My top 5 posts from 2013 (it’s all about the lube)

It’s always interesting at the end of the year to see what posts have been the most popular. Sometimes a particular post just speaks with people or is especially topical and goes viral. However, many of my posts just seem to have staying power by answering questions that a lot of people ask. In fact, 4 of my most popular posts in 2013 were written the year or even two years before.

A viral hit is kind of cool in a wow, I just can’t believe more than 300,000 people read something I wrote kind of way (as happened to me in 2012), however, the older posts with staying power make me very happy, because when I started this blog in 2011 my goal was to try to raise the quality of medical information online. If something I wrote back in 2011 is still getting more than 100,000 visits a year then I know it’s crawling its way up SERPs and achieving what I set out to do!

So here were my top posts for 2012 by number of visits…

Coconut oil: a natural lube, with more than 127,000 views in 2013 this post from 2011 is the clear winner. Hey, it is a great lube (you just can’t mix it with latex condoms) and also doubles as wonderful product for dry skin and hair (basically, coconut oil is a super tool for the perimenopausal and menopausal woman!). At $10 or so for a large jar it is also cheaper than any lube and most products from dry skin and hair! And it’s all natural with no chemicals!

How common is HPV in the mouth and can you get it from kissing? About 7% of people between the ages of 14 and 69 have it at any given time. Whether it is transmitted by kissing is not yet known. This post, written in 2012, was in 2nd place with just shy of 80,000 views. I suspect a lot of traffic to this older post was driven by Michael Douglas’s throat cancer. Raising awareness is always good. Throat cancer in men is linked with performing oral sex on women, just as cervical cancer is women is linked to sexual activity with men. Basically, sex and cancer is a two-way street. To protect yourself, choose your partners wisely, use barrier protection, and if you are in the right age group get the HPV vaccine.

Persistent pain after a c-section: when is it nerve pain and what can you do? Over 78,000 views for this 2011 post. The most common causes of post c-section pain are muscle (pelvic floor and/or abdominal wall) and nerve pain. These are not hard things to tease out by history and with an exam, yet I know from my own practice that many women go undiagnosed and suffer for years. I hope this post helps some get on the right track.

5 guaranteed ways to start your period (white pants, anyone?). This was a “joke post” that I wrote really for my own entertainment. Every once in a while I like to so that, so I hope it made a few people smile. BTW, the only way to induce uterine bleeding is a progesterone withdrawal (taking progesterone or a progestin for 10 or so days and then stopping it), but this doesn’t kick-start a normal ovulatory cycle it’s typically a one time bleed.

Understanding blood tests for herpes. There is so much misinformation about herpes and especially around the testing that I felt compelled to get more info out there.  I’m surprised this post written earlier in 2013 is only a few clicks shy of 70,000. I clearly need to write more on herpes.

Thanks for visiting my site in 2013. I had over 1.2 million views in total, so that’s pretty cool. All your comments are appreciated (except the personal attacks, those are uncool and get your IP address flagged as spam).

Any stories or subjects you’d like covered in 2014? Let me know!

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  1. In reading the coconut oil lube post, some people asked similar questions I never saw you address. Do you know, is there any affect on sperm? Is there any increased risk of yeast, or other, infection? Thanks for your time, and this blog!

  2. Woah, the coconut oil people should send you a gift basket — demand must have skyrocketed after people realized they could use it in the kitchen and the bedroom! Or, uh, wherever they happen to be.

    Just goes to show that sex sells. I should write about the sex products sold in local pharmacies. It would probably attract more views than my posts about pharmacists and the treatment of minor ailments… Haha.

    Thanks for being a fantastic writer, can’t wait to see what’s in store for the year ahead. 🙂

  3. Coconut oil as lube… A natural oil I can’t do without. Just a good slick lube for sex in my room. I love its slick feeling even when my hubby goes for other lubes. I love it more because it is natural.

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