Last sunset of 2011

In 2011 over 140,000 people viewed my bog. Pretty cool.

A lot of people found me via reddit, stumbleupon, twitter, and Facebook. Thank you to everyone who posted and reposted. I am thrilled to think that anything I wrote was interesting/entertaining/informative enough to pass along.

People also came via searches. The most popular search terms for finding me and my little bloggity blog were:

  1. Difference between herpes 1 and 2
  2. DrJenGunter (I am trying hard not to imagine someone who doesn’t get out of the basement quite enough who is entering my name in Google over and over and over again…).
  3. Does the pill cause weight gain? (and no, it does not).
  4. Sex position of the day

Of the more than 100 posts I wrote in 2011, these 3 were the most popular:

  1. Oprah signs off and doctors everywhere rejoice more than 31,000 views!
  2. Gynecologic survival guide for the zombie apocalypse almost 25,000 views (tampons and pads are excellent dressings when you are in a pinch)
  3. Cosmo’s sex position of the day proves they know nothing about good sex or women over 18,000 hits.

It seems my readers appreciate evidence based content. I am thrilled to be a source and to help build a better medical Internet.

My readers also like sex! But achievable, satisfying sex, not the leave-the-bar-missing-your-underwear kind of sex.

I also learned that while many of my readers enjoy the science and the sex, the posts where I show that I also bleed seem to reverberate the most. Many of my readers are struggling with life and love, just the same way that I am, and it is helpful to know we are not alone. The post of which I am most proud is related to the things I did to save my marriage, which as I am divorced clearly did not work (divorced twice actually, go big or go home I always say). I received many beautiful e-mails and private messages from people who told me how that post helped them. We all think the horrible, terrible emotions that toil and churn in our brains are unique, but chances are, if I’ve felt them, you have too. It is a uniquely human experience to want to know that we are not alone in our darkest thoughts, fears, and self-doubts. Sharing is caring and it heals.

So for 2012 I pledge to continue the content, share what pains me and keeps me awake at night, keep on whipping my lasso of truth with style and fervor, and to write often about good sex. Because no one wants to have bad sex or to read bad content, they’re both a bit like turkey bacon. You are just left craving the real thing. Because honestly, do you ever have a plate of turkey bacon and say, “Damn, that was the best breakfast ever.” No, no you don’t.

Trick or treat! Apparently, the neighborhood dads all know my name now...

I also pledge to keep pushing myself physically and hopefully to inspire you along the way (remember if I can do it, you can to). In 2011 I vowed to appear as Wonder Women (which I did after dropping 45 lbs in 9 months). In 2012, I’m aiming for a bikini. I’ll be bold, but age appropriate (think Sports Illustrated, AARP edition).

So here’s to good sex and plenty of it, but with one person who you care about and who cares for you. Remember, there is a reason “the difference between herpes 1 and 2” is a top search engine term for my site. Oh, and “oral gonorrhea” isn’t far behind (just saying).

Here’s to reading, commenting, and challenging me. Although, as always, nasty personal comments will be deleted. If you have to resort to insults then you have no valid argument (debating 101).

And one more thing. If you are with me and the zombie apocalypse is upon us, as long as I have a scalpel everyone is getting out alive! Even my ex-husbands, because bitterness wears on the soul and weighs you down.

Cheers and here’s to a happy 2012.

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