img_small-t-shaped-deviceThe levonorgestrel intrauterine system (Mirena IUS) is a popular IUD. It contains the hormone levonorgestrel and over time many women gets lighter periods or even lose their periods altogether. This is a desirable side effect. The only problem is the promise of very light or no periods and combined with long acting reversible contraception comes with a price – many women have an initial bout of irregular spotting and/or bleeding. Unfortunately, many women are not adequately counseled about this possibility and as a result most women who get their Mirena removed for reasons other than wanting to get pregnant do so in the first 6 months and the most common reason cited is irregular bleeding.

Preventing early removal of the Mirena is important for the following reasons:

  • Contain costs. IUDs themselves are expensive and there is often a co-payment for insertion as well.
  • Prevent unplanned pregnancies. Long acting reversible contraception (LARC) is the most effective form of contraception because there is no user error, and so with the IUD out the next method chosen is likely to be less effective when considering real world experience. Not everyone has a plan for their post IUD contraception and that time of considering what to use next is very high risk for an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Reduce the burden of complications. While significant complications with IUD insertion are very low (less than 1%), they are all associated with the insertion. If you have an IUD inserted and pulled out 3 months later you have assumed that risk for nothing.

The best way to prevent dissatisfaction related to a known side effect (irregular bleeding) is to be adequately counseled about that side effect. So how common is irregular bleeding after a Mirena IUS?

There are a couple of high quality studies to consider. These studies followed women after the insertion and they completed daily diaries to record bleeding, so the data is prospective (these were typically studies looking at ways to reduce post Mirena insertion irregular bleeding).

The average number of days with any bleeding in the first 90 days after Mirena insertion was 35 in one study (May 2013), but it ranged from 18-55. In another study (Sept 2011) the average number of bleeding days that required a pad or tampon in the first 84 days after insertion was 22-32 days, but 25% of women bled for 33-55 days (the longest was 64 days).

While the studies aren’t perfect (they varied slightly in how they quantified the bleeding) and the diaries were not collected by investigators daily, but rather batched and collected later, they do confirm that in the first 3 months after a Mirena is inserted there is a fair bit of spotting or bleeding. If you add the days together it totals about a month, but 50% of women will bleed more than that.

Bleeding for the equivalent or at least (and possibly more) than 1 month out of the first 3 in a random way is a nuisance. Studies tell us that overall its much less blood that a period, it’s just smaller amounts with an unpredictable pattern. However, this nuisance bleeding decreases significantly over time and is important to put in the big picture. If you look at all methods of reversible contraception (Mirena, copper IUD, pill, patch, depo-provera shot. ring, and implant) women with the Mirena IUS have the highest satisfaction scores at 1 year. Also, looking at all methods of birth control, women who chose a Mirena are more likely to be using that method at a year compared to women who chose a different method.

While you should be prepared for a fair bit of irregular bleeding in the first 3 months after your Mirena IUS is inserted (and if you are in the 50% who bleed for fewer than 30 days, then great!) you should also know that if you stick with it by 1 year you are more likely to be highly satisfied with your Mirena (and less likely to be pregnant) than if you had chosen a different method.

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Adapted from Peipert et al. Data from Contraceptive CHOICE Project published in Obstetrics and Gynecology May 2011

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  1. I am facing bills that my insurance is not covering because of a Mirena that caused massive bleeding problems over 30 days in a row. I had a Mirena previously for 5 years without serious consequence and I believe that the second IUD was not inserted correctly (the doctor made a comment about tearing that surprised me and the pain was significant over a month after insertion). I am now afraid to 1) return to that doctor 2) find an alternative method of contraception and 3) be stuck with a $1000+ bill for receiving incompetent care. What do I do now?

    1. Evonne, have you thought about trying the Implanon (Nexplanon in some areas) implant? It’s progestin-only like Mirena, and lasts for three years. It also has very similar efficacy rates.

      It’s inserted under the skin of your upper arm and you can be in and out of your appointment in minutes.

      Best of luck.

  2. Thanks for this. I’m going to share with my clients. I loved my Mirena, and I recommend my clients talk to their providers about it. A no-fuss, reversible birth control method compatible with breastfeeding is just what the new mom needs.

  3. Thank you for the thorough post – and timely, as I just got one this week 🙂 My care providers actually did mention this, and warned me that barring horrendous side-effects they would *strongly* recommend that I not make any decision about removals til 6 months after; they were also very insistent that I stay on the pill for a week after insertion, so I haven’t had any bleeding yet. But whenever I do I’ll return to this post!

    1. Shit I just had the mirena put in last Wednesday as well as found out tht I have a stupid blood clot in my right calf. Now just abt 4:15 am on 3/16/17 I just started to spot. Uggg I knew something was wrong bc I didn’t feel good at all. I’ve also been in a lot of pain bc of my blood clot. Bt I cnt win for nothing

  4. Thanks for another excellent post. I’ve just hit one year with my Mirena and love it. I never experienced any post-insertion bleeding, making me one of the lucky ones, I suppose. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the information, it will be very helpful. Almost all of the women I know are hesitant to try an IUD/IUS. One of the top concerns is the severity and duration of cramping post-insertion. Do the cramps last for more than a few days, or is this one of those overblown concerns that gets fanned by Yahoo Answers, etc.?

    1. For what an anecdote is worth: I had 3-4 whopper cramps during insertion, then medium cramps most of the rest of the day, well-controlled by paracetamol, ibuprofen, and heat (and didn’t stop me cycling home from work). Some mild cramps the following morning; after that, nothing.
      Everyone is different – it would be nice to see some actual stats. But if you want more anecdata, the Livejournal group has looooads:

      1. My cramping scenario was very similar to QOB. I am now on day 15 post-insertion and still bleeding. However, this is nothing compared to what I was dealing with previously: “flooding” periods. My main reason for choosing the IUD is to reduce bleeding in the long-run, not for birth control (my husband had a vasectomy years ago). My doctor also advised me to wait at least 6 months before a follow-up assessment.

    2. I’m two weeks in to my Mirena insertion, and I still have what I would call significant cramping–about as bad as the first day of my period. I’ve been spotting constantly, but it’s not heavy. I also feel tense and uncomfortable in the abdominal/ pelvic region, which I used to think was caused by tampon use. I now suspect that I just have a very sensitive cervix, as sex can also produce the same discomfort (it’s not pain so much as pressure). I’m trying to keep in mind that this will probably all pass!

      1. This is exactly how I’m feeling – has it inproved or did you end up using another form of contraception??

      2. I’m in the same boat. 3 weeks in was due for my period, got it a few days late and I’ve bleed ( not heavy) but enough there to need to wear a tampon for over a week! I never got my period this long EVER. I’m starting to get really worried that this is going to be a regular thing? What’s a good time to give it to see if it settles ? It’s really upsetting me because it’s stopping me from doing a lot of things ):

    3. If cramping continues, it is good to get an ultrasound to ensure that placement is correct.

    4. Anecdote as well: I almost never get pain with my periods/pms, but man did I get cramps right after getting my Mirena in. The next day I felt sore and generally tender in the abdomen, but by day 2 I was fine.

      My roommate, who gets major cramps with pms and her periods, had a worse time with her copper IUD. The doctor putting hers in didn’t have a lot of experience, and she has a tilted uterus, so it took a long time to get it in, which meant that she was sore for a full week. However, not having to worry about getting pregnant for the next 10 years (during which all sorts of legislation might go through- which was her prime reason for getting the IUD) was worth it.

    5. Well I have cramps everyday sometimes they’re really strong I have to stop what I’m doing. I am bleeding since October 29 2015 it’s almost a month with continues bleeding I can’t have sex it sucks how long will I be like this 😦 .

    6. I just had mirena put in two weeks ago. I took advil before my appointment and while I say the insertion is not fun- it definitely wasn’t as painful as I thought. I had three of four bad cramps while they inserted the IUD- and then very mild cramping for the next 18 hours after that. I also have had break through bleeding for the last two weeks. I cannot wait to see how it helps my heavier periods because they have been a nightmare since my two births. I would make the decision to have mirena in 100 more times given that I have not had to think about it at all since they put it in.

  6. I am seriously considering the Mirena IUD. I’ve been on the pill for 20 years, and a few years ago switched to a pill with only 4 periods a year. It took me about 2 years to get to the point where I didn’t have random spotting every month or two, so I’m going guess that I am more likely than not to experience more spotting with the IUD too. I’m wondering if being on the pill before starting a hormonal IUD, does anything to shorten the period of adjustment. If I’m currently having 1 period every 3 months, and I switch to a hormonal IUD, will it just to maintain my current cycle or will it be like starting anew?

    1. Starting new. But it could be no period at all like my first one or everyday bleeding or spotting like the one I have now. I loved my implanon but my insurance stopped paying so I got iud. You have 50/50 shot w the bleeding issues. Ihavent stopped and its been three weeks this one was put in.

  7. I’m starting to dislike this Mirena. I’ve had it in since April and i’ve been getting cramping and bleeding almkst everyday. The cramping feels like small labor pains which i wish would stop! My gyno says, it’s normal but everyone else says different. I’m not sure what to do from here. My sex life sucks. I’m losing hope even though all i’ve heard were good things about the Mirena.

