Megyn Kelly interviewed Newt Gingrich on the subject of Donald Trump’s alleged groping. Gingrich didn’t seem to understand that the character of the Presidential candidate is an issue or that Bill Clinton isn’t running for President. It ended with Gingrich accusing Kelly of being sex obsessed and Kelly telling Gingrich he had some anger management issues.

Lots of people thought it was awesome that Kelly shut Gingrich down. Yeah for women!

Entertaining yes, but a sign that Megyn Kelly is some great feminist? No.

Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Megyn Kelly thinks the IUD and Plan B are abortifacients

They aren’t. Science says so.

In fact, Kelly insinuated my writing about the science of emergency contraception was political propaganda.

Imposing your false scientific beliefs on others? Not feminism.


Megyn Kelly is against abortion

I’m sorry, you can’t be a feminist and  be against choice especially if you are against IUDs (if Kelly campaigned for free IUDs I’d probably give her a pass on this). Pro-choice doesn’t mean you would have an abortion or even that you support it, it just means you don’t think you should impose your reproductive ideas on other women.

You tell me whether I’m wrong. This is where the feminist movement goes wrong. Why does pro-choice or anti-abortion, whatever, why does that have to be part of the feminist platform? You know how alienating that is? Half of the women disagree. Half the women in this country are pro-life, half are pro-choice. If you make that a part of the platform, you — you’re doing what Gloria’s doing, alienating half of the American population, the female population. Megyn Kelly 2/8/16

Megyn Kelly mocked women who want birth control covered by their health plans 

Or as I like to say, women who want health care parity.

On June 30, 2014 she said to Bill O”Reilly. “Oh my God, I never realized how victimized I was all those years when I was paying for birth control on my own.’” She also called the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate part of a “war on the religious right.” (6/30/14).

Kelly questioned the indictment by a Texas grand jury recommending criminal charges against the filmmaker who shot the “Planned Parenthood” videos as a “political hit job.”

The videos were shot illegally. A woman had her vulva exposed to the world without her consent. It was lie after lie for political gain.

Really. And she thinks Newt is paranoid? There was more than enough evidence for an indictment.




She allowed Ted Cruz to blather on incoherently about Planned Parenthood 

Then Cruz could highlight the “evil that they’re doing.” She never questioned him when he said people get to decide about abortion, not women.



In fact anytime anyone wants to knock down Planned Parenthood Kelly is only too happy to tee them up



There are really just too many segments to address.

Repeat after me. Planned Parenthood helps women and men. Cis and trans.

Amplifying lies about women’s health care is the exact opposite of feminism.

Kelly thinks “fetuses and babies are being harvested for their organs” at Planned Parenthood

She has perpetuated that lie on several occasions, but hey facts! What’s up with those anyway?

Planned Parenthood did not sell “body parts” for profit, they were engaged in donating fetal tissue for research. Research that could one day help people or my kids or Kelly or her kids.

Letting Dr. Ben Carson blather on about no need EVER for fetal tissue research without fact checking him

Fortunately for you all, I did! So curious his name is on a paper about fetal tissue research from a 17 weeks fetus, yet Kelly didn’t think to ask!


Megyn Kelly was against maternity leave until she wanted it.

Then of course she was all over defending it.

Kelly thinks equal pay laws are “infantilizing” to women


She also called the gender wage gap a “meme,” the sure sign of a feminist!


It’s late so I’m stopping at 10. You get the point.

It’s great she’s speaking up against sexual violence but a shero, especially one as privileged as Kelly, stands up for women every day not just when the ratings say it’s the right time or during contract negotiations.





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