U of T still thinks Andrew Wakefield is awesome and the laws of physics are more like suggestions

The University of Toronto is under fire (and deservedly so) for

A) Having a homeopath as an instructor whose curriculum was a combination  of nonsensical statements and propaganda. When your “science” background is non existent that is, of course, what happens.  I’d link to the curriculum but it has been deleted. It is curious that if you stand by your course and the information why you would delete it?

This is the now broken link:


B) Ignoring or dismissing the concerns of faculty who actually teach the subjects that were butchered in the Department of Anthropology.


Since the faculty were ignored the medical students at the University of Toronto decided to send a letter documenting their concerns:

We echo concerns that members of the academic community have previously raised about the quality of teaching in the aforementioned course. We do not believe that the report submitted by Dr. Vivek Goel adequately addresses our concerns, and feel that it is impossible for the academic community at large to learn from this controversy without a more thorough investigation.

We therefore request a thorough, independent investigation into the entirety of the course, as well as the institutional culture that potentially fostered shortcomings to high quality education. This should be done with representatives from the biomedical sciences to address questions of scientific accuracy. This investigation should focus on and specifically detail claims made by the lecturer referring to vaccination, homeopathy, and quantum physics. The results of this investigation should be made directly available to the public, and be sent to all current or former students who took the course.

It’s a great letter and worth a read! I am so proud that these people represent the future of medicine in Canada.

So as it stands the President of University of Toronto thinks it’s balanced to teach students (among other things)

-Lies about vaccines

– Fake physics

– Meditation shrinks cancer

Oh, and that no science credentials are required to teach about health.

The longer the President takes to own this issue, apologize to the ignored faculty, and explain what happened and how it will never happen again the more it looks like quality of education doesn’t matter at the University of Toronto and that legitimate concerns of faculty members mean nothing. Alternatively, it could mean if you want to teach at the U of T don’t bother with quality education, marry a Dean.





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  1. The link is ineffective. Thank you for taking the time to raise issues about the course and the instructor. Context is important in our society, and when opinion is presented as fact in a university it lends far too much credence to false premise, and must be challenged. Especially when coupled with questionable hiring of unqualified staff through a conflict of interest arrangement. The silence from the university is the sound of the cockroaches scurrying from the light.

  2. Dear Dr. Gunter,

    I came across your blog after reading an article posted on a French website a couple years ago: http://mggenerationdeuxpointzero.blogspot.be/2013/09/comment-aider-un-proche-qui-perdu-un.html

    I am contacting you to seek guidance on how best to help a friend of mine – my best friend, actually – whose little baby was recently diagnosed with a very serious condition (“hernie diaphragmatique” in French – maybe “diaphragmatic hernia” in English?). She spent the past few weeks running additional tests. The prognosis appears to be very unpromising: doctors evaluate that her baby has a 10% chance of surviving.

    Her due date is September 5, which means that she started feeling her baby inside of her some time ago, he already exists fully in her mind, not just in her body. She is completely shattered by the terrible news. In fact, shattered does not even beging to describe it. This is her first baby. It took her a while to get pregnant, and just like every one else she’s had ups and downs in life, and I am afraid this is going to lead to a very, very deep down for her.

    I don’t know what to do or say to help her, to alleviate just for one minute the utter misery she is in at the moment. I bought her baby a beautiful gift a few weeks ago. I don’t know what to do with it. Should I keep it for her next baby, if she ever finds the strength in her to try and make another one?

    If you have any suggestion, any recommendation to share to help me be a good friend for her, please let me know. Right now she is just staying at home, crying all day long, and trying to come to terms with the notion that she’s going to go all the way through the end of her pregnancy and very probably lose her baby in the days that will follow his birth.

    I could really use some guidance on how to be by her side, without being intrusive.

    Thank you for any piece of advice you can share with me. I hope this email is clear, I am not a native English speaker, obviously.

    Best regards.

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