Ted Cruz was interviewed on Fox about how he is so much better with the women than Donald Trump. Look he married one, see!

When asked about abortion, given Trump’s recent flip flops (I think he’s had six or is that seven positions this week?), Ted Cruz said “the people” should decide. And that Roe is so terrible because it took abortion “out of the control of the people”

Not the women people, the other people.

And women should carry their rapists baby to term.

His plan, which he somehow feels is very moderate and filled with empathy, appears to be get rid of Roe and then let the voters decide state by state. Women and doctors? Silly, they don’t know anything.

I guess getting rid of Roe will happen by stacking the Supreme Court with forced birth judges. In the absence of Roe abortion will be immediately banned in 15 states and severely restricted in another five.

Not allowing women to decide on their own health care is punishment.

Making abortion unavailable in 15 states also punishes women. We know what happens, women take abortion into their own hands in the absence of legal, safe procedures. It’s already happening and women are being prosecuted for it. Cruz can let the states punish women through the legal system and take no responsibility. Women with money will have to pay a lot of money to travel. Also punishment.

And making a woman carry her rapists’ baby to term or making a woman wait for days with a dilated cervix and fetal feet hanging into the vagina risking infection for a fetus that has no hope of survival because it has cardiac activity? Punishment. Very, very cruel punishment.

But then again, if women aren’t people to you then none of this would come off as cruel or unusual.







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  1. Yes indeed!! If men could get pregnant abortion would be a sacrament!!

  2. Do we need further proof this man is a control freak, a misogynist, a lunatic and an idiot? We have Reich wing religious extremists determined to force their personal philosophy down the throats of everyone in this country without respect for rights or the law and it has got to stop. Any woman who votes for a Republican needs her head examined.

  3. Ted Cruz is a f**king idiot plain and simple!!! For that matter, everyone in congress represents the conflict of interest from using other people’s $$ to gain office to govern everyone, even those who don’t throw away $$ on political campaigns. Every human being should retain the express authority to determine what’s in their personal best interest, provided it causes no harm to others? A fetus is not quite an “other” given there’s no awareness of self, or enough brain development to warrant that notion. PLEASE keep doing your part to educate these fools, who believe otherwise😎

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