    1. It’s well within the realm of normal. Just like any other form of contraceptive every user has a different experience.

      I bled for six months on mirena and then never again for twelve years (on #3 now)

      The cramps you’re getting are also not too unusual. Uterine contractions of any kind (labor, periods, whatever) are annoying but can be mediated. One solution is to use a low dose pill for a couple of months just to stabilise your endometrial tissue, then yet should be ok for the rest of your mirenas life.

      1. you mentioned that you bled for 6 months. was it heavy? I got my mirena about 29 days ago. Got my period when I was suppose to be it never stopped. I have been bleeding on and off for almost 3 weeks now and I am annoyed. Help. any other info will help. thanks

      2. I got my IUD in March 2015 and it’s now almost Aug 2015 and last month my period lasted 13 days and this month am going on 10 days as of today! It’s wicked annoying but my Doctor says to just wait it out

    2. Hi I had a mirena iud put in last Feb. I have had nothing but problems with it. I have basically had my period EVERYDAY for almost a year. It really is depressing. On top of the bleeding my vagina now holds too much bad bacteria. I have had yeast infetions and now am diagnosed with BV (bacterial vaginitis). Sex life is NOT anymore. I have a constant order, discharge and bleeding. I have to wear a pad everyday which is holding the heat and moisture down there causing more bacteria! They keep telling me to wait it out. I can’t do this anymore! I talked about a hysterectomy and they say to just wait it out again. I want this done with.

      THEREFORE…Would I recommend a mirania iud….NO
      would I recommend a bladder sling….NO
      would I recommend a corrective postuier lift…NO.

      I wish I could go back 5 years and be ‘normal’ again!

      wish me luck on my hysterectomy….lol

      1. I have had mirena coil for 8 months and been bleeding almost non stop what happened with you did you have hysterectomy

      2. I totally hear you Brenda. I am on my third mirena but this one has been a complete nightmare really. This in now 1 year since I had it inserted after my fourth baby. I have had prolonged periods every month lasting two weeks. This last month my period combined with spotting is now going into three and a half weeks! This is very distressing really. My Gynea has put me on progesterone only pills for 10 days, an antibiotic called Doxcycyline and pons tan for 7 days all to no avail. My solution now is just to have my tubes tired so I can have my body back. If not for this episode I would highly recommend Mirena.

    3. Hi. I really feel ur pain. 7th June this year is xactly 1 year since I’ve had the mirena on. I bleed after every 2 weeks and my sex life is no longer the same. My hubby is upset n moody all the time. The pains r a lot lesser but I’m don’t wanna go back to my gynae coz of the cash costs.

  8. Question:

    I’m in need of replacing my mirena because its been 5 years now. Will the second time be another 3 months of bleeding and wishing for death? Or was that a one time thing?

    I gave birth to 3 of my 4 kids without any pain meds but having mirena inserted was like torture. It wasn’t quick and easy at all. But then again, I had a military NP and a room full of students doing my first one. Talk about awkward.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  9. I just had my Mirena removed after 120 days. I had it inserted to control heavy menstrual bleeding — super tampons every hour on the hour for three to four days. I bled for 115 of those days — sometimes just spotting, sometimes heavier. I had heavier periods than normal every 21 days. I even bled through with additional oral progesterone. Crazy!! Sometimes things just do not work out. It may be expensive and dangerous to put in and remove, but my health is more imporant!!

    1. It’s been a year for me….and I bleed EVERYDAY! I get infections and BV now. Wish I never did it. I complained about things 3 months into it, 5 months, 6 months and now it’s 12 months. They say to just deal with it. Ummm no more. I’m getting it removed and a hysterectomy. They say a hystercetomy will be 6 weeks to 3 months of recovery time, and make that sound bad. I don’t think they understand it’s been a year ALREADY of hell. Recovery from a hysterectomy can’t be any worse then this, and won’t last a year! Wish me luck

      1. Never. Im over a year and a half in
        I spot everyday besides the days theyw put me on progesteron pills. So lets say 30 days total in over 18months with no bleeding. I cant stay lubricated when i actually can have sex. Ive gained over 30lbs and am constantly bloated, gassy and constipated. I get cystic acne or clusters that wont stop. I have an area on my forehead and its swollen and infected and embarrassing. I dont want my old periods back either. I would soak through a super plus tampon and a pad in less than 15 min for at least 12 hours every month. I dont know what is the lesser evil. I just want them to take it out and all the baby making parts with it. Im done having kids, my daughter is all i need. Let me add that i now have high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and am getting varicose veines and leg cramps!!

  10. I had my Mirena inserted in Feb 2013 so going on 6 months. I still get a regular heavy 7 day period every month BUT I love the fact that I rarely don’t get any period pain maybe the odd one or two. I know it must be trying to work I’m just not sure how long until I should see some changes with the period side of things?? I didn’t get any post insertion bleeding but when I got my first period after the Mirena I bled for 2 weeks. Just wanting some answers.. Someone mentioned that I may need to go on the pill for a month and sometimes that sorts it out…



  11. I had Mirena inserted on May 13, 2013. I am almost 3 months in and have only had 39 days free of spotting. Until I read your post, I was ready to give up and call my doctor to take it out. I do hope the bleeding stops, although I must point out that it’s very light spotting, but nonetheless it is frustrating. My biggest complaint with the IUD isn’t so much the bleeding as it is the constant lower back pain. I’ve learned to ignore it, but sometimes the pain gets really strong. Has anyone else had bad lower back pain that does not go away? Will that pain stop eventually as my body adjusts?

    1. UPDATE: 2/12/14 (9 months later): My body is doing much better. The spotting has stopped and I get super light periods lasting 4-5 days. The lower back pain has gone away and I forget I even have it. I am happy now with my results and would recommend that if anyone is considering an IUD, to really look at the disadvantages and ask yourself “Can I endure up to a year of adjustments?” “Am I willing to wait it out to see what happens to my body?” This isn’t for everyone. I believe that I am fortunate. I feel so sorry for those women who are having a very bad experience. I hope it turns out well for all of you. BTW I am 43 and have had 3 children.

  12. Im 42 and got the merina 4 months back to prevent excess bleeding which was painful for me .Im still suffering from the same problem of bleeding throughout the month and it is not stopping at all which has led to pain in my legs and back and feet.Please help and provide a solution for it.Thank you.

    1. I’m experiencing the same thing
      Was bleeding heavy for 3 months had the mirena inserted few days ago and now the bleeding is worse that I’m literally wearing 3 pads at once and changing every hour and the back pain is awful I never have had back problems up till now
      Not sure what to do
      Go to emerge or what

  13. I had my mirena inserted August 15. My dr. Is a self-proclaimed IUD expert. The insertion was fast and only a little cramping during cervical anchoring. And my cervix opening was very difficult to get to (high and to the left! lol) I spotted for a day. Then started my period on time a week ago. It has been heavier than normal, but no associated cramping. But I never get cramps. My emotions are a little heightened. And my period is still going, tho very mild now with less clots, but still secreting clots once in a while followed by a small gush of blood. Still need a pad.

    1. I am having the exact same thing. I had mine inserted on 9/25/13 and I just started my monthly Thur or Fri, however i’v been spotting on and off since the insertion. I would just like to know when will my 1st monthly decease. I’m almost at a 7 day mark. & my emotions are all over the place.

  14. I recently had my IUD placed. I am normally very heavy (changing super absorbency tampons every 2-3 hours and still wear liners to be safe) and bleed for at least 7-9 days. I had the IUD placed on my 1st day of my regular menstrual cycle….I am now on day #3 (day 2 & 3 are usually are my heaviest days) and I am hardly bleeding at all. I am certainly not complaining after reading everyone else’s posts, but wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I guess you can say I wasn’t expecting the IUD to work so quickly.

    1. I had mine inserted the first day as well. I generally bleed very heavily the first 3-4 days like you did and with clots. This time though has been pretty mellow…I wasnt expecting to act this fast. We’ll see how it goes. How has your experience been since writing the review?

    2. my first 2 mirenas were like that. Got both within a couple months of baby and had one period and didn’t have another one again. Ever since my first my periods when I’m off mirena are 3 days very light bleeding and done. 3rd mirena I got April 12th and been spotting on and off since. Only difference this time is I’m not breastfeeding like I had the last 2.

  15. i am getting my mirena today i have never given birth so i just took the pills to relax my uterus… i’m on my 2 nd day of my regualr cycle … i had the inplant before and it was awesome until the last year…without pill i get cramps badly but been on it for 10 years now… always have a 7 day period but never very heavy… so wish me luck i guess

    1. Hey Lynn,
      How did you get on with the Mirena, do you still have it? I got it 3 weeks ago and have also never given birth. I’ve had a lot of pain and non stop bleeding but i’m hoping it gets better.
      Any reply would be great!

      1. Julia – I’m curious how you’re doing now? I had my mirena inserted two weeks ago (during my period), and I haven’t stopped bleeding. I had one day where there wasn’t much bleeding about 5 days after insertion, then the bleeding began again the day after and hasn’t stopped. It’s a moderate to heavy bleed. I also have never given birth. I experienced cramping the first few days, but the cramping has pretty much gone away. I’m just hoping the bleeding stops soon.

