I try to write about what I know. As I gynecologist I write a lot about women’s health issues. As a mom I sometimes write about parenting and prematurity. What might surprise you is that I also know a lot about My Little Pony. More than the average person and quite possibly more than most.

I have a son who is a Brony. At first I thought his love of animated somewhat asexual Pegasi, Earth Ponies, and Unicorns that didn’t die out by grade three or four was a bit unusual because I thought it was a “baby show.” Instead of trying to talk him out of it or getting him to watch something else I decided to sit down beside him to try and understand what he sees.

I got hooked. Not in an obsessive fan way (if My Little Pony went off the air today I’d live), but it’s a sweet honest show about friendship and celebrating differences. The songs are pretty catchy and at times I will spontaneously belt out the power ballad “Just a Pony” because life is too short to hold it in. If we all lived like they do in Equestria the world would be a better place.

Con artists Flim and Flam

There are wonderful life lessons about spotting snake oil and con artists (Flim and Flam, the episode Leap of Faith should be watched by every medical student), there are episodes with evil doers who may not be who or what they appear to be (Changelings), and even great lessons about redemption (Discord). A lot of effort goes into explaining how hard it can be to be a true friend and that there is a lot of give and take. The big themes that resonate for me are working together to get things done, both big and small, and honesty both in your dealings with other people (or ponies) and yourself. And kindness. There is so much kindness.

I’ve also been to two Brony conventions in full cosplay, because that’s what my kids’ wanted. I had my picture taken so many times I felt like a rock star! It was a celebration of different in basically every way that you can apply that word. It was safe and inclusive and accepting (basically the theme of the show). Imagine being free to be yourself with no one judging you for what makes you you?

IMG_6207 (1)

Melania Trumps’ speech was plagiarized, so let’s stop the “there are similarities” dance. Plagiarism has a definition and the speech meets it. Whether intentional or unintentional and by whom remains to be seen.

That the party running on a platform of conversion therapy and homophobia whose very candidate for President thrives on insults and lies (no Obama isn’t a Muslim, not that it would matter if he were) would say that Melania’s speech has similarities to something Twilight Sparkle said is beyond wrong unless of course the RNC has had a change of heart and decided to adopt a Pony friendly platform.

It’s pretty clear that the RNC communications director just Googled some phrases to come up with the “all words sound similar defense.” Which of course suggests that is how someone came up with Melania’s speech in the first place, by Googling “first lady convention speech.”

Maybe if Sean Spicer actually watched My Little Pony he’d know the difference between right and wrong and why lies are bad. He’d also know that people (and ponies) are not defined by their mistakes, it’s what they do to correct those errors that reveals their true character.



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  1. Attended BronyCon in Baltimore two years ago with my wife and son. It was the best! Nicest bunch of fans, and the Pony voice actors in attendance were smart, fun and devoted to their fans. Trump is not worthy to be in their presence or use the show on his defense

  2. I love my little pony show too. I agree there are lots of good lessons in these shows. Much better than the Barbie dream house that I cannot stand. Maybe Donald Trump should watch My Little Pony more often

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