Sen. Rand Paul and Ben Carson, two GOP hopefuls who are also physicians, have called for defunding of Planned Parenthood.
This is based not in science, but on heavily edited videos around a false narrative that Planned Parenthood makes a profit from donation of embryonic and fetal tissue for research. Multiple media outlets have reviewed the videos and spoken with experts who use human tissue for research. Sadly, facts matter little to Drs. Paul and Carson.
Sen. Paul and Dr. Carson should know that embryonic and fetal tissue are vital for medical  research. As doctors they should also not be surprised by the images in the videos nor the language as they should understand the difference between a clinical conversation between colleagues (or supposed colleagues) and a clinic conversation (i.e. one a doctor has with a patient).
If Drs. Paula and Carson actually cared about women instead of being on Fox talk shows they would know without Planned Parenthood it would be much harder for many women to get health care. Fewer Pap smears, fewer STD checks, fewer mammograms. We’re not taking a few hundred less, were talking hundreds of thousands less. This would be a good thing how?
Planned Parenthood diagnoses pre-cancers and cancers, provides contraception, and a lot of other basic gynecology and in my experience they do this very well. The people who work at Planned Parenthood are attacked in the press, harassed on the side walk and now threatened with release of personal information simply for working there so it takes very dedicated individuals to work there and this shows in the care they give. I have met many at conferences and have always been impressed with their questions, desire to know more and to do better. I have also treated many patients who have previously received care at Planned Parenthood and uniformly their medical records speak of excellent care. When I hear from a friend or from a patient who is moving and they want a good GYN reference and I don’t know a provider in their area I always suggest starting with Planned Parenthood.
It is disheartening, to say the least, that two physicians would believe lies without even a cursory investigation. The videos show nothing illegal nor anything surprising. Is the tone suitable for YouTube? No, but then again I challenge every person who is upset at the tone used by the medical professionals to submit to hours of illegal video recording at work and let someone who hates you edit it down to 10 minutes or so and see what it shows and how it sounds.
97% of the health care provided by Planned Parenthood is not related to abortion and the abortion care provided is legal and not funded by the government.PlannedParenthood I’d link to the statistics from their 2013-2014 annual report but I can’t because their site is under attack and down.
Making Planned Parenthood about abortion dismisses all the other important work they do and essentially says the only thing that matters in women’s health care is the comings and goings of the uterus.
The irony of Drs. Carson and Paul calling to defund Planned Parenthood is that if they are successful we will see more unplanned pregnancies (as well as cancers and other health care problems) and hence more abortions. Planned pregnancies have the best outcome for mom and baby so we should be doing every thing possible to achieve that goal.
If reducing/preventing abortion were really on Sen. Paul and Dr. Carson’s agenda they would know we can do that – free, accessible, long acting reversible contraception. This is fact. By neglecting to mention this important evidence-based piece of information from their comments Drs. Rand and Carson have shown they are unfit to opine on women’s health care.

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  1. Those two aren’t the only docs in politics who allow their political opinions influence their medical knowledge. There’s a doc in our local Assembly at Stormont, in N Ireland. He’s a very staunch anti-abortionist. There were suggestions that abortion might be legalised in cases of ‘fatal foetal abnormality’, such as anencephaly. He reportedly said that other doctors could not diagnose this, that scans might be wrongly interpreted. (He did later make a sort of retraction.) Abortion is illegal here, unless the woman’s life is in danger.

    Having medics in political institutions is fine; but it’s quite wrong when their medical understanding is corrupted by their party political viewpoints, and it makes one question just how much they really understand of any situation.

    1. I love how the Texas Senate decided to hold a hearing about Texas PP clinics donating fetal tissue when Texas abortion clinic don’t now and never have participated in this type of donation 😕

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