    2. I was always told mirena you had to have been pregnant before you could get it. did they change this?

      1. It isn’t true, and never has been. As long as the Mirena IUS will fit in your uterus it makes no difference whether you’ve been pregnant or not, same goes for all IUDs. I’m due for my third Mirena, no kids here!

  16. Am 46 and had mirena inserted 18 months ago at first regular spotting and light bleeding for about six months then completely nothing for six months I thought great. Then all of a sudden periods are back with a vengenance non stop bleeding every day for about four weeks just a show for a couple of weeks then bleeding again. Been like that for months now. Going to have this thing removed.

    1. Wow, same here. Had it for a year, with no periods, then all of the sudden in June regular periods. Then this month, the darn period will not stop. Already been 14 days or pure aggravation. I’m thinking about having this removed and my tubes tied…..tired of this.

      1. i had mine sence november now and started my period the on thanksgiving and still have it , i was wondering why so long , it was worse before i got it done i had heavy bleeding ,clots , now the bleeding slowed down but periods are lasting longer , before i only had them for three no longer then four days , it sometimes hurts during sex ,and after i once thought the bleeding was gone cause i didnt see it after using the bathroom ,but after sex it was still there ,9 days ,and it’s becomming very depressiong at this time , sorry for so much details ,but i am in need of adivice , i have had 3 children oldest is now 18 , i have had heavy bleeding ever sence my first child , i ask about a historictomy ,but they only wante dto do a parshal , i said no cause of the cost ,and then i’d have to do it again ,please can someone help me thank you very much

    2. Have your gyn check for fibroids. I had that happen. I had my second mirena inserted in Aug 2013. No issues for five months and then spotting and bleeding for a couple of months. Any bleeding was odd for me. When I had the ultrasound, they found I had a large fibroid that needed to be removed. Fibroids are quite common in women our age (40’s). I had a new mirena inserted in Feb 2014 and have had nonstop spotting since! Making me a bit frustrated because I didn’t have an issue with the others until the fibroid. Also getting yeast infections from the constant spotting. Ugh, having trouble waiting for the 6months.

  17. ive had a miscarriage before I got marina was still spoting but it had passed I have been bleeding heavy for two weeks now I don’t know if I should get it checked out or not my husband says my strings are uneven but its been like that since I got it what do I do?

  18. I had Mirena put in in the middle of May, 6 weeks after having my daughter. The insertion wasn’t terrible, mostly pinching. I didn’t feel any pain afterwards. I saw my ob in the middle of August and explained to him that I’m still bleeding about 2 1/2 weeks out of the month. He suggested I take ortho tri cyclen to give me the estrogen that Mirena lacks and that it would make my bleeding stop. Bad idea! Since middle of August I have been bleeding constantly! Never know when it’s gonna happen and I can’t wear a pad or tampon all day everyday. And ruined underwear to top it off. I’m thinking of having it removed and seeing a different of.

  19. Can someone please tell me if I should be worried? I am on my second Mirena. My first was great, about every 3 months I would spot for 2-3 days. My second mirena was inserted a yr ago. My periods are getting consistently worse every month. Before my kids and bc my periods were light and 3-4 days. Now it lasts about a week every month exactly on schedule and way heavier than ever before. Now cramps are getting worse and I experience some pms the week before I start. I am concerned that this is a sign that it is not working. Should I have it replaced? should I be concerned that I could get pregnant? Very Fertile!

  20. I now know why the Mirena keeps you from getting pregnant. I got mine inserted on September 26th, and have not stopped bleeding since. You can’t get pregnant, if you don’t stop bleeding long enough to have sex. My biggest issue is not the bleeding, even though that is annoying. My problem is the hormonal issues. I have hot flashes all day every day, I have lower back pain, and cramping later in the afternoon, and my mood swings are very very tempermental. I just never know when I am going to cry, scream, or want to rip someone’s head off. Will it ever stop??

    1. Hi, just wondering how this turned out for you? I had mine put in March 9, 2015 and haven’t stopped bleeding yet!! My husband and I are both getting very frustrated…I’ve been anemic since I was a baby and this bleeding has drained my iron levels even more…I’m 34 and have 5 kids, I first got this put in because of heavy bleeding due to my uterine wall being sewn to my stomach muscules after my last c section….any advice as to when ths will stop??

      1. Kristi,

        The bleeding is different for everyone. I bled for about six months straight, but always very light after the first two months — so much so that I needed only a panty liner. As someone who often had to change my tampon every hour, this was kind of great. After six months, it stopped completely. So, if bleeding is your only problem, stick it out. After a year, I had it removed because it made sex painful (tilted uterus on top of everything), but otherwise it was totally worth the investment!

  21. I had the Mirena IUD implanted two days ago and the insertion was SOOOO painful! My Doctor had advised I take Ibuprofen prior to the visit (and I did). I should have had something much stronger. It felt like labor pain. AND I know labor pain, had my son naturally 17 years ago, and two days ago I felt the pain I again I felt 17 years ago. Now it’s been a couple of days and the back pain is bad. I am to the point of taking pain pills. Is this backpain normal????

    1. I wouldn’t resort to pain pills. Go to your doctor first. That’s strange that it hurt that bad. I can’t take pain at all and I had it put in with nothing. I felt a little cramp but nothing like my labor. You should tell your doctor for sure.

  22. I have had 3 children and now my periods are very heavy. I decided to get the mirena to help. It was put in on the last day of my period for easier insertion. After a couple of days with no period I became very moody and tired. About one week later I’m spotting and it’s stringy. Kind of like when I ovulate. Should I be bleeding right after my period this soon? And why is it stringy or like mucus?

  23. hhhhmmmm…..I’ve been on Depo for a 15 months, insane weight gain, had Mirena put in 3 weeks ago. Bled the first day and nothing since. Should be interesting once the depo wears off (got my shot on 9/30 got mirena about 4 weeks later so no lapse in coverage…I see sperm, I get pregnant and since I’m divorced and my kids are 12 and 17 that is NOT an option for me). Wonder how it is gonna be when the depo wears off. So far no issues with Mirena except a few days of feeling “full” for lack of a better word. Any one else been there?

  24. I had the Mirena for 11 months (Sept 2012-Aug 2013) and out of that time I bled almost the entire time. I would estimate about 30 days of that time frame to have been blood free. I have since had it taken out, and STILL have been bleeding ever since. My doctor has given me 2 depo shots and birth control pills to stop the bleeding but it is relentless. I thought I was the only one who experienced the gushes and I have to go to work! I always have a big purse in which I keep my “kit” that includes extra panties and several bulky sanitary napkins. I live in a small town where my doctor is pretty much the only one here and they have no idea what to do. I have switched 3 doctors in that office. The only resolution they are giving me is to have my uterus removed however, I’m 30 with one child and would like more children. How long exactly did the excessive bleeding last? What did you do to ease the cramping? This is month 3 for me of this.

  25. I had my mirena inserted yesterday, first day of my normal cycle. The process was very painful for me (tricky uterus–high and to the right), and I experienced waves of pretty intense cramping for the first 15 minutes or so after it was in. After that, the cramping was much lighter. I had a bit of a ‘meh’ feeling all evening, but it was mostly from the intensity of the procedure. Today, bleeding is rather light, much lighter than a normal day two of my cycle, and cramping is barely noticeable. I’m taking 400mg of naproxen every 8 hours or so, which is definitely helping.

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  27. I had my first IUD after my second child. I had tried the pill and shot before. My periods were outta control. Super plus tampon every hour! Big pads in case I couldn’t make it on time. Puddles every morning. The IUD was heaven sent. Yes it hurt getting it. Cramps, spotting, for a lil while. Then five years of no periods. I was so thrilled. So at the five and half year marker I was back to spotting and some bleeding. Got mine replaced. January now. Had it replaced in Sept. I am back to having the cramps and bleeding still. I am going on week three straight of bleeding. What the heck happened to my heaven sent blessing? It feels like hell. I’m gonna tough it out. Butgeez. 😦 You all are not alone!

    1. Dawn, I had a Mirena put in 5 years ago, never bled, had my second one put in last week, spotting already! Please tell me it gets better! I will have this thing removed and go back on the pill if I am going to bleed anyways!

      1. So far, since Sept I think, I still get very irregular periods. But It’s still a lot better than what it would be without it. I just started thinking I was done bleeding, after almost 2 mths, but it turned into one day bleeding, 2 days nothing, Then a week bleeding, 2 days off, now today, back to bleeding. But It’s all very light. Most of the time, just when I wipe. I’m going to stick it out cause I remind myself, It’s still better than without. I am going to my gyno soon. I will let u all know what he says. 🙂 good luck!!

