Ben Carson mansplains there is only a war on what’s inside of women not actually on women

This is what Dr. Ben Carson said about the GOP war on women:

“There may be a war on what’s inside of women, but there is no war on women in this country.”


Thank you Dr. Carson for mansplaining it so eloquently. While I am only a humble gynecologist (and a female one at that), I would like to point out that the uterus is actually anatomically part of women and not on loan from the GOP. That is why when we do a hysterectomy we have to cut the uterus out with a scalpel. You’ve used one of those, right?

When you say you want to control what a woman does with her uterus, i.e. what is inside her body, you are saying that she can’t make those decisionS on her own or has no right to make those decisions or both. All are bad options.

What if I wanted to control your bladder, what would you think of that? What if I wanted to tell you what you could drink and how often you could drink? What if I restricted the availability of a toilet? What if I told you that you could only use the restroom if you consented to a transrectal ultrasound? And if you get a bladder infection, well, you will have to drive 200 miles to discuss it with the your doctor and then drive back home and wait 24 hours to be really sure about the antibiotics and then drive the 400 miles round trip again to pick them up? Would you think that is okay because you can’t really understand as a man what is happening inside of your body or might you think, back off bitch that’s my bladder?

If you actually care about women, as I do, as a doctor you should want them to have compassionate, evidence-based care. And for heaven’s sake if you want women to have fewer abortions you should stump for long-acting reversible contraception. To ignore this elephant in the room means you care nothing about medicine and everything about pandering to a sub set of voters.

Women are so much more than the sum or our parts, but here’s the thing in a democracy you don’t get any say in how we manage any of them. Any other option is in fact a declaration of war.

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  1. How about an amendment to the Constitution that bans guns, abortion (except for cases of rape and invest) and capital punishment. All lives matter!

  2. The question that needs to be asked of every adult American voter is:

    Would you vote for the following amendment to the Constitution:

    1. Eliminate the right to bear arms.


    2. Eliminate the right to abortion, except in the case of rape or incest.

    The result of course would be that only criminals would have guns and only those with money who are willing to enter a black market could obtain abortions.

    Killings, including gun violence and the death of fetuses without their consent, would decrease. Both good things in my opinion.

    Martin Topper

    1. I support abortion on demand, no apologies.

      Forcing continued pregnancy and birth is evil. Forcing someone to be born who is not wanted is also evil.

      (BTW the fetuses conceived in rape or incest are just as ‘non consenting’ to those conceived otherwise.)

    2. Succeed in this and a lot of women will be raped/claim incest. Then the law will say there must be a conviction or else how can the woman prove it? Ooops! Trial took too long have the baby. My mom was born in 1924. This is what she said about abortion. It will never go away. The rich girls went to Mexico/Europe. The poor ones went to back alley abortionists or if they were very lucky had a miscarriage requiring “cleansing of the womb.” Coat hangers, knitting needles, lye and herbs. Throwing oneself off flights of stairs, husbands beating the baby out. Sick aunts who took 10 monyhs of extra care by the teen age niece. That is where this country is going again and it isn’t going to be pretty. Her sister couldn’t have kids. She got pregnant in high school and went to a back alley abortionist. At least back then they didn’t prosecute the girls. My aunt never got over it. Had a childcare business for years.

      So no let’s not set up a world like that. It’s all about controlling women. Nothing more, nothing less.

  3. How do some men, in the twenty-first century, grow up with the mindset of the nineteenth century ? Seriously, I do not understand it. Is it a genetic mutation, an educational problem, a religious quest or a very weak ego ?

  4. As much as I try, I can not make sense of any man deciding what any woman should/can/may/might etc, etc want to do with any part of her body. And to have someone who is a physician (remember that….’First, do no harm.’?) get on a soapbox to tell woman that they don’t know enough to control their own ‘insides’…. It is really mind boggling! And – telling women — and other men – that women can’t/shouldn’t make their own decisions about their ‘insides’ —sorry, right there: that is an ethical violation of women’s rights as a patient – and it is causing harm.

    As a long-time labor and delivery nurse, I have very strong opinions about women’s rights to their bodies —–and those opinions don’t include anything good about men making decisions for women.

    Women can and will make our own healthcare decisions, thank you very much.

    And — while it may be amazing to you, Dr. Carson, it’s not to most women – we do better with our own decisions than any man might do.

  5. Is he one of the crowd that worships the unborn but will cheerfully execute someone who commits a crime? Even if the person being executed was a child at the time the crime was committed?

    And is he similarly exercised about babies who, after birth, will give their parents the right to stay in the US? Or is he quite happy for those babies (or would he prefer ‘foetuses’ in such a special case) to be aborted?

    Doesn’t the Republican world view also advocate the minimisation of the amount of money available for public health and to assist the unemployed and their families?

    It must be very confusing in the head of a Republican candidate. All those foetuses to love, all those people to treat with contempt.

  6. Carson’s comment will win the Trump award for the most ignorant misogynist statement of the week. What the H— is wrngwith these males?

  7. You are right about the war on women’s parts, but here I think he is trying to twist the accusation against the Right by saying that the only war going on is the perceived one being waged by the pro-choice folks against the “fruit of the womb”.

    And no, I do not believe that said fruit is a person on the order of the mother, no matter that Carson and his ilk liken us to children, and further, moral midgits for saying so.

    Although the following prescription does not address the question of a female adult’s personal bodily sovereignty, these arrogant asses should be out doing the practically helpful and humane work of telling their male fellows (and themselves) to grow up, take responsibility, and either “Zip It or Snip it*” – if they are really that concerned about so-called “innocent life” (whatever that is…).

    Mansplainers make me ill.

    *Sincerity Litmus Test (SLit T)

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