with the information.


For example regarding third trimester terminations (likely what politicians mean when they say late-term abortion) this is what Clinton has said,

I have said many times that I can support a ban on late-term abortions, including partial-birth abortions, so long as the health and life of the mother is protected. I’ve met women who faced this heart-wrenching decision toward the end of a pregnancy. Of course it’s a horrible procedure. No one would argue with that. But if your life is at stake, if your health is at stake, if the potential for having any more children is at stake, this must be a woman’s choice.

That doesn’t sound to me like promoting ninth month pleasure abortions.

Here a run down of the facts. 

Most abortions occur < 8 weeks gestation

66% of abortions are < 8 weeks and the main reason is unplanned pregnancy. Science tells us that access to long-acting reversible contraception is the best way to reduce them. Reducing access to contraception, part of Trump’s platform, will paradoxically increase abortion.

Late-term or third trimester abortions are incredibly rare

1.3% of the approximately 700,000 abortions each year are at or after 21 weeks. Most of these happen before 24 weeks, so still before the start of the third trimester and well before the due date. 

There are approximately 600 abortions a year after 24 weeks and they are almost always for very serious fetal anomalies (birth defects). Most occur before 32 weeks, so well before the due date. These anomalies are usually diagnosed by 23-23 weeks, but sometimes doctors don’t know things are horrifically wrong until 30 weeks or so when it becomes apparent the fetus stopped growing five weeks before. 

Why the abortion? Why not just go through and have the delivery? Some women can’t bear being pregnant knowing the outcome. Others plan on going to term and delivering, but then develop a pregnancy complication that requires a c-section. Not everyone wants a c-section for a pregnancy that cannot survive. In addition, in trained hands the abortion has a lower complication rate than the c-section. These are incredibly medically complex situations and fortunately rare, but they happen.

There are probably a few abortions after 24 weeks for rapes if there is a delay in diagnosing pregnancy. These are very rare as most pregnancies are diagnosed before 24 weeks and third trimester abortions are in the tens of thousands of dollars. Most people don’t have $20,000, or more, for a later term abortion. Providers who do these procedures typically only accept cash.

There is a huge disconnect on abortion

The facts say Hillary Clinton supports contraception and leaving health care to women and their doctors. This is basically the current model and it produces very few abortions after 24 weeks and almost all are for severe fetal anomalies. Women are simply not flocking to Colorado and New Jersey and New Mexico for nine month abortions because they are bored and there is a BOGO.  

There can only be two reasons someone believes Hillary Clinton supports this fallacy of what can only be described as pleasure abortions at term:

  1. They get every scrap of information from Fox News and Breitbart and other alt-right sites and have no common sense.
  2. They need the myth of the ninth month pleasure abortion.

Playing Rochambeau with 9 Month Abortions, Racism, and Misogyny 

It probably hard for some people to admit, either publicly or to themselves, that they voted Trump because they’re more concerned about the cost of health insurance than about electing a sexual predator or living in a country where people aren’t afraid to wear a Hijab. Others might want mass deportations or secretly don’t care about climate change, but don’t want to admit it on social media. Some probably find Trump’s boasting about sexual assault humorous.. “Saving babies” must sound like a trump card to racism, affiliation with white supremacists, climate change denialism, misogyny, and boasting about sexual assault.  “Sure I want to support marriage equality, but I had to think of the babies.” Throngs of women getting nine month abortions under a Hillary Clinton United States is a convenient scapegoat,

People who claim they voted for Trump because of Clinton’s “position on abortion” chose to be willfully ignorant of the facts because it suited some purpose. They wanted to vote for Trump and “saving babies” provided them with what they believed was a moral high ground to look the other way at all the other horrors Trump promoted.

There are very few abortions after 24 weeks, and of the 600 or so that do happen they are almost all for serious fetal birth defects and they almost all happen by 32 weeks. Those after 32 weeks are a combination of serious fetal birth defects and maternal health reasons. For the record, Hillary Clinton spoke with women who has been through this and Donald Trump did not. If he had he would have known there is no womb ripping abortion days before the due date. 

Third trimester abortions happen because of a tragic constellation of obstetrical events so they would not have increased with a Clinton Presidency. Clinton can not cause birth defects nor create medical conditions that necessitate delivery. Ironically Trump’s policies will result in more unplanned pregnancies and hence more abortions.

If third trimester abortion mattered that much surely it was worth typing five words into Google to actually look it up?

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  1. As always, thank you for being on point. Whenever I see your posts come up I can’t wait to read them. When I’m done I breathe a huge sigh of relief that there is another woman in this mad world who thinks the same way I do. Someone who cares enough about what is right and isn’t afraid to say it either. Thank you so much.

  2. It frightens me how ignorant people can be. This is how a government takes over and harms people–they rely on ignorance and as you point out it is SO EASY to get information now, just search for it. I fear for my country.

  3. Facts trump ignorance. I am so tired of these people trying to demonize people who are different.

  4. Please, please, please! Make your point clearly and briefly, then move on. And while doing that, either spellcheck yourself or have someone else do it. Your posts are filled with misspellings, errors in tenses, duplicate words, missing words. PLEASE! You are a public figure. Set a standard of excellence, rather than one of mediocrity, in presentation. I do not judge the content of your postings, just the slipshod method of turning them out.

      1. Hi Dr. Gunter, I know you’ve written previously that you’re way too busy to worry too much about typos and such and don’t particularly want to hire someone to do it for you. Well, I’m a copy editor of many decades, and I’d be happy to look at any of your columns before publication — for free, no charge — because that would be a way I could support you and your blog. That’s how much of a fan I am of your vital work! Bri65

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