      2. I had the mirena put in after my second child when I was 30, no cramping, no spotting, no nothing for 5 beautiful years. Took it out, I winged it for two years with regular periods (I’m not a heavy bleeder, I cramp day one and cycle is about 4 days),eventually we slipped up around 3 years out I got preggers. We had been married almost 8 years by then so we embraced the slip up but I had a miscarriage it was tough on both of us so I decided to get mirena agan. I had such a good experience with it the first time. This second go round has been COMPLETELY different. Insertion was just a bad cramp that ended quickly. I didn’t spot for a few days but once I started I haven’t stopped. Its been over 3 months with off and on spotting the entire time. I am 10 years older and maybe 8 pounds heavier. I’m gonna give it 6 months before I decide but I won’t do this for five years. My hubby wants it out…the spotting is just annoying

  28. I had Mirena with my first child and didnt have any issues until the 4th year. I just had it put in after my son on Dec. 30th and started on Jan 14th and havent stopped…i guess this is normal??

  29. I had the Mirena IUD inserted 3.5 years ago due to complications from PCOS. It has been ok but for unknown reasons I’ve not stopped bleeding since. This is managed with Primolut 3 x a day. Although not ideal, the alternative would be severe cramping, blood loss and clotting due to the PCOS without the Mirena and Primolut. Any advice would be appreciated.

  30. This was helpful for me. My Mirena insertion was about 26 days ago and I was looking for reassurance that my irregular spotting to bleeding frequency was expected. I haven’t kept a journal but I’ve had some bleeding maybe 1 in every 3 days, usually needing a tampon. I definitely plan to stick it out, and am already feeling much more reassured about contraceptive coverage than with the Pill, which I weas on for 8 years prior.

  31. I’ve had my Mirena for one year and was advised by my GP to get one to control heavy bleeding. The first three months were awful – almost constant bleeding (periods lasted anything from 14 days to 20 days) with only 5 or 10 days between periods, along with bloating, hair loss and tender breasts. Things began to improve once I hit the six month mark. The bloating & sore breasts went away and is now only there during the usual PMS week. I’m still losing hair, but not nearly as much as before. My cycle is still regular (I get a period every 28 days) and the bleeding lasts for 14 days. So every month I have two weeks “on” and two weeks off. It’s really irritating, as I had a heavy 8-day bleed before Mirena and now I have a lighter 14-day bleed. Honestly, I don’t know which was / is worse! I plan on sticking it out, but really hope that the periods will start to get shorter, as I can’t live with this pattern forever. It is affecting my social life (no pool parties or swimming at the beach for two weeks each month – I’m too scared to use tampons in case I accidentally pull the Mirena out!).

  32. I had the mirena inserted a year ago a had bleed on and off in the first month n never had spotting or bleeding after that but now I have bleeding it’s day 2 and really bad pain and feel lethargic is this normal.?

  33. I had a Mirena place last August (2013)…it is now February and yes, my periods are lighter (I had it placed due to heavy bleeding)….but I have bleeding every 2 weeks. I am bleeding for anywhere from a few days to a week….then get a week off and then boom, I’m bleeding again. It is light – but what a pain! When does this become something I should worry about? My doctor keeps telling me – don’t worry – it’s lighter, so it’s working….
    Also, could having sex be causing it?

  34. I got my Mirena put in about 10 days ago. I get migraines (all kinds) and used to be on Orthotricyclin years ago, but my new doctor wouldn’t prescribe it because of my migraines. I get horrible cramping with my periods — often having to take Torodol for the cramps or take a day off of work! But my periods only come every 34 days and last for 3-4 days at a time (one day of spotting, two of heavy, clotted bleeding that require pad and tampon changes every two hours, and one day of light flow). My hope is that the Mirena will help regulate my periods, reduce bleeding and eliminate cramps. And, of course, make sex more intimate with my partner (no need for barrier protection).

    The process of insertion was excruciating for me. I have a very high tolerance for pain (15+ migraines/month and all those horrible period cramps I have had since I was 11). Still, this was, by far, the worst pain of my life. The doctor insisted on using a large speculum, which no one has ever used on me (I have no kids), and that was like prying my pelvis apart. Then, she saw some hanging tissue and cut it off, and a polyp, which she also cut off. Now five minutes into the agony, she prepared for the IUD for insertion. I don’t recall any “clamping” of my cervix that others spoke of here, but that may be because I was hyperventilating from the pain of the speculum! I felt the device insert and spread out inside my uterus. It was like a wave of pain causing immediate and intense cramping. She cleaned up, trimmed the strings long-ish, and removed the speculum. There was immediate relief once the speculum was gone, but I was left with horrible cramping. I spent the next 15min on the table trying to calm down and breathe normally (my hands were tingling and I was dizzying from hyperventilating). I sobbed quietly for a few minutes from the cramps before I was given two Motrin. I was very weak for an hour afterwards and had to sit in the lobby before I called a cab.

    The first four days were bright red bleeding, consistently, with horrible cramps and back pain. I was taking about 1200mg of ibuprofen/day, and even then, I would have such intense cramps that I would have to stop dead in my tracks and grab a hold of someone or something tightly for a minute until the pain would would pass. (I imagine this is what a bad contraction feels like. It’s typical of what the worst of my normal cramps feel like.) Then my period hit and the bleeding increased and cramping continued. The bleeding has been consistent for the past 7 days, heavy enough to require a tampon or thick pad, although not clotted, and occasionally mixed with a bit of vaginal mucus. I have reduced my ibuprofen intake to 2 pills, generally in the afternoons when the cramps hit. (I have bad cramps right now, in fact, and have to breathe through it like I’m giving birth.) I also have to be careful how I stand or sit, as putting weight on my left side brings on a major cramp.

    I am set for a follow up in 3 weeks so the doctor can check the placement. In the meantime, I think it is safe to say I won’t be having sex any time soon. The pain is intense, so the idea of adding anything else into that mix is not appealing. I am going to give this 4 months to see if the pain dissipates. I am hoping it is all worth it.

    1. Update: I am now on my third month with Mirena. I get my period every 30 days now and it lasts for a week at a time, but requires just a panty liner (no tampon). I get bar cramping for one day prior to my period and light cramping on the day of ovulation, but otherwise I am fine. The bleeding itself keeps getting lighter and is never clotted. In between, however, I have had very light brown spotting nearly every day. I would say I have had maybe two days without any bleeding at all since insertion. It is all getting better each month, though. I am hoping the period goes away entirely. I am not sure if 7 days of light bleeding and minor cramps is better than two days or heavy bleeding and painful cramps. Either way, I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel which I didn’t see when I was in so much pain during the first few weeks.

  35. Is it normal to still have your period after having 14 days insert from the mirena iud

  36. Is it still normal to have your period after having 14 days of the mirena iud

  37. I am 18 years old and haven’t had any kids. I had my Mirena inserted exactly two weeks ago on April 30th 2014, the second day after my period started. The pain was pretty bad but I got through it. I was given numbing medicine before my doctor inserted the Mirena.
    It is now May 14th 2014 and I am losing what little patience I have ever had. I HAVEN’T STOPPED BLEEDING. Some days the blood would be more brown and light. Then it’s like a period all over again and it’s on and off. I also still get cramps. Less than the first week, but I usually have to take two ibuprofen every other day or every few days.
    I’m very irritable, probably because I’ve been bleeding for two weeks, haven’t been able to have sex, and been tired from all the pills I take. I was told (by my dad’s girlfriend) to ride it out for a few weeks to see what happens.
    And seeing as how every woman is different and is affected differently, I have no sodding idea what I’m going to do if I keep bleeding for 30 days.

    1. I was told to keep waiting it out. I still have unregulated bleeding. Its been since Sept. But this is my second one. The first I had about three weeks of bleeding, then five years no blood at all. This time, I have had bleeding up to right weeks straight. Its been rough. Especially because my fiances phobia of blood. Lol. But it seems to have finally calmed down. I just keep praying the next four years will be no bleeding again. If it is, it will be all worth it. Keep waiting it out. Even a year. I know it’s rough. But trust me, even a few years of light to no bleeding and barely chance of pregnancy is so sorry it. The shot makes you bloaded and chances of break thru bleeding that is so bad you might as well stay on the toliet. Pill, we all can forget to take. Stick it out. Good luck

    2. Sorry, new phone, autocorrect sucks. Bleeding up to eight weeks straight. Try to stick it out.

      1. Thank you for your response and information. My bleeding has gotten less and less to the point where I can have sex on a good day. Problem is I get bad cramping afterwards. I hope that’s temporary.

  38. I got my mirena may 6 so almost a month now . And I spotted a day at first and stop started bleeding and cramping really bad and have been for about twelve days now. Im not sure if this is normal . I thought my periods were suppose to be lighter/spotting if any???

  39. Ok, so has anyone had it for 6 months or more? I had mine placed Dec 6, 2013 and I am still bleeding. I went to the dr once and she said to hang in there since it is lighter. But I have this for heavy periods not birth control. I had my 3 kids and had my tubes tied i am doing this to stop the heavy bleeding. I was going through super plus tampons every 30 minutes for 15 days then normal periods for another 15 days. Yes the flow is lighter BUT not consistent at all! I am going on a vacation in 3 weeks and how am I to plan when I will be in Mexico swimming and such. I am so frustrated. Any suggestions.

    1. I’ve had the mirena for 10 months. I got it for heavy bleeding as well. It’s getting less each month. But my period is still un reliable like it used to be. I didn’t have a period in April and May then had a 4 day period this month with 2 heavier days. But it’s not as heavy as it used to be. I used to have a 28- day cycle with 8- day periods. With at least 4- days gushing periods. Every time I stood up it’d gush! I don’t regret getting the mirena. It’s getting better each month.

