The Cosmo sex position of the day is the Bootyful View. Ah, the play on words. It’s so witty, it is as if the name were conceived by this generation’s queen of the malapropisms, Sarah Palin herself.

Anyway, achieving this carnal challenge is not physically demanding. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve tried this before, but probably inadvertently while changing positions. My memory is a big “meh.” Anything that takes my hands out of play always seems less fun. Touching is super cool!

But what troubles me about the Bootyful View is the “why it’s great” explanation. Specifically, “Since you are facing away, you can feel totally uninhibited and your partner can enjoy the thrill of the ride.”


Facing away helps you feel uninhibited?

I think the best part (ok, well not the best part, but certainly part of the fun/enjoyment/pleasure) of sex is looking at your partner’s face. That’s how you get the cues that they like what you are doing and allows them to pick up on your visual cues as well. Also, seeing the look of intense enjoyment on your partner’s face is a turn on.

Certainly, there are times when “flip me over and fuck me hard” is the plat du jour, but that’s not because you are the delicate wallflower that needs to demurely glance away because you can’t get it on while someone is looking at your face, but because it feels good.

Being uninhibited during sex is actually part of the point, but suggesting that not looking at your partner will help you feel uninhibited, that’s a big fat #fail in my book. And is the exact opposite of empowerment.

Although it’s so good to see a position where the man can sit for a change, after straining his back standing around nonchalantly in all those other ones.

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  1. I cannot for a minute see how you’d be able to move comfortably in that position, and it’s the movement that makes it good. Not the laying still. Where are you supposed to get the leverage?

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t mention what I see as the worst part of Cosmo’s message in this one: “…and your partner can enjoy the thrill of the ride”. Right. A woman’s partner can best enjoy the “thrill of the ride” when he cannot see her face. When he can see just back and butt – a blank screen on which he can project his fantaisie du jour. This contributes to a relationship how?

    Of course I’m old and old-fashioned. I still believe that the best sex is sex inside a relationship. So what do I know?

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