The importance of the HPV vaccine in one graphic. Really.

Here are the percentage of cancers (by site and sex) due to HPV 16/18 and 31/33/45/52/58



The older HPV vaccine covers HPV 16/18.

The new 9 valent HPV vaccine protects against 16/18 as well as 31/33/45/52/58.

The vaccines are highly effective and have already begun to reduce pre-cancerous lesions of the cervix.

Current data indicates there s still a good immune response at 8-10 years out from completing the series meaning this isn’t short-term protection.

HPV causes 600,000 cancers and 250,000 deaths annually.

The majority of these cancers and deaths could be prevented by the vaccine.

This graph alos shows why people who promote Pap smears are a superior cancer protection tool are wrong. Never mind that Pap smears detect the infection after it occurs, Pap smears don’t screen for the other five HPV-related cancers and completely ignore the burden of HPV-related cancer in men.

The HPV vaccine is a cancer vaccine and it doesn’t just protect against one kind of cancer or work for one gender. There is no other cancer preventing tool of this magnitude in medicine.

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