    2. Hi kelley. I’m in the same boat as you. I had mine inserted on november 24, 2013. I am still bleeding. I have probably had three days total without any spotting or bleeding. My periods themselves are so weird. Light flow to almost nothing, then medium flow to nothing for half a day, then heavy for three days, then nothing for half a day and then I think I’m done and it comes back!!!! I emailed my doc back in april and she told me to hang in there, but this is ridiculous. I’m just not sure if I should try to wait for the year mark or just have it taken out. I forgot to mention that I have moderate acne now too which I really don’t like. I just got back from vacation at the beach which I didn’t even swim in because I can’t wear tampons since I had kids. So not fun to be on vacation and you can’t even swim with your kids. What the heck do we do?

  40. I am on Mirena #2 with my first I had no trouble at all regular periods no cramps or random spotting. This one on the other hand is different…Although my cramps and bleeding have eased signifigantly, my periods are crazy…I have had it since Jan 2014 I never know what’s coming…Some times I have 1 or 2 or I’ve even had a 3rd period in 1 month and this month I don’t have 1 at all. I am aware that it’s possible periods may stop. But is it normal just to skip one or should I expect no more…or be concerned?

  41. I got the mirena inserted on April 18 well this is my 3rd month being on it. I got it July the 11th at first it was heavy now its just spotting. But I dont spot the whole day just a few times a day.
    When will it all stop?

  42. I’ve had my IUD for 2 years. First 6 months were wonderful! No period what so ever but the 7th month to present has been horrible!

    I started to spot during my period (no big deal, that was fine by me) but then I started getting a horrible and I mean horrible discharge, once that went away my periods got heavier and heavier (I haven’t had sex in the past 2 years so pregnancy is 100% out of the question) now my periods are every 19 days I can only wear a Super Plus tampon for about 2 1/2 hrs to 3 and then I’m over flowing. Last month it was horrible the worst it’s ever been, but now the really scary part is I’m late, checked my string and my IUD is going to fall out. I’m going to call my doctor in the morning and see if I can see him.

    Has anyone else had this type of problem?

  43. I’ve been on Mirena for 5 month’s n every month my period is about 11-20 days long I get pain n cramping all the time. Sex hurts so avoid it all together. I seen a doctor a few times, even got a ultrasound n found out my iud isn’t in the right place. Had a doctor appointment last week to remove it but doctors can’t find the strings.. 😦 I’m getting pain still n I have to wait to see a specialist in a few weeks.. I can’t wait to have this thing out..

  44. Hate it have had it for a week and cannot wait to remove it. I feel like crap. I was told to switch because of high blood pressure. I would rather have high blood pressure cause I didn’t feel like crap or bleed non stop. Worse product I have ever used.

    1. A week? Did you think the side effects mentioned wouldn’t apply to you, or did you just not consider them? It takes longer than a week for virtually any contraceptive, or virtually any medication or medical device, to start working 100% or settle in completely.

      Trust me, some cramping and spotting is preferable to a stroke, kidney failure, or heart attack caused by hypertension. Very few doctors will prescribe combined oral contraceptives to someone with your health profile. Your only other option would be drastic weight control via a hypertension-limiting diet and exercise, but that would mean committing to long-term lifestyle change. You sound very young, so hopefully you have the energy and time to implement this new lifestyle in order to reverse the hypertension and return to COCs.

      1. Wow how ignorant can one person be? Weight Control? How do you even know if she is overweight or not. I’ve known several young people that are normal weight and have hypertension. High Blood Pressure is not just a fat person’s disease. In my family it’s genetic. Uncle had it since college when he played football, aunt had it since she was 20 and she was very thin then. Mom and Grandma have hypertension and they are both fit people. I’m sorry to say but a lot more people would be eating healthy and exercising if they were a cure for Hypertension, but sadly they are not. They can help in some cases, but not always. Do your research.

  45. I’m 17 and just got my IUD inserted a month ago and so far this whole month has just been horrible. Before I got it inserted I had really irrigular periods. (It was amazing and I loved it) But now sadly this whole month I have had my period. It’s not heavy but it is constent. Luckly I only had cramping during and only a few hours after the proceedure happened but now after reading everyones complaints about the IUD and realizing I could keep having my period, I’m considering just taking it out. My health care provider never spoke of having bleeding for as long as I have so far and I don’t want to find out that I am going to have it for another 11 months!! I wanted something easy, not more of a pain to take care of..

    1. Amanda – Your provider should have warned you that the device has a 4-6 week settling in period, during which time bleeding often occurs. This info is available all over the internet too.

      Hang in there though, it’s very unusual to have symptoms that last longer than the initial settling in period. The problem with any form of contraceptive is that people only post if they have a bad experience, if their choice of pill/device/barrier works well for them, they get on with their lives. You hear about the ‘condom baby’ or the ‘pill baby’, and never the millions of satisfied, happy users.

      Are you american by any chance? The US has a horrible track record WRT IUDs, people are therefore uninformed and uneducated about them (through no fault of their own) and who distrust the device and panic because their health providers are poorly informed, and do not tell their patients what to expect.

      Here in the rest I’d the world we’ve been using devices like Mirena since the early 70s. They’re common, trusted, and regarded as the safest and most effective choice for pregnancy prevention.

      You’re young, and probably haven’t given birth yet, so you will bleed for a while, but it should taper off soon, and give you 5+ years of stress-free sex I’m on my third now, having had the first fitted in 2009. I had seven weeks of bleeding, then a bit of spitting once a month, and by the six month mark – nothing. I believe 70% of users have no bleeding at all by the twelve month mark.

      Each successive Mirena has had one day of bleeding, that’s it. If you look at IUD_divas or vaginapagina (both on livejournal) or Scarleteen you’ll find many happy, satisfied users.

      The ultimate message for everyone is – do your own research before fitting so that you know what to expect

      TL;DR – Your symptoms are normal, stick with it, and hopefully you’ll have several happy years if IUD use.

  46. I had my iud inserted almost 3 weeks ago I’m still bleeding no pain and I’m wearing panty liners (not heavy) using bc pills I would go through the same bleeding actually a little heavier so I’m a little concerned. Just because I’ve been reading scary stuff on the net. Lol

  47. I have mirena since 9/5 of this year and I started bleeding on the 16th, which shows no signs of stopping. I thought mirena was supposed to make you not havevperiods? How can I make the bleeding stop so I can start getting laid again? I got the stupid thing because I’m not old enough for a hysterectomy and I hate kids. If I was gonna ruin my life and get pregnant I would’ve done so a couple years ago when it was the cool thing to do.

    1. Well duh…if there was a way to stop the bleeding, do you think we’d all be on here bitching about it?? Get real!!!

    2. You’ve got to be kidding me…how can I make the bleeding stop? Well, duh, if that were possible do you think we’d all be here bitching about how bad OUR bleeding is? Get real, lady!!

  48. Got Mirena 20 June 2014. Inserting time Merina went well, just felt a little bit uncomfortable but overall ok. Then the bleeding started and still going on till today 7 October 2014. Had 16 of no bleeding. Had quit hectic cramps the first month, now no cramps. No back pain. Was wondering why so emotional especially crying – but now know its the Marina. Went back to gyni 11 August 2014 put me on Microval, Cyklokapron (S4) 18 + Nafasol EC500 (S3) 15 to stop bleeding, didnt help. Then went to gyni again got Provera 10 mg (S4) 21 and YES still bleeding. 112 Days and 16 days no bleeding & many mood swing. Mmmmm, I’m really getting idea this was not my best choice!!!

  49. Been less than a week since I got mine.. A little bleeding, but that is expected. I have no cramping though. A little positive intention that it will the perfect solution for me.

  50. I am desperate for help. I had Mirena inserted 32 days ago and have been bleeding every day. The flow is like a regular menstrual period and requires frequent changing of tampons. Help! I am ready to scream, cry, and generally fall apart. Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Read the article. It’s normal. “Falling apart” seems like an overreaction. Maybe you should speak to a professional about your reaction? It’s only been four weeks into a five year commitment.

      Also, to ANYONE having a procedure that has the potential to affect your body for five+ years, research it. Nobody gets Mirena sprung on them, so ask your care provider for a copy of the patient information leaflet, ask them what the side effects are likely to be. 5+ years of virtually foolproof contraception is always going to come with side effects, but you know what has far greater side effects? Pregnancy.

      Until science can come up with some magical device or drug that can protect against pregnancy for so long, and with nothing needed from the user (no daily/weekly/monthly schedule) then Mirena is pretty much the best bet for avoiding pregnancy, short of sterilisation or abstaining altogether from sexual activity that involves having a penis in the vagina, and sticking to all of the other types of sex.

