Carly Fiorina is delusional about Planned Parenthood. I challenge her to prove me wrong.

Carly_fiorina_speakingOn Saturday in Iowa a Planned Parenthood supporter, Cindy Shireman, was able to question Fiorina about her comments about the organization.

Fiorina of course was having none of Shireman’s “supporting women’s health” nonsense and instead told her that she should go home and watch the now infamous videos, look at some facts, and to ask herself some questions, such as:

“Why is it that fetuses are aborted alive to butcher their brains?”

Except that doesn’t happen at Planned Parenthood. There is no evidence that “fetuses are aborted alive to butcher their brains” in the videos and well, no evidence of that period. No woman in America has ever said, “I think I’ll wait until I’m 20 weeks pregnant, drive 200 miles twice (because of the mandatory waiting period), have a unindicated transvaginal ultrasound, cross a picket line with old men and ladies yelling at me, and pay $1200 for the privilege just to make sure I can get Planned Parenthood some live fetal neural tissue.”

Fiorina doesn’t have to take my word as an OB/GYN, apply common sense, or even watch the videos for that matter she can just get the Cliff’s notes from our legal system. The Attorney General in Missouri found no illegal activity and investigations in Pennsylvania, Indiana, South Dakota, Georgia, and Massachusetts have similarly found no wrong doing.

It doesn’t appear to matter what doctors or government investigators have to say. This belief of body snatching at Planned Parenthood is part of some anti-choice mythology and those that believe it clearly must think if they repeat the lie often enough it will become real. However, the reality is the video clip of the “fully formed fetus” isn’t from Planned Parenthood (it actually says that on the video), it is a very premature delivery not an abortion, and no one dissects anything.

Fiorina can be against abortion all she wants, that is her right, but if she has to lie to convince people then her position can’t be all that strong. And what does that say of a potential Presidential candidate who disbelieves the Attorney Generals of multiple states? Does she think they are lying or incompetent or both?

I challenge Fiorina to watch those infamous Planned Parenthood videos with me. Since she is so sure they contain the specific images she mentions she really has nothing to lose. I’m happy to go through each video frame by frame. When we’re done (yes, I realize this is fantasy as she would never be brave enough to take me up on my offer) I’ll ask her how much money she thinks has been spent investigating these lies and that given nothing has changed, except there are now fewer fetal tissue donations for researchers, if more abortions might have been prevented if all the money were spent providing free long acting reversible contraception?


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  1. After reading this, I happened on an editorial by Steven Rattner of the New York Times, titled “Carly Fiorina Really Was That Bad”. (With that title I had to read it.)

    Very interesting — he stated ‘The lack of public service or sustained business success makes Ms. Fiorina unqualified for the nation’s highest office.’ He also pointed out that sitting int he White House required.”
    He also noted that business has a …..”command-and-control environment’, while being President requires consensus-building. I haven’t seen a lot of consensus building in her speeches….but maybe I’m just missing it?

    (I absolutely HATE it when people have to blatantly lie to ‘prove’ their ‘evidence. People like Dr. Gunter know they’re lying —-but I’m afraid there are many without that level of education who think Mrs. Fiorina is telling the truth.)

    So — add those issues to her lying about Planned Parenthood——she is not looking good at all.

  2. Dr Jen is actually wrong about Ms Fiorina’s state of mind. Far from being delusional the Fiorina strategy is pretty standard fayre from the political right. They know they’re lying and they don’t care because the target audience is hearing what they want to hear. The truth, and what the rest of us think, is entirely irrelevant to Ms Fiorina who probably finds the gullibility of her electorate faintly amusing.

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