Under pressure to release more health data than just his blood pressure, PSA, and a mystery dose of a mystery statin Donald Trump now states he had a recent new physical exam and gave those results to Dr. Oz to discuss on national television (as one does).

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Trump hands Dr. Oz two pieces of paper in the teaser tariler containing the results of “all the tests done last week,” but not before goading the audience, “Should I do it?” (as if there were any doubt).

But why does Trump need another exam and more tests? His doctor wrote on December 4, 2015 that he was so healthy that he would be the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency” based on a recent physical exam (so October/November 2015) with “only positive results” and “astonishingly excellent” lab results. Why another exam or more testing just 10 months later?

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There aren’t many labs that need to be done for a very health 70-year-old; cholesterol and a blood count and a diabetes screen, but those if normal do not need to be done more than once a year. His PSA likely doesn’t need repeating (whether it is needed at all is an entirely different discussion). Why not simply release the cholesterol and other results from 2015 that must have been used to make the claim of Trump being astonishingly health?

In fact, if Trump had a recent medical exam and blood work leading up to the December 4th, 2015 letter and everything was normal why not release that? Hillary Clinton released her total cholesterol and HDL and she isn’t even on cholesterol medication.  If Trump’s were also normal then why not just release them too? Why bother repeating?

Nothing normal needs repeating 10 or 11 months later. Even for people on a statin the test is typically only done once a year.

The only logical answers can be not normal in 2015 and waiting to get better or not recently done/incomplete testing.

If his cholesterol is normal now and wasn’t before (pre-statin therapy) that’s fine medically and good news, but if it wasn’t normal before there would be an inaccuracy in the letter.

So then I am left wondering what tests did Trump have in 2015 that were “only positive” and “astonishingly excellent” and when did he have those tests done? They formed the basis for his letter so the need to do more labs just doesn’t make sense medically if everything in the letter from 2015 is true.

If Trump’s exam and lab tests were all great in October or November 2015 why the rush to repeat the testing?

It’s a disconnect.

Maybe he’ll clear it up on Dr. Oz.



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  1. It’s my professional opinion that Mr. Trump’s extremely low PSA could mean he had prostate surgery at one time. At his age, a PSA so low would lead most to believe he had a prostatectomy. Someone should ask for answers regarding this issue.

  2. Most people reading about the controversies over candidates’ fitness aren’t doctors who can nitpick about whether there’s any need for newer repeats of tests. They will be reassured that a test done very recently will show that nothing has gone wrong with Trump’s health since the previous exams done nearly a year ago.

  3. It’s all down to having a tantrum . Hillary has made public what her health ‘ scare ‘ was about , so not to be out done Trumpy * HAD* to release his records to put one up on Hillary .
    Btw , the sheets of paper that Ozzy looked at were blank .

  4. I re-test lab results on my patients that are considered “normal” by the medical industry, because they are dysfunctional in the functional medicine industry and I want to make sure they are on the right track. I see nothing wrong in testing or even double checking – especially after a time period that is almost one year.

    I like to live by the rule “if you aren’t assessing than your guessing.” Just because re-testing isn’t standard for less than one year when lab results are “normal” doesn’t mean that it is wrong.

    Just saying.

    You make some good points- If they are going to release data- why not release it all. Well, it’s politics. lol. Is there ever any real honesty? sadly, no.

    Plus, I sort of want to agree with the comment above mine, why do they need to even release their medical records? It is definitely a private matter.

  5. Lessee. Who would I rather help me set up a weekly exercise regimen? Donald Trump or Teddy Roosevelt? Hmmm.

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