    2. It took my body 5+ months to finally stop bleeding all the way. I had normal period for over 3 months, then it slowed. Then to only when I went to the bathroom I’d spot. Now I have had it for over a year and only spot every other month for a few days. I love it now. It sometimes takes time for your body to accept the change. Hang in there. 🙂

  51. I just got Mirena inserted about 9 days ago today, and I can say the initial insertion made me cry out in pain! (I’ve never been pregnant before, so I was told it could be a bit more painful for me). It felt like an extreme pinch. I was very “sore” afterward and took the pain medication my doctor provided for me. I was feeling crampy but nothing too extreme for the first week, and very light bleeding. But last night, I started having the WORST almost contraction-like pain and it seemed to come in waves. The pain was so bad it was paralyzing! No joke! I called my doctor this morning and was told that this pain is typical, and that I should check back in in 2 days. Does anyone have any tips or words of wisdom? I want to push through, but man… this is really painful! Had I known the pain was going to be this bad, I may have stuck with my Nuva Ring.

  52. I have been constantly bleeding since Mirena was placed 6 months ago. It’s not heavy but it is a slight constant flow. I haven’t stopped for a single day and I most certainly don’t want to have sex like this. It’s rather frustrating for both my boyfriend and I. How much longer should I wait before getting it removed?

  53. I got my i.u.d and everytime i have sec u bleed i dont know why is that normal i bleed alot

  54. I have just had my second Merina inserted…..I do not remember bleeding like this with the first. I loved my last Merina, a little spotting then nothing for the rest of the time until I had it replaced on Friday, I have now been bleeding for 5 days and it is showing no signs of easing……I really do not remember this. Is this normal? Have I been spoilt and forgotten what it is like to have a period? I can’t wear tampons as my Gyno suggested it is not a good idea, it may remove the merina……I have no cramping, but alot of bleeding and I am not liking that one little bit. Any suggestions on how long this bleeding will last???

    1. I had my second Miranda put in in January, 3 weeks ago I had spotting and today started heavy bleeding, did you stop bleeding or was there a problem?

  55. I had mine inserted in May – It is now the end of February and I am still spotting 20/30 days a month! It really does make the sex life non existent – I did research before agreeing however one does not find all the forms about constant spotting util one has a problem and searches that directly. Spotting is better than hemorrhaging however I was expecting 6 weeks of adjustment then very light regular or non extant periods from that point on. Disappointed 😦

    1. I’m disappointed as well. After putting up with the irregular spotting for over a year, I thought I was ok. Now I’m bleeding more frequently in between periods and its interfering with my relationship. I had an ultrasound to check for fibroids and have an appointment next month to remove the IUD.

  56. Hello i been with iud since nov and i spot everytime i pee i wipe blood also when i have intercourse i also bleed after my spottind is everyday since nov one weekend i did feel a lot of presure for a couple days after sex is thos a concern . o had the iud before never had any problems like this is kind of un comfortable

  57. Just wanted to say, my first one was a blessing. This second one, lots of wipe bleeding, off time for periods….. all the same complaints…… if your bleeding is “off beat”, please keep up on your paps. Iud not controlling bleeding is a sign of problems. Not necessarily. But for me it ends up HPV / cervical cancer. So if you don’t feel right, please get checked.

  58. I got Mirena March 9, No kids and 24 years old. I have a high pain tolerance got two breast augmentations and didn’t feel as much pain as the Mirena, tho the IUD insertion was only 30 minutes long for me because instead of having 3 sharp pinches/pain i had 6, they had to measure me 3 times because of my difficult uterus and that is when my body shut down. The insertion was the most painful thing i have ever encountered, i literally went into body shock got so sweaty and blacked out in the chair. However i was fine 20 minutes later with light cramps and was able to drive myself home. The cramps were so bad i had sex one time 3 days after the insertion and the aftermath cramps were horrible, the following week i got my menstrual cycle as i was due for it. Now March 24 and i still have light bleeding, no cramps and definitely not noticeable enough not to have sex. No pain after sex either, but it is still uncomfortable to deal with this spotting i hope it stops

  59. I’m about to turn 40 April 26th mother of 2 Beautiful daughters . My question is after a year and half being on the IUD Merina I still have my period but I start to bleed before my period and a few days afterwards is this normal .

  60. My doctor inserted the mirena on March 31, 2015 for the main purpose of relieving the painful endometriosis.
    I was off the pill for 1 year and only had my period three times within that time. I never had children.
    Can anyone tell me if mirena worked to shrink the endo. I am now having light spotting. Is this normal.

    1. Read the main post for all the info on spotting/irregular bleeding.

      My mirena is purely for endo control and it saved my life. I’m on my second and I’ll continue to get them for as long as I can. The pain associated with my endo had lessened dramatically, and the pain and other symptoms were entirely gone within six months

  61. I had the mirena inserted May 28th. Today is June 8th. I started my period the night of insertion and have been on it since then. I am a little worried because my mother tried this a few years ago and she kept bleeding for a year. She is now anemic and has to have blood infusions every month or so. Would it be possible thay the same thing could happen to me?

  62. I have had my Mirena for a little over a week. I’m still spotting but not very much. How long does this last?

  63. I realize this blog post is two years old but thanks so much Dr Gunter – this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. An objective, scientifically-focussed report with statistics. I’ve been looking around the Internet and haven’t found anything like this so far. I didn’t really want to look up any original studies as it’s not my field – I wanted a personal account with explanations that would suit anyone. Besides, the majority of women won’t have access to those studies. This blog post is perfect for information – THANK YOU!

  64. I had the Mirena Coil fitted on 11/8/15 under GA I had a D & C and a smear test. I’ve an under active thyroid and epilepsy which was the main reason I opted for the coil to reduce heavy periods. I started my first period on 18/8/15 and have bled every day, bloated, pelvic cramps and some headaches and tired with sore breasts. I’ve read every forum known to man on the coil and I’m hoping that the bleeding will stop. I don’t use tampons and have had to wear sanitary towels since 11/8/15. I can understand how good the mirena is for contraception as you honestly couldn’t consider sex with the constant bleeding. I’m early days into it and I know that it can take up to 6 months for your body to adjust. I’d be happier with lighter periods and if I were lucky enough for my period to stop then great the spotting does make it necessary to wear a sanitary towel. I wonder have I made the right decision?

  65. It has been 6months since I had inserted my IUD. For the first 2/3 months I was just having some cramping and an usual spotting but now after 6months of insertion I’m having abdominal pain and some bleeding and I’m worried that the IUD is moved. Does anyone experience this and so this means the IUD is moved and also do i have to see a Dr. ? Please if anyone have any idea before I see a Dr and face all that bill.

    1. I am NOT a medic, but these are the signs that it has moved. You should see a doctor. It’s terrible that you will have to pay for it. I’m really sorry about that 😦

  66. I got my iud placed on 08/07/15 and I had heavy bleeding for like a month straight and every period after has been heavy as well. Idk weather it was inserted wrong or what but I was informed that my next period after receiving the iud would be light but that’s not the case they’ve got heavier and lasts so much longer. Think I’m just going to talk to my doctor about other options.

  67. I want to know how long will I bleed and when will it stop. I have been bleeding for 10 days and it looks like period blood and then stops at night sometimes. An how long should I expect my self to bleed and when will it stop all together?

    1. Did you even read this post? No, of course not.

      Go back and actually read Dr Gunter’s post. Read it. The answer to your questions lies within.

  68. I got my IUD inserted 60 days ago exactly, and I’ve had a steady period since the day of insertion. I was warned there would be some bleeding, but I have yet to read online about anyone who has had the same reaction… Is this normal? Or should I see my Doctor?

  69. I had my IUD inserted exactly 60 days ago. I was warned I would experience some bleeding but I’ve had a steady period since the day of insertion.
    I have yet to read of anyone having similar side effects online, is this normal? Or should I see my doctor?

  70. Hello I need help n suggestions please.. I got my IUD in on Thursday I been bleeding since then.I stopped kinda all day then all of asudden bleeding again I’m not cramping but I am on blood thinners n I have fibroids anyone out there with similar symtoms

  71. I’ve had the mirena ous inserted Oct. 15 is it normal to still bleed some days are just light n other days is heavy..

  72. I have bled almost nonstop since I’ve had Mirena, and I’m about 3 months in… I’ll have a period, and for all the days in between, I’ll spot. I’ll get maybe one, two, possibly three days if I’m lucky that I don’t bleed. and then by the time it’s bedtime, I’m spotting again. Its accompanied by regular cramps, and if I’m on my feet for long periods of time, a feeling akin to an ache, almost like gravity is trying to have everything fall out. I’ve been considering having it taken out. I don’t want to have to deal with it anymore. Do these symptoms really go away? I feel horribly, I’m spending way to much money on pads and tampons, and my love life with my husband is struggling.

    1. Read Dr Jen’s original post. Y’know, the thing you just commented on. It’s all in there.

  73. I’m still Beeding(every month) after having my IUD Inserted about two years this normal?Anyone?

  74. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that has these problems. Had my mirena put in about 3 months ago. Pretty much have constant bleeding. Mostly just spotting (brownish blood and quite a bit of clots) but enough that I have to always wear a pad. Also frequent cramping. Sometimes just minor annoying ones and other times very painful. Before getting my IUD I never got cramps even with my period. It’s frustrating but I’m determined to stick it out for at least 6 months to see if things get better!

    1. I had a Mirena put in early December 2015 & had failry constant spotting & then 6 days of what resembled a very light/mdm period about 3 weeks after insertion. This was followed by more spotting for around 2 weeks & then nothing at all for 2 weeks. I now have had 9 days of light flow but mdm bright red to dark coloured bleeding with some minimal lower abdominal pain above the pubic area so will continue to watch this as I’m not sure if this is normal or not. If it worsens will consult my doctor. Apart from this latest bleeding I have been fairly happy with it so far. Only other changes I can note was REALLY severe breast pain that coincided with the bleeding at 3 weeks (lasted about 5 days) & small white milk pimples appearing on my face (not usually one who is prone to pimples of any kind). Will update my progress again in a few months. PS: I was recommended the Mirena for heavy dysfunctional uterine bleeding due to polyps in the uterus, not for contraception purposes specifically.

  75. I feel much better reading about everyone’s posts and reading the article. I didn’t know about the potential to bleed consistency for up to 3 months after the insertion. I knew that I would have to wait up to 6 months before knowing how much body would respond. Now I know that constant bleeding is normal after insertion for up to 90 days at least. I only go mine inserted yesterday. I am so sorry for everyone else who has had it so bad. At least it is fairly normal.

  76. I used to have insanely heavy periods. For 24 hours usually at least i would go through a super plus tampon and leave a crime scene in 15 min or less. And on top of that i would bleed for almost two weeks. So i thought I would try Mirena. Now over 5 months in and i have had only 2 days of no bleeding!!!! I cant win. I just want to be able to have a normally sexually active life for once. Its hardly a period on most days but still blood and then 3 times ive gotten what you could call a normal type flow for a few days. I give up! Ill never feel normal.

  77. Hi There
    OK so I had my IUD inserted yesterday and right when I went to use it I was already spotting but it was gooye with little blood lines in it is this normal. (GOOYE BlOOD).

    1. Went to use what?

      Also, READ THE POST. Your answer lies therein.

      Dr Jen deserves a frigging medal.

      1. Hi my name is Alicia and I’m 20 years old and I’ve had my period for 3 months now and that 3 months was going good just very tiny spotting on and off. But now that 3 months are in, 2 days ago my period started to get heavy and I was wondering if it’s gonna be a regular 7 days because my birthday is already coming up and I don’t wanna end up having heavy periods every single day it’s too depressing for me. But if it is gonna be like everyday, how long will it go away?

  78. I am 30 days after insertion and I am still bleeding just like a regular period. I’m a little scared that will not stop. My dr told me that I will not have a period over time which would be great but no one ever mentioned that until it’s gone completely I will still be bleeding the way I do. I’m a little concerned. It doesn’t look like it’s slowing down either. Is it ever going to get better?

    1. Im just at 6 months and and almost 3 weeks ago i finally stopped bleeding. Literally before that i had 2 days of no bleeding and that 2 days was only after the doctor gave a 10 day round of progesterone pills, then i started bleeding again. That was maybe 1 month or so ago. So i thought when it finally stopped a few weeks back that i finally was done with this craziness for at least a month. Well about a week ago, bam! I started bleeding again. Still going too. Its light but its enough for a regular tampon. So hang on tight, your potentially in for a few more months of insanity. But im going to stick it out at least another mo th to give my body over six months to adjust. Ive researched alot and the satisfaction rate among women after 1 year is like 99% or so.ething close. Btw my regular periods were so bad that i would go through a super plus tampon and a pad in less than 15 min for over 24 hours. Not sure how bad your were but im thinki g its just my luck to bleed this long.

  79. I have had my mirena for 16 months and it’s been great no bleeding after the initial 60 days but now I have started spotting is this normal or should I have an ultrasound to see if the mirena had moved

    1. Hi, I have a doubt. My mirena was insrted on march 25th 2018, my first period came by 13th april..and 2nd period on 13th may. Today is June 20, still now period didn’t came… Is this was same case? After 2nd period, no period was there? Or frequent spotting was there ?

  80. I have had marina for over 42 days and i still have horrible cramps and never stopped bleeding since the day of insertion. Sex is painful and makes me bleed even worse followed by more painful cramps. What should i do. I have three children and its hard to keep up with all this pain. I don’t wanna remove it but i think my body is rejecting it in its own way.

    1. Read. The. Article.

      You’ve commented, having clearly not even read the article, then asked questions that are answered in the article. Dr Gunter doesn’t write this stuff for fun, she does it to help people. You’re here, you clearly want that help, yet you’re doing the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “LALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU!”./

      It’s not just you, the last two dozen commented have done the same thing.

      Read Dr Gunter’s post. Then Google ” Mirena patient information leaflet” and read that. Call your doctor, tell them you’ve forgotten what they told you about possible side effects.

      This is all normal, very average Mirena activity. One uterus is much like another, so you’re just as likely to get these very normal side effects as anyone else.

  81. I need some advice. I got my Mirena over a year ago. I still bleed almost everyday, not a lot but enough to have to wear a pad. When I have intercourse, I bleed even more. Sometimes I wait for a five day period of no bleeding and I think it’s safe to have intercourse, I still end up bleeding. I have had tests, and physically I am ok as far as cysts or fibroids. What should I do?

  82. I recently had my IUD inserted on 3/25/16. I’ve never had any children so the pain was horrible. I also never got cramps during my period so the cramps that occurred during insertion was enough to make me never want children. While the process didn’t take too long I did work pretty quickly for me. ( I haven’t gotten a period in years & I got my first period 1 week after insertion) on the negative side I’ve been bleeding for 13 days straight making me a little bit cranky from lack of Sex.

  83. My name is Nikki
    The birth control I am on right now is the (IUD).
    I decided to get this in January 2016. I know it hasn’t been long, but I’m scared it may have been put in wrong. My reason for thinking so is this,
    When it was first put in I was told I’d have irregular bleeding that didn’t happen at all instead I literally bleed for a month now break. After about 4 weeks of constant bleeding I then started seeing the spotting every 2 weeks.for 4 weeks. Now I spot everyday and in between spotting I will have a heavy flow where I will soak up a few tampons a day, and when I say soak in mean I will bleed through that tampon into my pants as if I peed myself. I’m now starting to freak out. I did schedule a a doctor’s appointment in May. However in the mean time i want to know is this normal and is there anything that I could possibly do to regulate my spotting get and periods?

    1. You are having irregular bleeding.

      ‘Irregular’ means “not regular”. Regular bleeding, for a post-pubescent with a uterus, is roughly every 28 days. Your bleeding isn’t regularly happening on a 28 day cycle, therefore it is irregular.

      Do you understand?

    2. I say call first and tell them what your experienceing. My experience is almost exactly like yours but my intitial bleeing/spotting lasted 5 months ! Thats every day! And mixed with the spotting was a week here and there if what was like a normal flow (much less than before but still a flow). I went to see her after the 5 month mark and she gave me 10 days of progesterone pills. She said it should stop all bleeing in 24 hours and hopefully reset my system. Well it worked but only for 8 days maybe. At least i finally had sex!!! Then the spotting started again and now its a little over 7 months and things are starting to look up! On my birthday March 18th it completely stopped. But about 1.5 weeks later while on vacation it started a very light flow followed by light spotting everyday up until two days ago. Now it has stopped again. Just dont give up on it, i feel like all the misery i dealt with 7 months may actually be worth it if it continues this pattern of getting lighter and farther in between.

  84. Is there anyway the irregular bleeding can be stopped? Can taking Ibuprofen (Motrin) stop the bleeding. I’ve had my first iud inserted mid April n got my period April 28th n today it’s May 8 n still have light period. It is annoying n keeping me from doing a lot of things with my children. Anyone advise would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Ask your doc for progesterone. I was given them for 10 days after going in about the constant bleeding. But i went to her at the 5 month mark. Dont know how early is too early. But ya i went through over 7onths of constant bleeing everyday minus the days she gave me the pills

  85. Im 40 yrs old – tubes tied- Mirena was put in 4 weeks ago due to heavy bleeding from a fibroid in the wall of uterus. As soon as it was inserted I had immediate sharp stabbing pain in one spot on the right side of groin. 1 week later still had sharp pains. They had me come back in for an ultrasound to check the placement. Found out that the fibroid caused it to turn sideways. Dr told me it was still ok to keep it in like that for 5 years. I’m still in pain and have bled everyday and passing blood clots. It also caused me to get cysts on both ovaries, one is septated. They said I have to come back in 6 weeks for another ultrasound to check and see if they are bigger or have gone away. My iron level is really low now, I’m more tired than ever and not been able to have sex yet because of bleeding. I was aware of the side effects but did not expect it to turn sideways and cause cysts. I’m trying to hang in there.One more bothersome thing is my bladder. I have to urinate very frequently now, the pressure is so intense, I have to empty it about every 30 min or so. I go back May 31 for my follow up appt since having it put in.
    Other side effects I am experiencing which is normal….hair falling out, bloating, irritable, severe muscle aches and pains in both arms with tingling and numbness at times, lower back pain, nausea. I know I shouldn’t complain but dang I didn’t have any of this before I got Mirena. I did want to at least try it (cause it doesn’t affect everyone the same) before having to result in a hysterectomy.

  86. Is it normal to start to have spotting again after periods have stopped? I’ve been on Mirena for a year.

  87. I’m really glad you did the studies, so I can see that there’s nothing wrong with bleeding.
    I got mine 18 days ago, and I had some bleeding/spotting for 4 days right after the insertion, then 2,5 days almost nothing, and then my period started early and never ends. So I now realize it can last for a while.. I do have cramps but they’re bearable. Was thinking of going back to the doctor, but thanks to you, I am more prepared.

  88. I just had my second Mirena IUD inserted on April 26.

    The first Mirena I had for the full 5 years and by the end of it, I absolutely loved it. I do remember the first go around, I bled off and on for the first 6 months or so, sometimes for a couple weeks straight. When I say bleed, it was very light, at times, didnt need a tampon or anything, just spotting after I went to the bathroom. I did almost ALWAYS bleed after sex for the first year, but after that it was smooth sailings and my period went away all together in years 3, 4 & 5! Another side effect for me the first time was hair loss, and a lot of it! That freaked me out way more than the blood did but after the first 3 months, I no longer loss hair and all was good. No weight gain, no babies…I love it.
    This second Mirena was an absolute nightmare compared to the first time. Taking out the first one was pretty painful! So painful, the doctor chose to not reinsert the second one for a month. When I finally did it on April 26th, I was more prepared and I drug the hell out of myself with a muscle relaxer and 2 600mg IB Profen…even then it was extremely painful (I am a wuss about pain) but I breathed through it and the whole process is less than 5 minutes, I spotted for a few days…very light, had some cramping but nothing crazy. Then after 2 weeks, I have been bleeding straight every day. It is a freaking pain in my ass but I do know, I just have to ride this out and it will be well worth it!! I also did not have any hair loss this time around thank god. It sucks not being able to have sex right now, unless I choose to do so while bleeding but Im praying that it will pass soon and I can get back to enjoying life without worrying about babies.

    Here are my tips for anyone considering an IUD:
    1. Have it inserted while you are on your period. I had mine inserted on my period the first time and it was EASY and pretty painless. The second time, I was not on my period during insertion and it SUCKED!
    2. Med up at least an hour and 15 minutes prior to your appointment. IB profen…something like that. Not 200mgs, but like a 600 or 800 mg come to mama pill. trust me, you will be happy you did.
    3. roll with the crappy side effects. Like this article states, if you can get past the first year (I say 6 months), you will be so happy with the results.
    4. if you partner can feel your strings, you can go back in and have them trimmed. My bf felt them at times, and sometimes he felt nothing at all. This is something some doctors dont tell you, but they can easily do it for you. Also, the strings do soften up after time…so keep that in mind too.
    5. Follow steps 1 & 2 for taking it out too. Trust me.

    As someone who can no longer take the pill because it causes migraines, this has been a great option for me and overall I love it! I just have to get past this bleeding crap and I will be good to go!

  89. I had my first Mirena put in 8 years ago. I had 3 months of a day here and there spotting. From month three onwards not a thing!

    Same when I just recently had my second one placed. I spotted the first month and nothing since.

    The best thing I ever did.

  90. I had my Mirena inserted in August of 2016 and it’s now ️March 8, 2017. I have bled more days than not. My periods are heavy and irregular. It has completely killed my sex drive and makes me worried about bleeding accidents constantly – so I have to wear a pad every day. Sick of the blood. WHEN the HELL does it stop?!

  91. I’ve had my Mirana for 2 years . I haven’t had a period or spotting since November of 2016 . Today I started bleeding very lightly so far. Is this normal or do I need to call the doctor?

  92. I had my iud put in on April 12th. I’ve been spotting and seen discharge how long will it last. I refuse to have sex due to that

  93. I have the 4th Mirena. The first two were just great. The first 3 month just as discriped here more bleeding. After that almost none at all. loved the Mirena. That changed with the third time around the spotting never stopped. It was not like a period but very spontaneous but needed a small pad. After 3 year we pulled it thinking it might have been something wrong with that one. But the new one is the same it’s the 2-3 year and the spitting gets very often up to every week or every other. Unfortunately I will be looking for a new way this isn’t working for me. I regular period ok but all over the place no way. Too bad

  94. So I just got the mirena 4 days ago. I literally spotted once when wiping. I had my period for almost 3 months straight. Being a smoker and over 35 the mirena was chosen to regulate my period. Hurt like hell going in cramped really bad for 3 days then gone. I have been reading about people bleeding and spotting for a while after but the only thing I have been having is a normal looking discharge. It was yellow the first day but then went normal. Is it normal to not have the common symptoms after having it inserted? Like the bleeding for instance.

  95. While I find this may apply to some woman, I’ve had Mirena for about 2 years now. I still experience light periods that last 2.5 weeks at a time, and it’s really frustrating. On top of that, I have developed two simple ovarian cysts starting a couple of weeks after insertion. I’m wondering at this point if I should really be on this form of birth control, or if I should ask to be put back on the pill, because at least then everything was predictable and not as painful.

  96. Definatly agree to the “more coucelling” needed . Would save tons of time and money I remember about 6 yrs ago having to take it our because of 2 months of bleeding I recently had it put in again and I’m at a month of straight period like bleeding again no councelling if I hadn’t read this I would probably want it taken out again in fear of something being damaged inside of me

  97. Do you start bleeding straight after insertion? I am considering having Mirena inserted but I am having it inserted when I am not bleeding rather than on a period. Will I still bleed straight away or does it take a couple of hours before I start bleeding? Does putting it through the cervix cause bleeding or is it just the effect of the hormones?

  98. I’ve been bleeding for 12 days straight. Not too heavy but just when it seems like I’m gonna stop, it starts up again. I’m still sensitive on my left side tho. I don’t remember bleeding this long with my 1st mirena. I’m just happy that this isn’t wierd and it happens to many women. I’m not looking forward to 50 plus days of bleeding, but if it’ll stop then I’m it’s ok. My first Mirena, my periods stopped and didn’t start back until a couple months after it came out. Initially it hurt to put the 2nd one in but it last a couple days only. Just felt like bad cramps.

  99. hi i had the mirena coil fitted on 6th april then 2 weeks after i had a full on period it is now 12th may and ive been bleeding full onn period since 20th april is this normal and any idea when it will stop.

  100. This is my 3rd month after mirena insertion. In past two month, I had bleeding of 20 days in total. But now I am little more worried, my last two period came by 13th of every month but for this month, till now my period didn’t came back. I am worried, its because of pregnancy the period is not coming. Pls do give any information about this.

  101. I know this is an old post, but I had mirena inserted 2 1/2 weeks ago and ive had bleeding since 4 days after. Its not just spotting either its like a period. Im 43 and got mine for heavy bleeding. I know i have thicker endometrial layer then normal.

    Is this normal? When will it lighten up and go to irregular spotting instead of a flow, it’s affecting my love life. I hope its not a flow for 6 months?

  102. I had mine removed. The worst thing I ever done was Mirena. Did not stop bleeding for 11 months.

  103. I had my Mirena inserted in January and aside from a significant amount of bleeding in the days after (I also had a diagnostic hysteroscopy and d&c), I haven’t had ANY bleeding. My GYN had told me this was common, but was unlikely to be the case for me due to my previous “torrential downpour” bleeding. Am I just lucky, or what?

  104. I had my mirena insertion on the 30/10/2018 I was fine for the first week but now been bleeding 12 days non stop it’s starting to get me down would rather go bk to the 5 days if
    It hasn’t stopped by the 18th Dec when i go for my check I’m having it out seriously had enough wasn’t told about this before insertion

  105. I had my tubes tied and have the mirina as a hormonal balencer and have been bleeding two to three pads a day for 36 days straight! Is this normal?

  106. Its been a week and two days ,pain and bleeding. Got the IUD implant to reduce the bleeding I was experiencing but I guess I was sold a lie. Because this is just awful. I’m currently depressed and very emotional. Worst choice ever . Can Norcolut be taken with the Morena?

  107. Hi i commented a few years back about my troubles with mirena. After insertion i bled/spotted every day for two years straight other than for a total of 20 days when i was given 10 days of straight progestrone to stop it. Also my pulse was high along with my blood pressure the whome two years. My doc kept eooting me on saying it would get betted then i would love it. Well aftee 2 years and 30 extra pounds loaded on i had enough. Well july 2018 i was dignoses with unspecified cardiomyopothy/ congestive heart failiure. I completely beleive this played a very large part of my now lifelong diagnosis. And the worst part, im only 35 and not in bad shape other than the extra 20 lbs i still cant loose. My vitals were checked every office visit i mad to ask why i was still bleeding. I saw the change but no one seemed to take any care or notice. I was so mad at first but i just want to warn others about what happend to me and pray it doesnt happen to you.

  108. I had my mirena on 21 5 2018 and 9 months after I am still bleeding there has not been a day were I haven’t had to were a pad pleas can some one tell me if this is normal . I had the mirena because after 5 years of no bleeding it started up again

    1. HI! Any update? I just found this thread as I’m wondering what to do about my Mirena. I got mine in December and have bled about 100/107 days. I’m so frustrated. I was having horrible periods and a month ago I thought this would be worth it and now I don’t think it is. But I keep thinking improvement is “just” around the corner…

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